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Photo: Frederic Auerbach for Cosmopolitan

Rebel Wilson House: Photos of Her Massive Real Estate Portfolio – Los Angeles, New York & Sydney


Rebel's House Photos

Los Angeles Home

Rebel's House Photos

West Hollywood Home

Rebel's House Photos

New York Home

Rebel's House Photos

Birchgrove Home

Rebel's House Photos

Gladesville Home

Rebel's House Photos

Birchgrove Home
Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Rebel Wilson, a comedian, and actress famous for her role in Pitch Perfect has just made her mark in the Hollywood Hills. Her recent appearance in the movie The Hustle alongside actress Anne Hathaway has people anticipated with excitement. Actress Rebel Wilson has certainly been hustling, and as a rising talent throughout the past few years, Rebel Wilson house choices prove it’s paid off!

Rebel Wilson House

Where does Rebel Wilson live?

Rebel Wilson House New York

Rebel Wilson purchased a Tribeca late 19th-century loft building on the cobblestone streets of New York City back in 2017. She bought it at a significant discount of about $2.95 million, which got her 1,343 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large open plan living, dining, and kitchen area. The complex offers amenities including 24-hour door attendants and concierge services, security, a climate controlled wine cellar, a 5,000 square-foot roof terrace, a children’s playroom, a 71-foot long indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a Turkish Hamman. The immediate draw for celebrities is the subterranean motor court, which allows stars to come and go as they please without much notice from the paparazzi or fans. Celebrities such as Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Harry Styles, and Justin Timberlake all live right next door to the actress Rebel Wilson.

Now that Rebel Wilson has joined the ranks of celebrities who have purchased their New York City penthouses, its time to ask what was she been doing in the Big Apple? Well, back in July of 2017, Rebel starred in the romantic comedy, Isn’t it Romantic, which ironically enough, is about a girl named Natalie who is jaded about love, but ends up finding herself in a romantic comedy. Comedian and actress Rebel Wilson decided to take up the opportunity to purchase her real estate during her filming time, and boy did she hit the jackpot well. Who wouldn’t want to be next door neighbors with Ryan Reynolds? Or Justin Timberlake? Or even Harry Styles? She is undoubtedly one lucky woman!

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Rebel Wilson West Hollywood House

What famous actress doesn’t own a home in Hollywood? Rebel Wilson, due to her most recent fame within the past few years, has upgraded her previous home with the $2.95 million purchase of a hot pad located in the iconic streets of West Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson LA house is detailed on the online listing as a “traditional masterpiece,” with five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, all within over 4,409 square feet. Although the property looks more Cape Cod Colonial than Spanish Villa, the residence opens up to a grand entrance gallery, offering a temperature controlled wine closet underneath the stairs and with that an enjoined living and dining room with a gas fireplace, French doors, and much customization building involved. Vaulted ceilings, a refreshment bar, two walk-in closets, a soaking tub sided by double vanities, a stone-tiled veranda that opens up to a swimming pool and outdoor fireplace, Rebel Wilson has undoubtedly made her unique mark in West Hollywood.  

As one oldest but most significant purchases, this piece of real estate isn’t her first rodeo. Before this colonial beauty, she purchased a $2.2 million estate in the Hollywood Hills back in 2014, a two-story house on a third of an acre with four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, totaling in at about 2,500 square feet. Now, with this current upgrade, actress Rebel Wilson will be able to live a life of luxury more suited for her ever-growing career. This house, oddly enough, has also had a Cape Cod feel to with, combined with French doors, marble countertops, a compact den, a family room, and vaulted ceilings. Nevertheless, her new home can now be seen as an upgrade to the Hollywood Hills’ home of her dreams.

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Note: Rebel owns a second LA home nearby that she bought in 2014 for $2.2 million. It’s unclear what’s happening with that property, but as far as we know, she doesn’t live there. 

Rebel Wilson House Sydney

She’s one heck of a real estate maven. Rebel has a main home and 2 rental properties in New South Wales.

Purchased in November 2014, Rebel’s main, waterfront home is on an exclusive street known for beautiful homes. The 1,883 square foot home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and serves up gorgeous views overlooking the water. As of 2019, Rebel is embroiled in a war with neighbors who are furious over her $1 million renovation of the home.

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Who is Rebel Wilson?

So, who is Rebel Wilson? The Pitch Perfect star originally began with a slew of actress names such as Melaine and Elizabeth. Woman’s Day, a news website focuses on topics about women, reported back in 2015 that Rebel Wilson has repeatedly lied about her backstory. According to the now archived source, Rebel Wilson would claim that “raised by dog-training “bogan” parents in the “ghetto” of Sydney” and “envisioned herself winning an Oscar” after being struck down by malaria for a year when she spent a year in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. While the backstory itself may sound like a plot line from a movie, Women’s Day reported from an anonymous source that her life was relatively healthy – her real name reportedly being Melaine Elizabeth Bownds, her mother being a professional dog trainer, and after high school went to study law at South Wales University. Since her debut in Bridesmaids, she has been making steady progress towards that Oscar. Whether or not her stories are real doesn’t entirely matter in the end, her career is booming. 

Where is Rebel Wilson from?

Rebel is from Australia. So, for those of you asking ‘Is Rebel Wilson British?’ – the answer is no!

Is Rebel Wilson her real name?

Apparently not, because according to a controversial report, her real name is Melaine Elizabeth Bownds.

How old is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel was born on March 2, 1980.

Rebel Wilson related to Walt Disney?

Comedian and Actress Rebel Wilson has been bringing herself back into the spotlight not just with her movies, but again with her backstory.  While the days of “What’s her real name?” is all said and done, Rebel Wilson recently claimed back in 2018 that she was related to Walt Disney. The claims brought her to court, with her claiming this information from her grandmother as well as the similarities in her last name to Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian Bounds. She won the court case with this evidence, and thus was awarded $4.5 million in damages. But then the ruling was overturned and she was ordered to pay back the millions. Whew, a mess.

Rebel Wilson Monster House

Before her appearance in movies such as Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, she originally starred in a few Australian TV shows such as Monster House. In Monster House, she starred as Penelope Webb in a few episodes, where she helped remodeling residences in five days. While her role in Monster House wasn’t significant enough to gain Hollywood attention, she was beginning her acting career around the time after she allegedly contracted malaria, inducing a vision of winning an Oscar. 

Rebel Wilson Monster House

What Movies has Rebel Wilson been in?

Rebel Wilson since then has been in numerous amounts of movies. Here are just a few:

  1. Isn’t it Romantic? – A romantic comedy and satire about love and being the main star in movie production.
  2. Pitch Perfect and the sequels – Some of her best works, resembling the iconic character “Fat Amy” who has won the hearts of many.
  3. Bridesmaids – Her first big hit, this is the movie which many people in the United States got to see her talent grow and mature.
  4. Ghost Rider – While only playing a small part as the girl in the alley, she screening in the movie was significant enough that people remembered her.
  5. Fat Pizza – If you’re looking to see what her acting career looked like before Bridesmaids, then check out this movie, showcasing her considerable wit and talent.

Who is Rebel Wilson dating?

Is Rebel Wilson married? Nope! Who has Rebel Wilson been dating lately? After reports of her saying how difficult it is to find love in Los Angles due to unrealistic beauty expectations and her fame back in February, she finally got someone around her finger! She’s currently dating Jacob Busch, heir of the Anheuser-Busch fortune worth $13.4 Billion, who they met each other through Hollywood connections and had their first date at the Catch restaurant in Los Angles. How adorable! Let’s hope their love continues to bloom and grow into something more.


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