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Private Jet Setting: Flying the Celebrity Skies

Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Updated on March 7, 2020

Private jets have become the norm for travel in the celebrity lifestyle. When one owns homes on both coasts and internationally, one wants immediate access to them. A luxury celebrity private jet renders the transition between mansions not only effortless but like a mini-vacation at 30,000 feet.

In considering the folks who have joined the Celebrity Private Jet club of elites, several names come immediately to mind, some of which have planes at thier homes!

John Travolta

Over his long career, Mr. Travolta’s name has become synonymous with air travel. He is so enamored with flight that his Florida estate has an airstrip leading right up to his back door. The $4.9 million home, which is located at Jumbolair Aviation Estates in Anthony, is available to peruse on

One of the runways on the property was originally only 7,500 feet, but Travolta had it extended so that the end of it would reach the front of the house. As for the interior, the most note-worthy space has to the great room, which has lots of cozy areas to lounge as well as huge curved floor-to-ceiling windows that provide panoramic views of the airstrip outside.

Mr. Travolta owns five planes, including a Boeing 707, which he acquired in 1998 and named “Jett Clipper Ella,” after his children. The plane, which was built in the 1960’s, has been lovingly restored and maintained. Now an honorary ambassador-at-large for the Australian airline Qantas, Mr. Travolta has logged an astonishing 35,000 air miles. In January of 2010, he flew the loaded passenger jet with six tons of military rations and medical supplies to aid survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Jim Carrey

If Mr. Travolta prefers to travel in a classic air vehicle, Jim Carrey likes speed. The funnyman owns a $59 million Gulfstream V, a high-performance jet built to accommodate 16 passengers. Mr. Carrey’s plane can fly fast enough to verge on bending the barrier of sound. This exclusive business aircraft is one of only 191 manufactured in the world. It is one of the longest-range jets in existence, boasting the ability to fly Mr. Carrey nonstop to any destination.

Harrison Ford

Another man in charge of his own destiny, Harrison Ford is a notoriously skilled pilot whose collection includes five planes and a helicopter. Mr. Ford asserts that he travels in planes as much as he does in his cars, saying he will “fly up the coast for a cheeseburger.” The “Star Wars” icon has survived several near-fatal incidents, including a March 2015 crash-landing on a Santa Monica golf course. The plane, a vintage Ryan PT-22 Recruit, was built in 1942 and was designed as a trainer for the U.S. Army Air Corps. It wasn’t Ford’s first close call. He walked away after flipping his helicopter in 2000, which he said gave him “an excuse to buy a new helicopter.” He, too, has donated air time by transporting medical supplies and personnel to Haiti. He has also assisted the Special Olympics and other nonprofits, and more than once has flown on rescue missions to pick up lost hikers and boy scouts.

Angelina Jolie

The “Maleficent” star owns and flies a single-engine Cirrus SR-22. The plane is worth $360,000 and is one of the world’s fastest single-engine aircrafts, reaching speeds of 300 miles per hour. Ms. Jolie earned her pilot’s license in 2006, citing her son Maddox’s infatuation with planes. “If I could fly, I would be like Superman to him.”

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  • Thanks to “GB” the commenter, where we earlier reported that Tyler Perry’s plane was a G3 (GIII) instead of Citation X. We should have checked it out by checking with FAA as the tail number is clearly seen here:
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Jessica Frye
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Jessica Frye

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