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Rob Gronkowski House: Photos of his Homes in Boston, Miami & More


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Boston Home

Rob's House Photos

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Rob's House Photos

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Rob's House Photos

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Rob's House Photos

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Chrystal Graham
Chrystal Graham

ETSY Winner for Best Comeback Athlete, five-time SuperBowl champion, seven-time top-100 player, 29-year old retiree, multi-millionaire Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski says that it’s good to be Gronk. In his memoir, he talks about balancing working hard with playing even harder…a man after my own heart! When you take a look at the now-infamous Rob Gronkowski, you’ll see that he optimized his partying portfolio by playing the real estate game in full rigor. He was a beast on the field and is also living a crazy, fun rock star lifestyle. If only! Check out some of the Gronkowski Tea, starting with Rob Gronkowski house photos.


Where Does Rob Gronkowski Live?

We get SO many questions from you guys asking ‘where does Gronk live?’ You ask and you shall receive. Details and photos of Rob Gronkowski’s house coming right up!

Rob Gronkowski Home Foxboro Massachusetts (Current)

In Foxborough, Massachusetts (type that three times fast!) sitting upon a 39,000 square-foot lot, The New England Patriots star built a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 4,486 square-foot Victorian-style home in 2014. It’s complete with a couple of gosh-darned balconies that look Juliet-worthy!

To pull onto the property, you have to drive through a regal gate that, though I don’t have exact measurements, looks to be about 10-feet tall. As nice as it is, considering that his fellow NFLers live in sprawling compounds double this size, it’s on the modest side.

Multiple reports suggest he spent just under $1 million to built the place.


This wasn’t always the only Rob Gronkowski house Boston, though. More of his former Condo below.

Rob Gronkowski House Miami (Current)

To add to Gronk’s real estate treasures, he had to have a poppin’ getaway in Miami, right? It sits way up in a 639-foot-tall skyscraper on the 39th floor. The show-stopping double condo has 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths and sits right on Biscayne Bay. Since it’s also a corner unit, he gets to drink in the beautiful ocean scenery, as well as the cityscape. With views like that, glass walls are a must! Floor-to-ceiling windows mean that Gronk is not sleeping in without some blackout curtains.

He scored the two-story mega-condo for $1.7 million bucks and I’m here to tell ya–worth it! He’s also got a wraparound deck and three parking spaces with the joint. I also adore the top-to-bottom shiny white, although I can’t even wear a white shirt for five minutes without dropping some stupid liquid or sauce on it. Bib me! Although, those tight ends are somehow able to get grass stains, mud stains, and–surely poop stains (they can take a hit!) out of their jerseys lickety-split. How? Magic is the only answer…or sorcery.


Rob Gronkowski House Boston (Former)

According to the LA Times, Rob Gronkowski’s house in Boston sold earlier this year, just days after the New England Patriots Tight End announced his retirement–at 29 years old, swoon! He picked up a little cash in the exchange, too. He dropped $1.9 million to buy the place and sold it three years later for $2.3 million.

The Boston condo is a serious stunner, with features like a spiral staircase, which is a wrought-iron black that looks slick against the wood-beamed ceilings and brick-wall backdrop of the house. It’s got that “je ne sais quoi” that just screams “Baahhhston.”

It’s a modest 2,063 square foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom penthouse loft, but don’t faint when you see the view from his 340-square-foot private rooftop deck. Double swoon! Unfortunately, Douglas Elliman didn’t want to reveal who purchased the “banger” of a home, but I secretly hope it’s some eligible bachelor who loves to barbecue on his new gorgeous deck! I mean, or he could just cook in the custom-built kitchen with restaurant-grade dual ovens…


Rob Gronkowski Tampa House (Former)

It’s three-stories. Has an elevator. It’s gated. It’s waterfront. It’s, it’s sooooold. In 2013, Good ol’ Gronk sold this Tampa Bay mansion for $2 million, making half a mill on it in a year. Real Estatin’!

This was one of those mansions, with a pool and balconies, and ocean-access, that you would see in a serial-dating reality TV show. According to the Tampa Bay Times, he listed the 4,700 square foot bro-pad to sell fully-furnished, but it sounds like he walked away with his belongings. The unnamed purchaser, however, scored big time. He or she inherited a game room, three-car garage, and all seven bathrooms. Well, and the four bedrooms.


Gronk’s House Broken Into

While it stands to reason that millionaires should be loaded up with security, even at their homes, they’re not excluded entirely from creepin’ crooks. While Gronk was away for Super Bowl LII, all eyes were on the show…except for a few. They were on his personal goodies in his Foxboro home.

Gronk House Break In

Two fellas were arrested because of the swashbuckling swipery, where they cleaned out a bracelet, a watch, 19th-century rare coins, and three guns. The joke was on them, though. None of the items are reported to be Rob’s. It seems that the cocky criminals chose the wrong room to force themselves into and unloaded a bunch of Gronk’s bro-mate’s stuff, instead.

Gronk Net Worth

Prepare to be impressed by Rob Gronkowski net worth. There are not many people who have the self-restraint to be frugal when they sign a $54 million dollar contract with the New England Patriots–or anywhere else, for that matter. CNBC interviewed the top-of-the-line tight end in March to find out that before retiring he’d not spent a pretty penny of his NFL cashflow.

Instead, he lived and bought real estate with the money he earned from endorsements. Life should be cush from here on out. He’s endorsed CBD and speaks publicly about the benefits of CBD oils in rehabilitation. He’s dabbled professional wrestling, a little bit and he and his brothers established their own clothing line, Gronk Nation. He’s also written a memoir, “It’s Good to be Gronk,” and now that he’s retired from football he wants to jump into a Hollywood acting career.

Alright, alright. You’re here for his bankroll. What is the 29-year-old former tight end’s net worth? It’s reportedly about $40 million dollars, though people whisper that that might be a bit conservative. We here at Velvet Ropes have never been accused of being conservative, but we’ll go with it for now…

Gronkowski College Stats

He’s often hailed as the best tight end of all time. How did he do in college, then? Gronk went to school in Arizona from 2007 to 2009, when he was snatched right up by the Patriots, where he spent his entire ten-year career. In 2008, he was #1 with 10 receiving touchdowns. He was #7 with 10 touchdowns from scrimmage, as well. As far as yardage, he had 672 receiving yards and 1,197 career yards with Arizona. He scored 16 touchdowns for the college, which earned him some serious attention…obviously, right?

Gronkowski Brothers

Robby-dearest is not the only Gronkowski who has had a majorly good time while becoming beasties on the field. 4 of the 5 Gronksters are NFL ballers, and the 5th is a professional baseball player. Gordie Jr., Dan, Chris, and Glenn are his brothers’ names, and Rob flatters his youngest brother in an interview by saying he’s the best athlete in the bunch. That’s actually pretty sweet. Can I get a swoon?!

So in my estimation, it’s not only “Good to be Gronk,” in title, but in reality, being a Gronk means your genes must be chock-full of goodness, themselves.


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