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Sidney Crosby House: Three Homes from Pittsburg to Canada


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Sidney's House Photos

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Jessica Frye

Sidney Crosby, known as “The Next One” as a play on Wayne Gretzky’s nickname “The Great One,” is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins since 2007. We get A TON of questions about Sidney Crosby house, so here it is. But first, a bit about this rockstar hockey player. 

After being drafted in 2005, he became the youngest player in league history to win the Art Ross Trophy, going on to win a scoring title and then eventually win the Stanley Cup in 2009. He’s made a few more accomplishments since then, such as the Hart Memorial Trophy in 2013 and the Ted Lindsay Award (formerly known as the Lester B. Pearson Award) in 2014.


As part of the national hockey league and a significant influence on major North American sports, his first time in the draft picks made him one of the most recognizable and popular captains in the North American sports league. The Penguins haven’t lost their edge, thanks to Sidney Crosby, and another Stanley Cup seems within reach at any moment.

So, where does a hockey superstar live him live? We’ve got the scoop!

Where does Sidney Crosby live?

Crosby has multiple homes to choose from. From the northern fields of Canada’s Nova Scotia to Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Crosby has multiple locations where he can practice his hockey skills and also take the time to relax in the places he loves. As a laid-back, modest person, he’s not the type to directly boast about his winnings or fortune – he’s a hometown kind of guy and hasn’t lost his “good ole boy” vibes. 

Sidney Crosby House

As one of the most notable and secretive homes, Crosby purchased a property in Sewickley, near Halifax and Nova Scotia, in 2011 for $800,000. The old house that been initially there was then torn down, and in its stead, he built a 10,642 square foot home in its place. If you look at Google Maps, you can see that in June of 2012 Crosby was finishing up the construction of his Edgeworth mansion. While we all know that by now he has finished development, he hasn’t exactly been open about what the estate looks like inside. He likes to keep his privacy intact, and the closest inside look you can find of the mansion is when the Penguins won the Stanley Cup back in 2017, and he hosted a pool party to celebrate.

In recent years, however, some fans have been criticizing him over whether or not he should remain the representative of the Penguins due to political reasons. When Halifax decided to name a street after him that same year, President Donald Trump invited the team to visit the White House. The Penguins accepted the invitation, and Crosby, in particular, showed enthusiasm and respect for the invitation. Many fans asked for Crosby to show unity with other NHL players to protest Trump by not standing for the national anthem. Nevertheless, the professional ice hockey player has since been living mostly in his Nova Scotia home as part of his yearly summer vacation.


Sidney Crosby House Pittsburgh (Former)

Sidney has been reported to have owned a former home within the same area near Pittsburgh but decided to give himself an upgrade. The New England farmhouse he originally had included four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and an expansive wooded lot. Crosby moved into the estate back in 2010 but then decided a year later to sell it. Before selling the home, he had to have the purchase approved by the NHL to make sure it wasn’t violating the salary cap agreement Sidney Crosby made when he was drafted.

The reason being for this was that Crosby was attempting to sell the house to the Penguins president and CEO David Morehouse. The high-priced estate was at risk of being overinflated or considered to be a bargain, all of which translates to the NFL player dancing around the salary cap. However, Crosby was able to sell the house in 2011 for about $100,000 more than he purchased for it, which was $2.4 million at the time. Nevertheless, the New England estate now owned by David Morehouse is known to be settled quietly within the Pennsylvania countryside just 20 miles away from the bustling city of Pittsburgh.


Sidney Crosby House Canada

Crosby purchased his summer lakefront home in June of 2006, long before his first Stanley Cup win. Located on a dirt road with two security gates, the lakefront home isn’t far from his hometown of Cole Harbour. The home sits on a 14-kilometer lake that’s filled with bass, pickerel, and trout. He likes to fish, obviously. 

Inside the house are hardwood floors, granite countertops, with a sophisticated feel of modern furniture and decorations. Much like his home in Pennsylvania, he doesn’t give much away in terms of the home interior or layout of the lakefront estate.

However, according to neighbors and locals throughout Enfield, he’s a valuable representative of their city. Always donating to charities and supporting local businesses, he’s a small town guy like the rest of them. Although the local Halifax area has produced multiple national hockey league players such as Nathan MacKinnon, Joe DiPenta and Brad Marchand, Sidney Crosby remains a town favorite. He visits the local grocery store for lunch, works at the gym with the normal folks, and at his lakefront house regularly goes fishing with buddies.


Sidney Crosby Cole Harbour House (where he grew up)

So, what about his hometown, Cole Harbour? Crosby’s parents still live in the house where Crosby grew up. Cole Harbour is known as Crosby Country, where they express great pride in his story and achievements. As a working-class town, Cole Harbour is known to have its traditions set in stone, with the same people living there for generations and a reputation as a safe, hard-working community. Sidney Crosby, known as “Sid, the Kid” when he was young, frequently treasures this place as his home, as you can tell by the three homes he owns right by the town itself. Even the high school he grew up in now has the Penguin as their mascot! 

Sidney Crosby grew up in this small town as a prodigy of hockey, according to many of his friends, coaches, and relatives. He would regularly dominate competitions, and people knew he was going to be a high achiever. As someone who periodically stops for autographs, partakes in scrimmages, and support’s children’s charities, Sidney Crosby certainly makes Cole Harbour a special place to be in for those who wish to know the deep and intimate history of his life. Winning the Stanley Cup twice has also earned the town a lot of respect, and his parents maintain the home he grew up in because after all, it’s not a point of pride for locals. 

Sidney Crosby Age

Sidney Crosby was born on August 7th, 1987. 

Sidney Crosby Wedding

What’s his personal life looking like lately? Well, he’s not married yet but has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Kathy Leutner, for over eight years now! Kathy Leutner is a professional model, appearing in magazines such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Sports Illustrated. While there were some reports of the two being separated during the 2010-11 years, they’ve always been seen together. There haven’t been any reports of him having any relationships besides her. As for kids, Sidney Crosby and his girlfriend don’t have any kids.

sidney crosby wife

Sidney Crosby Sister

It seems like other members of the Crosby family have also been getting into ice hockey. Sidney Crosby’s sister, Taylor Crosby, had recently become a goaltender for St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. While her brother’s success seems to overshadow hers, Taylor is reported to be determined at forming her own identity on the field. For her growing up, the rinks were her second home in Nova Scotia. Although her parents expressed concerns, she’s been quite successful out in the field as a goaltender. She’s intending on majoring in mass communications with a minor in business, but whether or not she’ll decide not to use her major and make her passion for hockey a professional one is in the end up to her. 


Sidney Crosby Net Worth

Sidney Crosby’s net worth is an enormous $55 million, combined with an annual salary of $10 million. No wonder he can own three houses! The North American Sports League certainly pays him well as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. What we can say about his earnings is that we well earned them, considering his unique talent for hockey at a very young age and his lucky pick at the NHL drafts back in 2005. 

Sidney Crosby Salary

His contract consists of payments of over $104 million over 12 years, with his annual salary being $10 million, while carrying a cap hit of over $8.7 million. While statistical reports show the annual salary decreasing as the 12-year contract comes to an end, it’s safe to assume he’ll attempt to continue his contract, especially if he wishes to keep those houses of his! 

Sidney Crosby Social Media

As a socially modest person, he’s not active on social media either, as he mostly communicates through his NHL media outlets and other news networks. It has been shown that he attempted to create a Twitter social media account back in 2013, but then decided not to keep up with the tweeting. From the looks of things, he prefers to keep his life private but mainly shares his experience through newspaper and local news channel interviews. He also tends to let others with more active social media accounts to post pictures of him wherever he is, whether that would be in Europe with his girlfriend or national trips around the country. Overall, he’s a modest man with a good handle on his priorities and privacy, and from the looks of things, he’s most likely going to keep it that way.


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