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Where does TD Jakes live?

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TD Jakes House: The Bishop’s Dallas Home & Net Worth Will Shock You


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Fort Worth Home

T.D.'s House Photos

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Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr. (aka T.D. Jakes) is a famous American author, filmmaker, and bishop. He is the founder and lead bishop of The Potter’s House, a megachurch located in Dallas, Texas, and hosts evangelical church services on his weekly program The Potter’s Touch. Jakes first became a pastor at the age of 23, preaching at the Greater Emanuel Temple of Faith in Smithers, West Virginia in 1982, going on to join the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies, before relocating to South Charleston. In 1995, Jakes founded T.D.J Enterprises, which is the company responsible for producing his films and publishing his books. Jakes continued to preach through various outlets throughout the 90s, even hosting a weekly radio show titled “Get Ready” from 1995 to 1996, until finally founding The Potter’s House in Dallas, where he has continued to act as a bishop. Whether it’s simply good luck or divine intervention – there’s no denying that T.D. Jakes has amassed not only a huge fan base, but also a huge fortune from preaching over the years, and TD Jakes house definitely proves it!    

Where does TD Jakes live?

Where Does TD Jakes Live?

T.D. Jakes and fam formally lived in Dallas, Texas, where his church is located. Currently, however, this holy man is living it up in a huge, 14,045 square foot slice of heaven in Fort Worth. But enough of all the chit chat, let’s dive right in and take a look at TD Jakes homes! (both past and present).

TD Jakes House Fort Worth Texas

After Bishop Jakes moved to Fort Worth, he purchased this 14,045 square foot mansion for $5.5 million in December 2004, which was a pretty good bargain considering the original price tag for the home was $7 million. The estate features 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms (including 2 partial baths), and sits on 17.8 acres of land.

Though TD Jakes home was built in 1979, it underwent a massive, 3-year-long renovation in the 90s and was finally completed in 1997. The architecture is a beautifully blended combination of both contemporary and modern design, and the interior of the residence features vaulted ceilings, 3 fireplaces, and a wide variety of different types of flooring that includes marble, wood, carpet, and stone. Amenities include a wet bar, guest house, 7-car garage, a sports court, and a swimming pool with an attached spa.   

Where does TD Jakes live?
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Check out more TD Jakes House photos and address here!

And, as if the above-mentioned home wasn’t enough, The Jakes purchased the home next door just 2 months later, in February 2005. The 6,236 square foot home sold for an undisclosed amount, but property records show it’s worth well over $1.2 million today.

TD Jakes House Dallas (former)

Built in 1987 and purchased by the Jakes in 1990, T..D Jakes’ former traditional style mansion in Dallas boast 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and 10,681 square feet of living space. The entrance of the home, which sits on a 1.96-acre plot across from White Rock Lake, is lined with tall, elegant white pillars and gorgeous two-story windows, letting you know you’re about to witness something special before you even get through the glass-paned wooden double doors. Inside, there’s a spacious kitchen complete with a fireplace, granite countertops, a breakfast bar, and a door that takes you out to a terrace that overlooks the lake. For larger dinner gatherings, there’s also a large formal dining room with French doors that lead out to one of several patio spaces on the property.    

Going up the double staircase, located in the grand entrance, you’ll find the bedrooms – including the master suite, which features a fireplace as well as a private loggia and luxurious en-suite bathroom with his and her vanities. Some amenities include a bar, a game room, and an office (some may argue that an office is not considered an amenity…but hey, you try working from home without one!). For those that like to spend the majority of their time outside, the grounds of the home have an endless supply of awesomeness to keep you busy, including a swimming pool, gym cabana, koi pond, built-in outdoor grill, and lots of space for outdoor entertaining.

They sold the home in 2005 after moving to Fort Worth, as detailed above.

Where does TD Jakes live?
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TD Jakes Potters House

The Potter’s House is a non-denominational Christian megachurch that was founded by T.D. Jakes. In 2008, the church had grown a massive following, with weekly gathering numbers ranging around 17,000, despite the fact the church’s actual capacity was only around 8,000 at the time. The building itself was established by a televangelist named W.V. Grant and was originally called the Eagles Nest Family Church, but In 1996, after being convicted of tax evasion, Grant sold the building to Jakes, who transformed it into The Potter’s House.

After establishing his new church, Jakes expanded the building, throwing down $45 million to have a 191,000 square foot addition added to the structure. The auditorium, which was finished in 2000, features a massive stage, cascade seating, a cutting-edge sound system, and a loft that can facilitate 450 choir members. By 2010, The Potter’s House had amassed 30,000+ members and had established 5 additional campuses in Dallas, North Dallas, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and Denver. Currently, all in-person events have been suspended due to COVID-19, and services are streamed online instead.  

T.D. Jakes Chruch
The Potter’s House

Where is TD Jakes church?

The original Potter’s House is located at 6777 W Kiest Blvd, in Dallas, TX. Though, as previously stated, there are campuses in Los Angeles, Denver, North Dallas, and Fort Worth as well. 

Why did TD Jakes leave Potter’s house?

As of 2020, T.D. Jakes is still a bishop of the church he founded – though back in 2019, he admitted that there was a point in time that he considered leaving, citing his distaste for being famous as his main reasoning. After a particularly emotional conversation with a female member of his congregation, however, wherein this member expressed that she listened to him while in the hospital and that his preaching kept her alive, Jakes saw this as a sign that he should continue his work with the church.

Bishop TD Jakes Net Worth

Between his time spent preaching at his megachurch, his countless television appearances, books, and his Christian-based films, T.D. Jakes has amassed a net worth of $18 million.

TD Jakes Family

T.D. Jakes family is known to be incredibly close-knit – T.D. has 5 children with his wife of nearly 4 decades as well as 8 grandchildren. At least 3 of Jakes’ children work within The Potter’s House Church. Keep reading for more on T.D. Jakes’ family!

TD Jakes Family
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TD Jakes Wife

T.D. Jakes’ wife is Serita Jakes, whom he met during a visit to Serita’s hometown church in Beckley, West Virginia, while he was acting as a guest preacher. Prior to meeting Jakes, Serita had struggled with an abusive marriage and was not looking for love again – but apparently love found her, since the pair quickly became smitten with one another and would go on to marry in May of 1982. Just 2 years after getting married, however, the couple would endure one of the most difficult times together after a car accident led to a severe foot and leg injury, sustained by Serita, that jeopardized her ability to walk. During this time, her husband remained supportive and became her constant caretaker, even helping her learn to walk again.

The couple just celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary in May of 2020.  

Serita Jakes

TD Jakes Kids

Mr. and Mrs. Jakes share 5 children together – Sarah, Jermaine, Cora, Jamar, and Thomas. His daughter, Sarah Jakes Roberts, is a successful author and media figure who also co-pastors at One LA and the Denver campus of The Potter’s House. Jakes’ oldest daughter, Cora Jakes Coleman, is also an author of Christian literature for women and a pastor at The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX. Not much info is available on Jakes’ 3 sons – though Jermaine Jakes (who has been interchangeably called T.D.’s biological son and step son) was arrested back in 2009 for indecent exposure after he reportedly approached two Dallas detectives with his pants unzipped and began to…(let’s just say play with Mr. Happy) all while making eye contact with one of the detectives. He would surrender himself to the authorities shortly thereafter and be released. Jermaine has worked in various positions at his father’s church and has acted as a coordinator of volunteers at The Potter’s House since 2018.    

TD Jakes Movies

In addition to his many television appearances, T.D. Jakes has also produced, written, and even acted in several films over the span of his career. His actual acting credits consist of 9 projects, most of which are short religious films and videos; however, he did star opposite Angela Bassett and Mike Epps in the comedy-drama Jumping the Broom (2011) as well as the film Not Easily Broken (2009) which starred Morris Chestnut and Taraji P. Henson.

How Old Is TD Jakes?

T.D. Jakes was born June 9, 1957.


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