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Where does Tadrick Hall live?

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Todrick Hall House: Inside the Mansion Where Controversy Rages


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Los Angeles Home
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Sarah Paschall

Updated on May 17, 2024

  • Todrick Hall purchased an 8,000 sqft, 5-bed and 7-bath mansion in Sherman Oaks, California.
  • He recently appeared on season 3 of the CBS series, Celebrity Big Brother.
  • In 2021, Hall’s LA home was burglarized by 3 assailants that stole 50k in personal items.
  • Todrick Hall is friends with so insanely famous people, including Taylor Swift.
  • On March 31, 2022, TMZ reported that Todrick was being sued for $60,000 unpaid rent by the owner of the home he claimed to purchase.
  • He ended up purchasing his rental for $6.1 mil and later selling it for $4.950 mil in 2024.
Todrick Hall House and Net Worth

Todrick Hall is an award-winning American singer, choreographer, and songwriter that’s best known for his viral YouTube videos as well as his appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Masked Singer, and most recently Celebrity Big Brother season 3. If you’ve ever wondered where this entertainer spends his time when he’s not stirring up drama on reality television or releasing videos online, VR is giving you the full scoop on the Todrick Hall house and more below!

Where Does Todrick Hall Live?

In 2021, Todrick announced via social media that he was officially a homeowner after purchasing a stunning 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home in Sherman Oaks, California!

There have been rumors circulating for months that Hall may be renting the home rather than actually owning it, though. On March 31, 2022, TMZ published this headline: Todrick Hall Sued For $60K in Unpaid Rent … For Same Home He Claimed He Bought. Oop! Drama!

Likely as a means to repair his image with the media following the rental fiasco, it seems Hall has actually purchased the contemporary-style home (for real this time!) for the price of $6.1 million.

Where Does Todrick Hall Live?
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

Built in 2020 and boasting 8,000 square feet of living space, this home is filled to the brim with amenities and practically oozing opulence inside and out. A sleek contemporary design and neutral tones of gray and white can be found throughout the entire property.

Glass walls and pocket doors throughout blur the line between what’s inside the home and outside – really giving it a true indoor/outdoor living feel.

Where Does Todrick Hall Live?
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

The envy of any cook, this chef’s kitchen has it all – imported Italian cabinetry, a waterfall marble island with bonus storage, stainless steel appliances, a breakfast nook, and a pantry!

Where Does Todrick Hall Live?
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

In the formal dining room, you’ll find another large pocket door that opens onto the patio outside as well as a wet bar that’s great for entertaining. Imagine enjoying that view while you’re wining and dining within this luxury dining space!

Where Does Todrick Hall Live?
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

In terms of the fancy amenities this place has to offer, residents can catch a flick in their own private cinema or play a few games of pool and cook up a snack in the game room complete with its own kitchenette…and that’s just the indoor amenities!

Where Does Todrick Hall Live?
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

And of course, what would an LA mansion be without a super amazing master suite?! Private patio, sitting area, wet bar, and more than enough space for even the largest bedroom set…or a deluxe louis Vuitton bed like Hall is rocking these days!

Where Does Todrick Hall Live?
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

In addition to an uber spacious master suite, there’s also a gigantic closet and dressing room off the master as well as a gorgeous ensuite with a separate tub, shower, and double vanities.

Todrick Hall House Los Angeles
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

Outside, a luxury resort-style backyard awaits, featuring a BBQ kitchen, numerous lounging areas for sunbathing, a spa, and a glass-sided infinity pool with a waterfall effect!

Todrick Hall House Los Angeles
Zillow | The Agency | Chernov Team

In May 2024, Todrick ended up selling the estate for $4.950 million.

Is Todrick’s House Legit?

There’s no proof whatsoever that Todrick purchased his home in anyway that’s not legit. However, following his turbulant time on Celebrity Big Brother in the US in 2022, Twitter and Reddit users claimed he had misused his COVID-19 relief funds to purchase his home.

Was Todrick’s House Burglarized by Friends?

In 2021, Todrick took to social media to post that his Los Angeles home had indeed been burglarized during his time in London.

The singer wrote “Just landed back in America to hundreds of messages and calls from my family and friends” and continued with “I am okay and unharmed. I’m devastated that someone would do this to me, and even more disturbed to see people celebrating and laughing about it online.”

Was Todrick’s House Burglarized by Friends?
Todrick Hall

Following a ton of positive messages and well-wishes online, Todrick created a follow-up post, saying “Thank you for the support, I am ok. This happened right after my cat sitter left for the night. I’m extremely saddened that most likely this was done by someone I know and trust, but my cats are safe…and that’s what matters most to me. Be careful who you let in your close circle. They really will put your life and their life on the line just to steal a Louis Gucci bag.”

The thieves allegedly made off with a whopping $50,000 in handbags and personal property. Despite losing personal items and the feeling of security in his own home, Hall decided not to press charges. He later stated that he has a live-in security guard at the residence while he’s away.  

Todrick Hall’s Haus Party

“Hausparty Pt. 1” is the second extended play and first of a planned trilogy released by Todrick Hall. Starting in 2019, the project went on to have a part 2-3 released between 2019 and 2021.

When talking about Hausparty, Hall said that the project was a “safe haven” and “I feel really confident and comfortable kind of hiding behind costumes and storylines. I decided that this year I really wanted to put out music for the first time that was not directed towards any story or narrative, but just have songs that existed on their own.”

Todrick Hall's Haus Party
Jon Sams | Billboard

He also dedicated the album to the LGBTQ+ community, with the actual name “Haus Party” being a term for the houses in drag ball culture within the gay community.   

Who Are Todrick Hall Friends?

Todrick Hall has amassed a pretty impressive lineup of famous friends over the years, including drag queen extraordinaire RuPaul, but his relationship with his BFF, Taylor Swift, is by far one of his closest!

Who Are Todrick Hall Friends?

The pair met in 2015 and T Swift was apparently so impressed by Hall’s mashup using one of her songs that she actually invited him to hang backstage during her “1989” tour. The two have been inseparable besties ever since and if you mess with one, expect the other’s response to be stern and swift (pun intended!).  

In 2019, the pair even took home a Video for Good VMA music award for the song “You Need to Calm Down.”

Todrick Hall Songs

Todrick Hall’s first album was a self-released digital album titled Somebody’s Christmas in Dec 2010. Since then, he’s continued to release numerous extended plays and hit songs. Some of his biggest tracks include “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels”, “I Like Boys”, “BOTH”, and “Attention.”

Todrick Hall Net Worth

With his booming music career and 3.62 million subscribers on YouTube, Todrick Hall is raking in the dough. At 39 years old, Hall has amassed a net worth of $12 million as of 2022!

Todrick Hall Masked Singer Reveal

Todrick Hall appeared on the popular Fox competitive series The Masked Singer in 2021 and actually landed second place in the competition!

Todrick Hall Songs
Michael Becker | Fox

On the finale, Todrick decked out in a bull costume, faced off against the Queen of Hearts – aka iconic folk singer and songwriter, Jewel!

Was Todrick Hall on American Idol?

Yes! A lesser-known fact these days about Mr. Hall was that he actually competed on the 2010 season of American Idol.

Was Todrick Hall on American Idol?
Frank Micelotta | Fox

While he didn’t win the competition, Hall made it all the way to the Top 16 contestants in season 9 before being eliminated. Given how well his career is going now, maybe losing Idol was actually a good thing?

Todrick Hall Age

Todrick was born April 4, 1985 – meaning he is currently 39 years old as of 2024!

Todrick Hall Height

Todrick Hall stands at 5-foot, 6-inches.


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