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Tiger Woods House: His Florida Mansion & Several More!


Tiger's House Photos

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Sarah Paschall

Despite some rough patches in recent years, both in his career and personal life, it seems nothing can stop the pro golfer from putting on the course. Below is an in-depth look at Tiger Woods’ life, his career, and a plethora of Tiger Woods house photos.

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is considered one of the most popular and successful American golfers of all time. He’s also loaded. He is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world for a time. A child golfing prodigy growing up, Woods was introduced to the sport at around a year old by his father, a fellow athlete, by the name of Earl Woods. It was clear even in these early days that Woods was destined to be a professional golfer – putting against famous comedian Bob Hope in a televised appearance on The Mike Douglas Show when he was only 2 years old, and then even appearing in Golf Digest at the young age of 5.


Where Does Tiger Woods Live?

Woods enjoys golfing and soaking up the sun in Florida. In fact, the professional golfer has lived in several different homes in the sunshine state!

How Many Houses Does Tiger Woods Have?

From his gorgeous Windermere palace to his ginormous Jupiter estate – Tiger Woods has nabbed some pretty sweet real estate in his time as a pro golfer. Here are some of the homes – including rumored, former, and current properties owned by Woods throughout the years:

Tiger Woods House Jupiter, Florida (Current Home)

Since his split with wife Elin Nordegren, Woods has lived in the home the couple purchased for $40 million on Jupiter Island. The original 9,000 square-foot Florida mansion was torn down to make way for an even larger house. The end result is a massive, $54 million mega-mansion that’s approximately 9,700 square feet and includes 4 additional neighboring buildings. There’s a golf studio, a guesthouse, a garage, and a boathouse with two private docks that accommodate Woods’ 47-meter yacht. All this sits on the 12-acre property along the Atlantic Ocean.

The main house features a 6,400 square-foot building that acts as a multimedia room, a home theater, a fully decked-out gym, an oxygen therapy room, and an elevator. There is also a 3,300 square-foot living area, which features a basement recreation room, a wine cellar, three-bedroom suites in addition to Wood’s master bedroom, and an elegant, glass-covered walkway that connects the two structures.

As for outdoor activities, the property includes a tennis court/basketball court combo, a huge, 100-foot swimming lap pool, a backyard practice facility, and a spa.


Wanna see more photos? Check them out here – Tiger Woods House Photos Jupiter, FL!

Tiger Woods House Orlando, Florida

Woods and his former wife lived in the quiet Isleworth gated community in Windermere until their divorce in 2010. Woods then listed the home for $5.6 million. The large, two-story home is 8,000 square feet and contains seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a game room, home theater, private dock, and a swimming pool.


Additionally, Woods is also said to own a golf villa property on Lake Louise, which is also part of the Butler Chain of Lakes in Isleworth. The villa is 2,096 square-feet and contains three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Tiger Woods House Bahamas

Woods reportedly invested $100 million for the construction of the ultimate tropical residential resort in Nassau. Named “The Albany”, this super exclusive, gated development sits on 565-acres of land. It includes a 71-berth marina, 350 properties, a water park designed for the kiddies, an equestrian center, a spa, and a championship golf course. In addition to his initial investment, Woods and fellow investors Ernie Els and Joe Lewis have also thrown down over $3 million more to acquire their own slice of this paradise pie. Hey, if you dished out that much cash to have it built, you’d want a piece of that deliciousness too!


Tiger Woods House Sweden

Shortly before the couple divorced, Woods and then-wife Nordegren purchased a luxury, 62-acre private island in Lake Malaren, Sweden. It’s just an hour away from the Swedish capital of Stockholm. The golfer’s former island paradise features a private ferry boat for trips to and from the mainland, a protected quay, a super secluded villa, horse stables, a hot tub, a hunting lodge, six tee-off areas, and even a landing strip for small aircraft.

In addition to the island’s seclusion from the outside world and its breathtaking scenery, the land also has a great deal of historical value. According to the New York Post, the location was home to a Viking stronghold during the 11th century.


Tiger Woods House Hawaii

In 2009, photos leaked of what was reportedly Tiger Woods’ new Hawaiian beachfront paradise know as “The Jewel of Maui.” However, claims that the athlete had purchased this slice of heaven were later proven to be false. Despite this, there are still many rumors that Woods owns a property somewhere in Maui, but there’s currently not enough concrete evidence to confirm this.

Though he doesn’t actually own The Jewel of Maui, I think we can all agree he should!


How Much Is Tiger Woods Worth

Tiger Woods net worth has reached $800 million, according to most sources! Looks likes professional golf pays pretty well!

Does Tiger Woods Have a Girlfriend?

Who is Tiger Woods girlfriend? Though Woods may be one of the greatest golfers of all time, it does seem the man struggles with the concept of monogamy – to say the least.

Back in Nov 2009, it was reported by the National Enquirer that Woods had a mistress by the name of “Rachael Uchitel” whom he’d met 3 months before his pregnant wife was expected to give birth to their son. When Woods’ wife, former swimsuit model Elin Nordegren, got wind of the piece published in the magazine and was able to confirm the affair through text messages on her husband’s cell phone, she confronted Woods…with a golf club.


After practicing her swing all over his pricey car and the couple making a massive scene which resulted in broken car windows, a wrecked Escalade on the curb, and Woods laid out on the ground near the pair’s Windermere home…it seemed pretty clear the couple was headed for splitsville, especially after what followed the fight.

Upon the reveal of Wood’s first mistress, a slew of porn stars, escorts, strippers, waitresses, and other young ladies came forth with claims that they had shared some steamy nights with the professional golfer, totaling his list of mistresses to 14. Geez, did the guy ever sleep?!

This boatload of skeletons pouring out of Wood’s closet resulted in a large number of his sponsors, such as AT&T and Gatorade, dropping him. It appears that the golfing superstar never fully recovered from the messy and highly publicized divorce that ensued.

However, that hasn’t stopped the man from re-entering the dating pool, since it appears that Woods has found romance once more in 2017 with Erica Herman, manager of Wood’s pop-up restaurant fittingly titled “The Woods”. We can only hope the former serial cheater has learned from his past mistakes and is doing right by the new lady in his life – or at least he’s hiding his golf clubs in better places now.


How Tall Is Tiger Woods?

Though you might not be able to tell when looking at the man on TV, Tiger is actually pretty tall – measuring at 6-foot-1-inches in height.

How Old Is Tiger Woods?

Woods was born December 30, 1975, making his 42 years old at the time this article was published.

How Many Majors has Tiger Woods Won?

The Men’s Major Golf Championships, aka the Major Championships or The Majors, are four tournaments that take place annually in the golfing sport. The majors include the Master’s Tournament, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and The Open Championship. For professional golfers, the majors are a huge deal and the most important tournaments in the sport.

Tiger Woods has won a staggering 14 majors during his golfing career, earning him a spot in second place, just behind Jack Nicklaus, for the most games won in the tournaments’ history by a single player. In fact, Woods is one of only five professional golfers to have won all four major championships in the span of his career!

What Ethnicity Is Tiger Woods?

Woods considers himself “Cablinasian” a term he created to describe his Caucasian, African American, and American Indian heritage from his father’s side, and his Thai, Chinese, and Dutch lineage from his mother.


Cablinasian is simply a syllabic abbreviation for Caucasian, Black, American Indian, and Asian.

What Does the V on Tiger Wood’s Hat Stand For?

Back in 2009, Woods began sporting a large “V” on the left side of his hat. This sudden fashion alteration kept fans of the professional golfer speculating until it was later revealed that the V was a logo from Nike, the sporting apparel giant and long-time sponsor of Woods through thick and thin.

At the time, the company had just launched their Victory Red Irons and the V was the logo specifically designed for the clubs. Examining the V closer, you could make out a red, lowercase “r”, which was a nod to the golfer’s Sunday color.

Though Nike still endorses Tiger Woods, the company announced this year that they will stop making golf equipment and instead turn their attention more towards designing shoes and apparel.

What Does the V on Tiger Wood’s Hat Stand For?


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