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Where Does Suzanne Somers Live? | More on What Happened to Suzanne Somers.

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Suzanne Somers House: Inside Her Palm Springs Retreat + More


Suzanne's House Photos

Palm Springs Home

Suzanne's House Photos

Palm Springs Home
Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall

Updated on October 19, 2023

  • Suzanne Somers passed away on October 15, 2023.
  • Somers lived in the same Palm Springs, CA estate for 44 years before selling it in 2021.
  • Suzanne and her husband purchased a smaller home in the same area for $2.350 mil in 2019.
  • Suzanne Somers has been married to producer, Alan Hamel, since 1977.
Suzanne Somers House Palm Spring CA | More on What Happened to Suzanne Somers
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Suzanne Somers, a beloved actress and cultural icon, passed away on October 15, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that spans generations. Known for her striking beauty, magnetic charm, and versatile talent, Somers graced both the small and big screens with her presence. Suzanne rose to fame through her iconic role as Chrissy Snow in the hit sitcom “Three’s Company” during the late 1970s, winning audiences with her comedic timing and endearing personality. Her career extended to numerous television series, including “Step by Step,” and she authored several books on health and wellness. Suzanne Somers will be remembered as a multifaceted entertainer who left a permanent mark on the entertainment industry.

Where Does Suzanne Somers Live?

Suzanne Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel, lived in the same Palm Springs, CA home for 44 years before selling the property and purchasing a different estate in the same area for $2.350 million in 2019. See breathtaking photos of both estates below!

Suzanne Somers House Palm Springs, CA (Current)

Suzanne Somers House Palm Springs, CA (Former)

Suzanne Somers House Palm Springs, CA (Current)

Suzanne Somers and her husband decided to purchase this stunning tropical Balinese-inspired estate not far from their original home in Palm Springs, CA. The couple paid a mere $2.350 million for the 4 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom mansion.

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

Outside, the walkway leading to the entrance is adorned with beautiful statues and pristine landscaping. The home, built in 1978, is an original Stephen Chase design – and one of our favorites at that!

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

Inside, the sunken living room is reflected by mirrored panels on the ceiling. The partial wall of built-ins nearby is perfect for showcasing knick-knacks and books.

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

Nearby, we find another lounge area with massive floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the gorgeous landscape beyond!

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

This particular lounge space also boasts a wet bar with with access to the patio by way of sliding glass door.

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

The spacious kitchen features tans cabinetry and a small island as well as a stainless steel refrigerator.

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

The master suite features built-in shelving, intricate red and white carpeting, and his and her closets.

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

If you thought the master suite was posh, take a look at this luxurious master ensuite – featuring double vanities, a huge soaking tub, and two sets of double doors leading onto the patio.

Seriously, whoever was behind the design of this bathroom must’ve been good – they actually made carpet in the bathroom look stylish!

Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

Out back, the home’s exterior is lined with tall palm trees and lush greenery that provides privacy as well as landscape. There’s multiple outdoor lounge spaces here as well as a pool and spa!

Suzanne Somers House Palm Springs CA | More on Suzanne Somers Net Worth!
Jeff Litton | HomeSmart

Suzanne Somers House Palm Springs, CA (Former)

Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel purchased this incredible estate for $420,000 in 1977. They called it home for an incredible 44 years before deciding to part ways with the 7 bedroom and 10 bathroom multi-layered home.

Kelly Peak

The entrance to the 7,279 square foot property is encased in palm trees and flowers – giving it a truly tropical look and plenty of shade from the California sun.

Scott Lyle | Compass

The main floor of the estate really embraces indoor/outdoor living – offering a retractable wall of glass that opens onto the patio and backyard.

Scott Lyle | Compass

The chef’s kitchen features a beamed ceiling with matching wood cabinetry and top-notch stainless steel appliances. A butler’s pantry can be found nearby.

Kelly Peak

According to the listing, the estate’s formal dining room can seat an impressive 32 guests comfortably. In addition to featuring a tall ceiling, the space also offers a large fireplace, wet bar, and beautiful stone floors – giving it a rustic touch.

Scott Lyle | Compass

Oh, and among the many luxury amenities this place has, you’ll find (or won’t find) this secret wine cellar that can facilitate over 2000 bottles!

Scott Lyle | Compass

The wood beams carry into the home’s master suite, which boasts a stone fireplace and a window overlooking the mountains.

Scott Lyle | Compass

The master ensuite features a large shower and double vanities as well as a large soaking tub.

Scott Lyle | Compass

Outside, this place is the epitome of an entertainer’s paradise – featuring a swimming pool & spa as well as multiple dining and lounge space, a waterfall, and a swimming pond!

Scott Lyle | Compass

Okay, this outdoor kitchen/dining area has no right to be this gorgeous – between the flowers and mountain landscapes, it looks like something from a post card!

Scott Lyle | Compass

The entire property originally spanned 80 acres during Somers time there. In addition to the main house, there are several other villas on the grounds – the most noteworthy of which is named “The Rock House.”

This 2-room suite was designed by famed architect Albert Fray and features a beautiful combination of stone and glass to create a truly unique space. Inside, you’re instantly greet with the main area, boasting its own fireplace.

Nearby, you’ll find the bedroom space and claw-foot tub, illuminated by a rustic chandelier. The bathroom carries on the casita’s stony aesthetic – featuring natural-looking stone basin sinks and a stone shower.

Scott Lyle | Compass

Somers had attempted to offload this home several times without any luck. At one point she even placed it up for auction, but backed out at the last minute. Finally, the couple listed it for $9.5 million in 2019, but still couldn’t seem to find a buyer.

In 2021, they reduced the acreage that was included with the property from 80 to 28 acres and dropped the price to $8.5 million. They successfully sold it in May of 2021 for asking price.

Suzanne Somers Age

Suzanne Somers was born October 16, 1946 and passed away on October 15, 2023 – one day short of her 77th birthday.

Suzanne Somers Young

Looking at pictures of Suzanne Somers in her youth, its shocking to think that she struggled with low self-esteem. In addition to growing up with a physically abusive father, Somers also struggled in school due to her dyslexia – both were factors that played into her damaged self-image.

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Despite her early difficulties, however, Somers persevered and carved her place into Hollywood history – becoming an iconic beauty and household name around the globe.

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How Old Is Suzanne Somers Husband?

Alan Hamel is 87 years old at the time this article was published – making him 10 years older than 76-year-old wife, Suzanne Somers.

Suzanne Somers Movies and TV Shows

Early in her career, Somers began with uncredited appearances in films like “Bullitt” (1968), “Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting” (1969), “Fools” (1970), and a memorable role as the “Blonde in T-Bird” in “American Graffiti” (1973).

Her journey continued with brief parts in TV series, including “Lotsa Luck” (1974), “The Rockford Files” (1974), “One Day at a Time” (1976), “The Love Boat” (1977), “Starsky and Hutch” (1975-1977), “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1977), and various TV movies, leading to her iconic portrayal of Chrissy Snow opposite John Ritter in “Three’s Company” (1977-1981).

Disney General Entertainment

Following Suzanne Somers Three’s Company tenure, she appeared other noteworthy projects like “She’s the Sheriff” (1987-1989), “Serial Mom” (1994), and “Step by Step” (1991-1998).

Alongside her film and TV endeavors, Suzanne ventured into other career avenues, including a Las Vegas act, hosting a talk show, authoring health and fitness books, and of course, serving as the spokeswoman for the “ThighMaster” exercise equipment.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Prior to her passing, Suzanne Somers had amassed an overall net worth of approximately $100 million by 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Suzanne Somers Spouse

Suzanne Somers was married twice in her lifetime – the first being to a man named Bruce Somers Sr., which lasted 3 years. Not much is known about Bruce other than he is the father of Suzanne’s only biological child, Bruce Somers Jr.

Her second husband is actor and producer, Alan Hamel. The couple were together for a whopping 46 years and married in 1977. Suzanne spent the remainder of her life with Hamel.

David Livingston | Getty

When speaking to US Weekly about her marriage to Alan in 2021, Somers said:

“We give each other a lot of attention. That seems simple, but you’d be amazed at how many couples don’t remember to give one another a lot of attention,” she said. “It’s not, like, a chore for us. I love to hug him and rub his hair. He tells me I’m beautiful all the time and we hold hands while we sleep. It’s the most beautiful part of my life.”

Suzanne Somers Children

Suzanne Somers has one biological son, 57-year-old Bruce Somers Jr., with former husband, Bruce Somers Sr.

She also shared two step-children, Leslie, and Stephen Hamel, with her husband, Alan Hamel.

Caroline Somers

Suzanne Somers Grandchildren

At the time of her passing, Suzanne had two biological grandchildren, Camelia and Violet, and four step-grandchildren. Only two of Somers’ step-grandchildren, Daisy and April, are known by name publicly.

In this photo (below) we see Suzanne with her granddaughters, Camelia, Daisy, and Violet.

Suzanne Somers | Instagram

What Happened to Suzanne Somers?

Despite having cancer three times in her life, Suzanne Somers never let the challenges involving her health keep her from living her life to the fullest.

She was first diagnosed with Hyperplasia in the uterus in her 20s and ended up being diagnosed with Melanoma in her 30s.

Suzanne Somers breast cancer diagnosis occurred in 2000, when she was in her 50s. She fought the cancer for over two decades but ultimately passed away from the disease at age 76.
When speaking about her cancer battles with ETOnline, Somers said:

“I have been living with cancer since my 20s, and every time that little f—- pops up, I continue to bat it back. I do my best not to let this insidious disease control me. Like any cancer patient, when you get that dreaded ‘it’s back,’ you get a pit in your stomach. Then I put on my battle gear and go to war. This is familiar battleground for me and I’m very tough.”


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