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Steven Spielberg House Los Angeles: Photos of His Many Homes


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Updated on June 20, 2024

Steven Spielberg is an American director, producer, and screenwriter who has become one of Hollywood’s most famous and respected directors of all time. He has worked on some of the most well-known films in the world, such as E.T, Jaws, Bridge of Spies, War Horse, Saving Private Ryan and of course, Jurassic Park. Here we delve into and reveal Steven Spielberg House Photos – it’s a massive Los Angeles compound. 

Steven Spielberg House Photos: They're Mouthwatering

Where Does Steven Spielberg Live?

Steven Spielberg house is located in Los Angeles, of course! I mean, where else would a Hollywood Director live?

Spielberg’s dream was to create a home of paradise for his family when his search for the perfect property began back in 1985. It was during this time that him and wife at the time Amy Irving were residing in New York with their newborn son Max. Spielberg already owned two Californian homes, one in Coldwater Canyon and another in Malibu.

Spielberg came across a mansion in Pacific Palisades and realized he had found ‘the one’.

Steven Spielberg House Pacific Palisades (Current)

Steven Spielberg House Malibu (Former)

Steven Spielberg House Hamptons (Current)

Steven Spielberg House Naples, Florida

Steven Spielberg House Pacific Palisades (Current)

Speaking to Architectural Digest, he spoke of the Pacific Palisades house saying: “I was attracted to the house by the site and the location of the property. The view was from Los Angeles International Airport all the way to Malibu. On the left, it was flanked by beautiful trees. On the right, it was flanked by Will Rogers State Park, which was the most attractive thing about the site. I knew they could never destroy the park view with homes. It was like going to Hawaii and finding the perfect cove.”

When Spielberg purchased the Spanish/Mediterranean style property for $6.5 million, he went back to square one, pretty much stripping and re-doing the whole place from top to bottom. During the renovation process, he actually managed to double the space taking it from 10,000 to 20,000 square feet.

Now the house boasts 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, a Hobbit-inspired room, a vineyard overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, a massive master suite, and of course a beautiful pool and terrace. The home spreads across 3.5 acres.

Steven Spielberg House Photos
Photos: Architectural Digest / Mary E. Nichols

Want more photos? We’ve got you covered with Steven Spielberg House Photos!

Steven Spielberg House Address

Of course, we have Steven Spielberg house address in Los Angeles. It’s on Amalfi Drive, but for the full address and more photos, check out Steven Spielberg’s House profile. 

Steven Spielberg House Malibu (Former)

Spielberg also had a Malibu home which was sold in 2015 for a marvelous $26 million, although there are rumors that the estate sold for up to $35 million!

The 7,237 square foot beach house features 9 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms, one of which has it’s very own ocean view terrace, private massage room, and even a private library. The home also features a few other terraces, as you do, a pool, and a luxury home theatre.

The grounds also include a detached two bedroom guest house which occupies 150 feet of beach frontage which provide magnificent ocean views. Before selling the home in 2015, Steven and Kate rented out the property for $125K per month.

Below, we get a glimpse of the lush property as well as the spacious kitchen with a large island and the nearby living room with stunning ocean views.

Steven Spielberg House Malibu Photos
Photos: Coldwell Banker

Steven Spielberg House Hamptons (Current)

Steven Spielberg house in New York is situated by Georgica Pond in East Hampton and sits across 6 acres of beautiful land overlooking a peaceful pond. This area is one of the most sought-after spots in all of the Hamptons.

The Spielberg residence, known as Quelle Barn, is complete with a luxury guest house, which was designed by the well-known architect Charles Gwathmey. The estate also features a large outdoor pool and plenty of space for family and friends to stay for a summer getaway.

In the guest house, we see an arch made of glass that runs along the center of the home and offers ample natural lighting. The kitchen features a huge galley island as well as beautiful glossy wood cabinetry.

Steven Spielberg House Hamptons Photos
Photos: Norman McGrath / Architectural Digest

Steven Spielberg House Naples, Florida

Celebrities and stars alike seem to flock to Naples for its sandy white beaches, calming atmosphere and wealthy community. So, of course, Steven Spielberg has a home here too! Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal to report about this particular home, although we do know that it is a large compound situated in a very private area of the town.

Steven Spielberg Car

Spielberg has been spotted doting around Los Angeles in an Aston Martin DB9 and a Modern S Tesla reportedly worth around $60,000.

Steven Spielberg car: Aston Martin
Steven Spielberg Car

Where Does Steven Spielberg Work?

Spielberg is a principal partner of DreamWorks Studios and works as one of Hollywood’s most legendary directors. He can work from anywhere he wants, he definitely doesn’t have 9-5 office hours. 

How Much Money Is Steven Spielberg Worth?

Spielberg has earned his fortune through his directing roles of course, as well as from his co-founded studio DreamWorks Animation. His films so far have grossed over $12 billion worldwide, Steven Spielberg net worth sits at a cool $4.8 Billion. He even collects 2% of all tickets sold at Universal!

Steven Spielberg Children

Steven Spielberg has 7 of them! He has three daughters, one stepdaughter, and three sons. From youngest to oldest they are:

  • Destry Spielberg is a model signed with DT Model Management and is the daughter of Steven and wife Kate Capshaw.
  • Mikaela Spielberg was adopted by Steven and Kate.
  • Sawyer Spielberg is an actor and director known for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Post and Breathe.
  • Sasha Spielberg is an actress, singer, and musician. She is a member of the folk-indie group Wardell.
  • Theo Spielberg was adopted by Kate Capshaw during her previous marriage and adopted by Steven when the pair married. He is a musician and makes up the other half of Wardell with sister Sasha. 
  • Max Spielberg is the son of Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving. He makes a living as a games designer.
  • Jessica Capshaw is the daughter of Kate Capshaw from her previous marriage, making her Steven’s stepdaughter.
Steven Spielberg Children

Steven Spielberg First Movie?

Spielberg’s first ever movie as Director was back in 1974 and is called The Sugarland Express. He was assisted by Goldie Hawn. It was his next movie in 1975 however, that made him a worldwide and household name – Jaws.

He has gone on to direct famous films such as E.T., Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can and The Color Purple.

Was Steven Spielberg Born Rich?

Not rich, but comfortable. Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio is 1946 to a mother who was a pianist and father who worked as an electrical engineer. Along with his three sisters, they lived a comfortable lifestyle and moved around from Ohio to Arizona and California throughout their childhood.

Was Steven Spielberg born rich?

Steven Spielberg at age 17

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