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Reese Witherspoon House Photos: A Rare look Inside

Reese Witherspoon House Photos: Her New Brentwood, Los Angeles Home Revealed


Reese's House Photos

Los Angeles Home

Reese's House Photos

Los Angeles Home

Reese's House Photos

Malibu Home

Reese's House Photos

Los Angeles Home
Emma Farrow
Emma Farrow

Updated on April 19, 2021

Since her first role at age 14, Reese Witherspoon has gone on to star in blockbuster Hollywood films as well as produce breakout TV shows. So, what has she done with all her success? Not only has she remained incredibly kind and grounded, but photos of Reese Witherspoon house in Los Angeles prove she is still that traditional Southern girl at heart, only now she lives in Los Angeles.

Reese Witherspoon House Photos: Her Los Angeles Compound

Where does Reese Witherspoon live?

Reese is a true Southern Belle and spent many of her years residing down south in Nashville, Tennessee. But now Reese and her family live in sunny California. When asked what she misses most about living in Nashville? She answered, ‘the people’.

Reese Witherspoon House in Brentwood, Los Angeles

Way back in March 2020, just as she secretly sold her longtime home nearby, Reese plopped down a stunning $15.9 million for a stone-clad, cozy mansion in the exclusive Mandeville Canyon.

The 9,504 square foot, stealthily placed and hidden home boasts seven ensuite bedrooms, elegant upgrades from its original 1993 features, and a rare 2.39 acres of property where the pool and infinity-edge hot tub sit.

Reese Witherspoon House Los Angeles (Former)

Reese Witherspoon’s former house in Los Angeles is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! She dropped $12.7 million on the 10,300 square foot place in August 2014, which was still under construction. The home features a classy dining room with a perfectly set table finished with wooden decor and fresh flowers. She told Vogue magazine she hopes to have all the female US senators over for dinner someday. And her meal of choice for the senators? Lasagna!

Reese Witherspoon House Photos are Rare but So Good!

Her living area has a bookcase wall. Yes, literally a whole wall filled with books. The spacious room also has a grand piano and two large brown leather sofas where she likes to curl up with a blanket and a good book.

Reese Witherspoon House Photos are Rare but So Good!

The outside of the stunning home has a coastal/beach vibe. The front door is set back in a vine-covered veranda and sits comfortably underneath a large balcony which hangs above. 

Reese Witherspoon House Photos are Rare but So Good!

The kitchen has mint-colored units, a marble island, wooden floors and large french doors that open up onto the sunny terrace. Speaking of outside, the backyard is veeeery spacious and features a whole of grass, oh and a pool. Great for a summer playtime for the kids and two pups. 

Reese Witherspoon House Photos are Rare but So Good!

Known for being one of the most private in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon house photos are hard to come by. She needs to do an Architectural Digest spread so we can see the inside! Guess we’ll have to drool at her Instagram photos until then.

In March 2020, Reese stealthily unloaded the home in an all-cash, off-market deal for $17.035 million. The buyers? Robin Formanek, the only living child of AutoZone co-founder Peter Formanek.

See what her house looks like from the street here: Reese Witherspoon House Photos!

Where is Reese Witherspoon originally from?

Reese was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where she attended a private all-girls school called Harpeth Hall.

Where is Reese Witherspoon originally from?

How tall is Reese Witherspoon?

Woah, did you know that Reese Witherspoon is only 5 foot 2 inches tall? She packs quite the punch (artistically speaking) in a small package! 

Where did Reese Witherspoon go to college?

Reese decided to defer college for a year to focus on acting. She then briefly attended Sanford College to study English Literature but soon decided she would rather pursue her career in Hollywood.

What is Reese Witherspoon’s natural hair color?

According to an interview with Reese back in 2004, she said, “He (speaking of her ex-husband) likes to tease me. I was insisting my hair was blond, and he said, ‘Come on now honey, admit it, your hair is probably brown.’ Neither of us has seen the real color for so long we just don’t know.”

Who is Reese Witherspoon married to now?

Reese Witherspoon is married to powerhouse talent agent and  Jim Toth. He reps people like Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, Hilary Swank, Scarlett Johanson, and many others. The pair wed in 2011 and have been happily married ever since. 

How old is Reese Witherspoon’s husband? Jim was born in 1970, making him 47 years old as of the day this was written. 

Who is Reese Witherspoon married to now?

How many kids does Reese Witherspoon have?

Reese has three children and as you would expect, they are all gorgeous!

List of Reese Witherspoon’s Kids:

  • Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, born in 1999
  • Deacon Reese Phillippe, born in 2003
  • Tennessee James Toth, born in 2012

Ava and Deacon are from her first marriage to Ryan Phillippe which ended in divorce in 2007. Tennessee is the child of her second and current husband (since 2011) Jim Toth.

Was Reese Witherspoon pregnant in Four Christmases?

Not that we know of, however, she was pregnant with Tennessee, her third child, in the 2012 film Devil’s Knot which was filmed in June and July of that year. Imagine being pregnant and filming a movie in the hot summer months in Georgia?! You go girl.

What kind of car does Reese Witherspoon drive?

It’s pretty clear that Reese loves a good car, but surprisingly nothing super crazy like many stars.

Reese’s cars include a black Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, Black Hybrid GMC Yukon, Mercedes GL350, Black Land Rover LR4, Silver Porsche Panamera, Silver Toyota Land Cruiser, and a Silver Mercedes Benz E-Class.

What kind of car does Reese Witherspoon drive? A Modest One.

What is Reese Witherspoon net worth?

Reese Witherspoon’s net worth is an impressive $120 million. 

Where does Reese Witherspoon shop for clothes?

As we mentioned earlier, Reese is a true Southern Belle and she hasn’t let that slide in her style, even in LA. She portrays hints of southern style on the reg. She loves bright colors, floral patterns, tote bags, and pencil skirts.

As for where she shops, she has been seen at many different boutiques in Brentwood, the exclusive community in Los Angeles that she calls home. If you’re in town, hit up the Brentwood Country Mart – that’s her go-to!

Designer-wise, she is often seen wearing Christian Louboutins, Chloe bags, Gianvito Rossi and Burberry. She rocks an effortlessly classy style all the time. Reese also has her own clothing and houseware brand Draper James which ‘brings contemporary, timeless Southern style to your wardrobe and your home.’

Does Reese Witherspoon have a sister?

Nope, no sister. However, her 18-year-old daughter Ava might as well be. As Ava has grown up, it has become well-known that she is practically her mom’s twin. The resemblance between the two is unreal! And the boys certainly got the good genes too, they are one good looking family!

Does Reese Witherspoon have a sister?

How old was Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde?

Reese Witherspoon was born on March 22, 1976, and Legally Blonde was filmed in 2001, making Reese 25 years old at the time of filming.

Who does Reese Witherspoon choose in This Means War?

*SPOILER ALERT!* If you haven’t seen this movie and plan on watching it soon, skip this section!

This Means War is where action movie meets rom-com starring Hollywood hunks Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. The guy’s characters are consequently BFF’s AND spies who end up spying on Lauren (Witherspoon) throughout the movie. But who does the blonde beauty end up choosing? She goes for the unexpected pick of untrustworthy bad boy FDR (Pine) instead of nice boy Tuck (Hardy). Which would you pick? Tough decision I know.

How old was Reese Witherspoon in Man in the Moon?

When Reese was only 14 years old, she randomly answered a newspaper ad that was calling for extras for a new movie. After attending the auditions, Reese unexpectedly ended up with the lead role at this young age. If this doesn’t encourage you to try something new, I don’t know what would!

How old was Reese Witherspoon in Man in the Moon?

Did Reese Witherspoon sing the songs in Walk the Line?

Yes, and she performs them all herself! She and her co-star Joaquin Phoenix both underwent intense vocal training before production began so that they could be as prepared as possible.

How old was Reese Witherspoon in Election?

Reese was 23 years old in the 1999 movie Election, where she played the main character, Tracy Flick.

Was Ryan Gosling married to Reese Witherspoon?

HA! No. Reese was married to Ryan PHILLIPPE. Not Gosling. Both super hot, though.


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