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Rick Ross House: A Massive Georgia Mansion

Rick Ross House: Inside the Georgia Record Breaker


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Rick's House Photos

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Ashley Weyler
Ashley Weyler

Updated on August 2, 2022

  • Rick Ross purchased Evander Holyfield’s 54,000 sqft mansion for $5.8 million in 2014.
  • Ross purchased a 7,362 sqft mansion in Florida for $3.4 million in 2021.
  • Rick Ross’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million as of 2022.
  • Rick Ross has two daughters and a son from prior relationships.
Rick Ross House: A Massive Georgia Mansion

Rick Ross is one of the most recognizable rappers in the world. With 10 albums, 4 Grammy nominations, and his own record label, he’s also one of hip-hop music’s most powerful in the industry. Being from Florida, you would think he lives there. But he sold his Fort Lauderdale home in 2014 to buy a large estate formerly owned by a boxing legend in Georgia instead. Rick Ross house is insane!

So, we thought what house is fit for an entertainer who lives a larger than life existence?

Where Does Rick Ross Live?

After selling his 10,086-square-foot home in Fort Lauderdale in 2014, Rick Ross bought a mansion in Fayetteville, Georgia. But this isn’t just any house. Who bought Evander Holyfield house? Rick Ross!

Rick Ross house used to be owned by heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield. The rapper also snapped up a 7,362 square foot home in Florida for $3.5 million in 2021. More on Rick Ross house below!

Rick Ross House: A Massive Georgia Mansion

Rick Ross House Florida

Rick Ross House Georgia

Rick Ross House Florida

Rapper Rick Ross must have really been smitten on this stunning 7,362 square foot estate, because he snapped up the palatial property less than a week after it hit the market, paying $3.5 million on the residence and making it the fastest real estate sale in the gated communities’ history.

Where Does Rick Ross Live?
Claudine Camillo

Previously owned by NBA’s Amar’e Stoudmire, who called the place home for over a decade, the property boasts 6-bedrooms and 6.5-bathrooms in the main home.

But the master suite and ensuite are easily the most lavished rooms in the home!

Where Does Rick Ross Live?
Claudine Camillo
Where Does Rick Ross Live?
Claudine Camillo

Coffered ceilings and elegant chandeliers make for fantastic architectural eye-candy throughout the entire property.

Where Does Rick Ross Live?
Claudine Camillo

Some amenities you can expect to find here include a spacious swimming pool (if you hope to beat the heat in Florida, swimming pools are essential!), a private movie theater, wet bar, office, a massage room, bonus space, and a full BBQ kitchen built into the huge patio out back!

Where Does Rick Ross Live?
Claudine Camillo
Where Does Rick Ross Live?
Claudine Camillo

For guests looking to stay the night, the 2.35 acre property also features a 1,214 square foot guest house that’s perfect for overnight company.

Where Is Rick Ross House Georgia?

The Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Fayetteville. The 54,000 square-foot estate is the largest single-family mansion in the state of Georgia. And that’s not the only notable thing about this house. Its 350,000-gallon swimming pool is the largest swimming pool in the entire United States.

The home has 109 rooms, 12 of those being bedrooms and a whopping 21 are bathrooms. Every room is gilded with gold accented with columns and floor to ceiling curtains. No doubt that The Boss has updated it.

Rick Ross House Photos

Rick Ross House Address and Photos HERE!

The home also has its own bowling alley, basketball court, home theater, boxing gym, and recording studio. And as if the outdoor swimming pool wasn’t enough, there’s also an indoor swimming pool so Rick can avoid the elements.

Outside on the estate’s 235-acre lot, you will find a guesthouse, seven-stall barn, and baseball field, complete with lights and a scoreboard. It’s like Rick Ross’ house could be its own small city!

Shockingly – Ross’ house is only 1,000 square feet less than THE WHITE HOUSE. Just think about that. The White House is full of meeting rooms, offices, chambers, and residence. Rick Ross’ house is ALL residence.

How much is Rick Ross’ house worth?

Rick Ross’ house, which he purchased in 2014 for $5.8 million after it had fallen into foreclosure under previous owner Evander Holyfield.

Rick Ross House: A Massive Georgia Mansion

What Is Rick Ross’ Net Worth?

As of this year, Rick Ross is said to be worth $45 million and is known as one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. The 42-year-old rapper was first signed to P. Diddy’s Ciroc Entertainment company; he also founded his own label Maybach Music Group.

So, it’s no secret Rick has money to spare. That’s why he can afford to have his likeness made into a gold pendant to hang around his neck. Yep, we’re talking about his infamous necklace. How much is Rick Ross necklace worth? A whopping $1.5 million. He also has gold replicas of his torso, head, and one of him wearing the same thing. Money well spent…?

How Many Cars Does Rick Ross Have?

He has a fleet, of course. In fact, he has a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and two Mercedes-Benzs.

His most expensive car is his Maybach 57, which is worth $430,000. He loves it so much; he even named his music label after it!

How many cars does Rick Ross have?

Does Rick Ross have a Bugatti?

Although he has a song about this exclusive car, there’s no sign that he has one!

Rick Ross’ Childhood

Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts III, was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. However, he grew up in Carol City, Florida, which is located about 17 miles north of Miami. Ross’ sister, Tawanda, is his manager and runs his franchise business, which consists of multiple Wingstop and Checkers restaurants.

Rick Ross' Childhood
Rick Ross and his sister, Tawanda Ross

How Did Rick Ross Lose Weight?

At one time, Rick Ross weighed 350 pounds. He lived an unhealthy life. He slept no more than three hours a night, would eat steak at 4 a.m., and avoid exercising. After a health scare in 2011 that involved two seizures within six hours, he decided to get healthy.

For those of you asking “Did Rick Ross get surgery?” – No, he didn’t have any weight loss surgery. He lost 75 pounds by changing his unhealthy habits slowly. He knew that he couldn’t quit everything cold turkey or else he wouldn’t stick to it. He would only allow himself to eat his favorite fast food meals like Checkers and Wingstop between noon and 5 p.m.

He worked with a chef on healthy recipes for all of the other meals. He also took up CrossFit, which he affectionately refers to as “RossFit.” The workout consists of a jog and five exercise stations. He does this four times a week.

A diet that includes fast food? Works for me!

How did Rick Ross lose weight?

How Old Is Rick Ross’ Son?

Rick Ross has a daughter named Toie Roberts that was born on March 22, 1999. Her mother is a former girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston.

His son, named William Roberts III, was born in 2005, so that makes him about 16 years old today. His mother, Tia Kemp, was the rapper’s girlfriend from 2003 to 2015. As recently as January 2018, Kemp has taken Ross to court over child support, so needless to say, they aren’t on great terms.

Ross has another daughter with a former girlfriend, Briana Camille, named Berkeley Hermes. She was born in September 2017.

How old is Rick Ross’ son?

Was Rick Ross a Police Officer?

Rick Ross was technically not a police officer. He did, however, work as an officer for the Florida Department of Corrections before he hit it big as a rapper.

He decided to take this path after his best friend went to jail for trafficking cocaine and heroin. He looked at this as an opportunity to “wash his hands” of that kind of life.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said, “This was my best friend, who I ate peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches with, and pork and beans with, my buddy, my partner. Suddenly I’m talking to him over federal phone calls. Hearing the way it was building, I knew I couldn’t take anything for granted. My homey’s father was a huge influence on my life too … he was the one who was like ‘Yo, go get a job somewhere, man. Go be a fireman. Or go be a f—ing corrections officer. Just go sit down somewhere.”

Was Rick Ross a police officer?
Rick Ross back in his correctional officer days

How Many Songs has Rick Ross Collaborated with Meek Mill On?

As label mates, Rick Ross has collaborated with Meek Mill on nearly 30 songs. So, it’s safe to say they’re pretty good buddies. In fact, Rick is one of Meek’s most prominent supporters in the #FreeMeekMill movement.


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