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SUR Restaurant: The Center of Lisa Vanderpump’s Empire

Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Ah, the infamous SUR Restaurant. Its services are friendly and welcoming, and the establishment’s atmosphere is tranquil and luxurious; a combination of South-European flair with the capacity to provide a one-of-a-kind dining oasis for customers. Visitors from all walks of life never leave West Hollywood without paying a visit to this elegant location.


The restaurant is designed with a very seductive vibe. It’s refurbished with unusual and elegant antiques by Lisa Vanderpump, the unquestionable star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Highlights of this sophisticated restaurant include a romantic patio, relaxing but upscale indoor dining area, and a stylish private dining room. From baby showers and birthday celebrations to corporate events, bridal parties, or just a night out, SUR really is one of the best locations available in Los Angles for any event.

Where Is SUR Restaurant / Where Is SUR Lounge?

Many people believe that SUR isn’t a real establishment because it’s on TV. That’s definitely not the case. SUR is very much open to the public! This magnificent establishment is located in West Hollywood, CA. Set on a cozy section of Robertson Boulevard, SUR is in the heart of party town but maintains a sophisticated vibe.


When Did SUR Restaurant Open?

The restaurant has been serving patrons since 2001, long before its fame from Vamderpump Rules. Guillermo Zapata, joint owner, manager & Instagram baddie extraordinaire has overseen how events here go down on a daily basis for ten years.

Funny tidbit—he actually met his beautiful French wife at the restaurant in 2001. She later settled down and decided to help her husband run SUR. In 2005 the Zapata’s joined the Vanderpump’s as business partners.

Lisa Vanderpump believes a combination of international skill and knowledge are among the key reasons as to why the establishment has lucratively grown to be among the most famous in Beverly Hills. Why? Because its owners are reality television stars and Hollywood socialites. Not to mention the restaurant has been included in various TV series like Vanderpump Rules and Bravo’s RHOBH. With that kind of marketing, there’s virtually NO ONE who hasn’t heard of SUR. 

Who Is the Owner of SUR Restaurant?

This is an interesting question because most people think that the sole owners are Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. However, the actual answer to this is that Lisa and Ken jointly own the restaurant along with Nathalie and Guillermo Zapata.


This joint venture ensures the day to day routine activities of the restaurant run smoothly. It’s widely understood that Lisa & Ken are much more hands off while the Zapata’s take care of the day-to-day. After all, Vanderpump and Todd have multiple other restaurants in LA as well as multiple TV shows that need their attention

To get into specifics, Vanderpump & Todd own 51% of the business, while the Zapata’s get their share of 49%.This makes Ken and Lisa the majority owners and decision makers.

Did you know that Lisa Vanderpump designed SUR Lounge?


When discussing the undertaking, she said, “I mixed old railway sleepers with graphic, modern glass tiles. I gathered an eclectic mix of artifacts, designed out little velvet stools and combined them with industrial zinc tables.”

She further continued, “I threw a combination of French pillows, chandeliers in cages, long leather chesterfields, installed different antique doors, a completely unpredictable collection of things that I love.” — well, there’s no denying the lady’s got some high-class taste.


With all this combined, Lisa came up with a classic hut chic design that continues to turn heads in a city full of designers begging for attention. You go girl!

What Is Vanderpump Rules?

RHOBH obviously gave Lisa Vanderpump her first dose of fame, but Vanderpump Rules has propelled her career as a restaurateur to the forefront of her public image. The show is a docu-series about her employees at SUR, their working relationships as well as the incestuous relationships they have outside of work. Lisa is the boss, but also the mediator and mother figure who’s ultimate goal is to keep everyone on good terms so her business can thrive.


The fact remains that managing her empire, including the West Hollywood restaurant SUR (which stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant), is a full-time occupation. It may be a tough act, but Vanderpump pulls it off like a true pro. She effortlessly balances her no non-sense business savvy with a maternal nature that makes her lovable…but also respectable.

When it comes to the employees, the vast majority have sky-high aspirations and dreams—mostly in the entertainment industry. However, that doesn’t stop them from getting a bit rowdy at times, and with such a large, wild group of employees, there’s no way Lisa can keep them all friendly all the time. Most of the time drama breaks out when the employees mix their hot and heavy love lives with their jobs at SUR. The old adage typically rings true in the end—never mix business and pleasure, y’all.

On January 17, 2013, was the very first episode of Vanderpump Rules premiered on Bravo. 7 seasons and several emotional reunions later, the world has been graced with 142 episodes of this scandalous must-watch show.

…and it’s expected season 8 will be announced any day now!

How Much Do SUR Servers Make?

If you pay attention to the shows, you will notice that the servers, apart from taking part in the ridiculous drama, lead surprisingly normal everyday lives. They don’t live luxuriously and extravagantly like the Vanderpumps. In fact, most of them are far from it.

Since they are bartenders and servers, we’re talking like $9.00/hr in the real world, people. However, that obviously doesn’t take into consideration their contracts for the show, which as last reported came in somewhere between $5,000-$20,000 per episode…depending on which cast member we’re talking about.


One article did a breakdown of their reported net worths (which varied based on their jobs and other side-pursuites). Their expected net worth could be between $30,000 and $500,000, with Jax being the highest of course. They are all great, but let’s be real…Jax is the reason we watch!

Jax: $500K

Katie: $30K

Kristen: $50K

Stassi: $30K

Scheana: $60K

Tom: $40K

On the other hand, Todd and Lisa’s net worth clunks in at right around $85 million and $65 million respectively. Like we said before…This isn’t just a silly reality TV couple…they are the matriarchs of a $150 million empire. Say what! If you’re still not convinced of this power couple’s wealth though, you need only look at their stunning 8,801 square foot home as proof of their filthy-richness. Named “Villa Rose” the couple purchased the home back in 2011 for $11.10 million.

The 2.01 acre property features lush green landscapes, a luxury spa & large swimming pool, and canyon views. The modern-style home was completely designed by miss Vanderpump, something that becomes abundantly clear when looking at the decadent decor of the home’s interior.


Regardless, we think it’s safe to say that these reality show servers may be on the verge of making a lot of cash if they keep up the drama that we all love. Especially given the fact that the show just wrapped up filming its 7th season as well as a 3-part reunion special and if they have good agents, they are in for raises with every new season.

How Many Restaurants Does Lisa Vanderpump Own?

Born and raised in London, Lisa was also a drama student at the wee age of nine years old. In addition to being a television personality and all-around high-class gal, she is an author, business mogul, and serial entrepreneur.

I mean, this lady never stops. From RHOBH to Vanderpump Rules, Dancing with the Stars to managing her own businesses and product lines, where does this woman find time to sleep?


Oh, and by the way, in case you were thinking SUR was the only foodie baby of the bunch. You were far from hitting home. Together, with her husband Ken Todd, Ms. Vanderpump has owned a total of 26 restaurants. They include clubs and bars in Los Angeles such as Villa Blanca, Bar Soho, Shadow lounge, SUR, and many other across the country and internationally. 

Where Is Villa Blanca?

This is one of the most elegant restaurants that Lisa and Ken own. The establishment has a reasonably priced Italian-Mediterranean-Asian menu and an awesome spot for a romantic, candlelit dinner in the heart of Beverly Hills.


Villa Blanca is also considered one of the most famous restaurants in Beverly Hills. It’s conveniently positioned in the area as well, giving most of the residents in the area the option to walk to the establishment.

Villa Blanca is located at 9601 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and is open Monday-Sunday from 11:30AM-10:00PM


So, we think it’s pretty safe to conclude that Ms. Vanderpump is a total #bosslady in the fullest sense. Between her various entrepreneurial pursuits and the success of her mega restaurants such as SUR, she’s sure to stay in the public eye for quite some time.

While SUR may currently be the more glitzy, paparazzi-laced and publicity magnets of her ventures, it’s nowhere near the best she’s got. There have been rumblings for a while that she is considering another restaurant in LA. We’ll be the first to let you know!

Hey Ms. V— we kind of just want to take a minute to tell you that you’re kind of awesome. Like…seriously awesome.

Sur Lounge - Lisa Vanderpump

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