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Top 5 Most Luxurious Homes of R&B Celebrities

Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Originally termed ‘race music,’ R&B music – also referred to as Rhythm and Blues – is a combination of blues, funk, hip-hop, gospel, and jazz. It originated in the 1940s, having a heavy African-American influence.

While the genre has evolved over the years to spawn more contemporary sounds, the original R&B focused on ‘boogie’ rhythms. After World War II, surprisingly new sounds emerged, and R&B as a music genre took off.

Today, R&B celebrities are famous enough to afford luxurious homes with just about all the amenities one could think of. These homes are extremely expensive and, of course, massive in size. Who wouldn’t want to live in these mansions?!

That being said, in this article, we have rounded up a list of the top 5 most luxurious homes of the most renowned R&B celebrities in the world:

5. Nelly

Compared to other R&B celebrities on this list, Nelly’s mansion is relatively cheaper mainly because of its location. Instead of choosing California or Miami, he settled in Eureka, Missouri, which is why the six-acre property was considerably cheaper. There’s lots of space between this property and neighboring properties, meaning there’s plenty of privacy to enjoy.

The mansion is lavish and features 9000-square feet of luxurious living space. Some amenities include a basketball court as well as a large swimming pool to keep Nelly in top shape.

4. Tyga

Although Tyga is only 29 years old, he has already joined the big guys with his 9,200 square-foot home in Calabasas, California. The R&B celebrity lived here with his former girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, before their breakup in 2017.

Amenities include a swimming pool with a waterfall, a movie theater, and a gym. The home boasts 8-bathrooms, and 7-bedrooms. Looking at the photos of the gorgeous residence and well-manicured grounds, it’s easy to see why the couple wanted to call this place home.

3. Drake

Drake purchased his house in 2012 from the owner of Saddle Ranch, Larry Pollack, for an estimated $7.7 million. It’s situated in Hidden Hills, a place where celebrities like Denise Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, and the Kardashian clan live.

There’s lots to love about this place. As for outdoor amenities, you can find a hot tub with a fireplace as well as a swimming pools with a grotto. Inside the mansion, there’s a built-in library, arched wood beams, a home theater, and a wine cellar. The home was was designed in an aesthetic manner, combining rustic and organic features.

2. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams formally called this penthouse in Miami home until he sold the place for $9.25 in 2016. The house had all the elements that truly made the R&B celebrity unique. The architectural is slightly modern in nature, but differs in some ways to what you’d expect from you average modern-style home.

The 9,080-square foot waterfront property features a home theater, 6-bathrooms, 5-bedrooms, a swimming pool, and an outdoor kitchen. The living area is spread over three levels and connects to the rooftop terrace

1. Kanye West

Kayne, along with his wife Kim Kardashian, purchased this house in Calabasas, California for $20 million back in 2014. Staying in the region where other rich rappers and R&B celebrities reside, the mansion spreads over 16,000-square feet and has its own vineyard, eight bedrooms, two swimming pools and a game room.

The couple pretty much had the original structure gutted in order to facilitate their dream home. They spent several years remodeling the home before finally moving in around 2017. Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, has claimed the massive property is now worth $60 million. Whoa!

And that’s about it! These were the top 5 luxurious homes of some of the most renowned celebrities in the R&B game.

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Jessica Frye
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Jessica Frye

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