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Shane Dawson House: His Secluded Calabasas Mansion is #Goals


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Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye
  • Youtuber Shane Dawson purchased a 4,000 sqft home in Colorado for $2.2 mil in 2021.
  • Dawson owns an additional property on the outskirts of Calabasas that he purchased for $3 mil in 2017.
  • Shane Dawson’s former home in Studio City was purchased by singer, Leona Lewis, for $2.6 mil in 2021.
  • Shane has amassed a net worth of $12 million as of 2022.
Shane Dawson House
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Shane Dawson, a veteran of the YouTube community with over 21 million subscribers, has been changing things up lately. With the purchase of the new Shane Dawson house in Calabasas, and his recent proposal to his now fiance Ryland Adams, life for the YouTuber celebrity has been going pretty well as he continues to thrill his fans. 

His most recent dives into the beauty community and his all-out documentary series on YouTube celebrities such as Jeffree Star and Jake Paul have given him traction and popularity that no one expected. He never lost touch with his fans, even as he seemed to have lost motivation during the early 2010s. Now that Shane Dawson revived his creative edge, he’s now able to fully show his self-reflective commentary and unique humor to transform his videos into something new for everyone, leaving people wanting more.

Get ready for this jaw-dropping look into his life and home!

Where Does Shane Dawson Live?

In addition to his Calabasas digs, Dawson also dropped $2.2 million on a gorgeous 4,000 square foot home in Colorado back in 2021! More on both Shane Dawson homes below!

Shane Dawson House Colorado (Current)

Shane Dawson House Calabasas (Current)

Shane Dawson House Studio City (Former)

Shane Dawson House Colorado (Current)

In 2021, Youtube Shane Dawson and fam picked up a gorgeous 4,000 square foot home in Colorado, which Dawson calls his “Dream home”, for $2.2 million.

Where Does Shane Dawson Live?

The couple initially believed they had little chance at actually obtaining the property when the seller ended up accepting another buyer’s offer. As luck would have it, however, the seller would back out of the deal, giving Dawson the chance to put in a new bid – this time offering an extra $500,000 over the $1.7 asking price – which the seller accepted.

Where Does Shane Dawson Live?

Boasting 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms, the home sits on 3.15 acres of lush, green Colorado landscape and features a pond with a fountain, carp, bass, frogs, and lily pads.

Other amenities on the property include a zipline (because you never know when you’re going to need a good zipline!), a 1,120 square foot barn-turned casita, and a billiards room.

Where Does Shane Dawson Live?

The estate was built in 1964, but has underwent extensive renovations, including the addition of several fireplaces and glass doorknobs. All-in-all, this is one seriously beautiful piece of lush property, so it’s not hard to see why Dawson would consider it a dream home!

Shane Dawson House Calabasas (Current)

After moving out of his Studio City home, Shane Dawson, with his long-term boyfriend and now fiance Ryland Adams, both moved into a $3 million Spanish Style Calabasas estate. The home was previously owned by jean mogul David Vered who purchased it for $1.61 million.

Prior to selling it to Shane, he gave what was an 80’s style mansion a complete makeover. Completely walled and double-gated for privacy, the 4,866-square-feet estate contains six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a fireplace, a sitting area, an attached two-car garage, a barn, a firepit, a swimming pool and spa, and a neat firepit. 

The Calabasas area he currently lives in is the more remote areas of the city, while the majority of people who think of Calabasas imagine area the Kardashians made famous,

The Oaks community. However, he and his fiance Ryland Adams have considered doing a lot more country-related activities while there, including purchasing and raising baby billy goats. Thanks to the remote location and gated property, they now have an uber-private home where they can do as they please!

Shane Dawson House Photos
Photos: Keller Williams

Shane Dawson House Studio City (Former)

So, what about that Studio City estate of his? Well, the Studio City complex is currently for sale for about $1.71 million and is up for grabs. Situated in the upscale foothills of Studio City, the iconic home of all his shenanigans is hidden behind a long gated driveway.

The 1950s, 2,300 square feet bungalow villa has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a renovated swimming pool and spa, foyer living room with a fireplace, two guest bedrooms, and an updated kitchen. The Spanish tiles and vaulted ceilings give the home a cozy feel, and the iconic corkscrew staircase makes the house quite refreshing to live in.

Shane Dawson House Photos Studio City
Photos: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Situated to overlook the San Fernando Valley, the Spanish style estate has plenty to offer for those wishing to live in Studio City and still have the comforts of home.

However, for the fans who remember Shane during his prior years, seeing him leave the $1.71 million villa for good is bittersweet. For those who remember the times when Morgan Adams, Garrett Watts, and (gasp!) Drew Monson would all hang out together and go out on crazy adventures, hopefully, his new home will suit everyone better as he continues his YouTube career in comfort and style.

Nevertheless, the Studio City home is still on sale, so if you have the money, drop that two million and it could be yours!

Shane Dawson Net Worth

Shane Dawson has a net worth of $12 Million. Considering how difficult YouTube is as a career, he’s been doing quite well for himself over the past 10 years. 

How Did Shane Dawson Get Famous?

Shane Dawson earned his fame through rigorous effort and passion. He began his career on YouTube in 2008 with his first channel, ShaneDawsonTV. His most popular video on the channel, titled “Fred the Dead,” earned him over 24 million views.

He’s launched other channels since then, such as ShaneDawsonTV2 and Shane, which boosted his self-deprecating, unapologetic humor out into the world, which endeared his fans. After winning Teen Choice Award and Streamy Award for the best vlogger, he’s been consistently keeping up with the times and continues on his creative endeavors successfully.

His documentaries are now legendary. I highly recommend the one on Jeffree Star, and Tana Mongeau, too!

Shane Dawson Young
Photo: The Bui Brothers

How Much Does Shane Dawson Make?

Reports are that Shane Dawson makes over $16,800 a day, or $6.2 million a year, alongside YouTube ads of $400 per day, or $150,000 a year, with the accumulation of all his channels.

What Is Shane Dawson Like in Real Life?

From what many know of the YouTube platform, not every person puts on the same face as they do on camera. Personas are the key to success for many as they present an alternate version of themselves that many people prefer.

So, what about Shane Dawson? Is his personality genuinely authentic? For the long-time fans and those who have met him in person, many say yes! Whether they have met him to have him sign his book, or have met in at conventions such as Vidcon, Shane Dawson seems to be an honest person. 

However, like many YouTube celebrities, that honestly could get him in trouble and has on a few occasions. Nonetheless, Shane Dawson’s fanbase has made it clear – they aren’t going anywhere!

Why Did Shane Dawson Change His Name?

Shane Dawson, however authentic of a person he may be, is still a persona. His real name is Shane Lee Yaw, and the reason he changed his name to Shane Dawson is both tragic and sweet.

His name change was to help cope with the online trolls, as he has been open about his toxic relationship with his alcoholic father and weight struggles. He stated back in an interview with AOL that he changed his name to distance himself from the hate comments.

He chose the last name Dawson out inspiration and obsession with the movie Titanic and Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack Dawson. Aww!

How Did Shane Dawson Lose Weight?

Shane Dawson lost weight during his late teenage years, and it wasn’t until 21 that he lost enough weight to be somewhat comfortable in his skin. Going from a 3XL and 46-inch waist to an acceptable size in his mind, he tried many methods of weight loss. At one point, his one technique of breathing in and sucking in the weight actually broke his ribs! Geez!

However, it wasn’t until he began working for Jenny Craig that he saw more successful results with weight loss. He now exercises every day, drinks diet root beer, and makes a conscious effort to curb negative thoughts.

How did Shane Dawson lose weight?
Photo: Awesome Technology Blog

Who Is Shane Dawson Married To?

Shane Dawson isn’t married, but he is engaged! Back in April of 2019, Shane Dawson proposed to his now fiance Ryland Adams in a romantic and kind of awkward way along the cliffs of the beach!

The story behind him planning the engagement, however, went all sorts of wrong and crazy! With hotel cancellations, Hillary Duff being unable to perform for them, and their Uber drivers running late, all the tension between the long-lasting lovers cascaded into a moment of celebration for the two! How cute!

What High School Did Shane Dawson Go To?

Shane Dawson went to Lakewood High School near Long Beach in Southern California. 



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