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The Cullen House

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Twilight House: The Actual Location of the Cullen’s Home Revealed!


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Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall

Updated on January 19, 2022

Attention Twilight fans! Ya’ll are in for a treat today, because Velvet Ropes is giving you all the deets on the Twilight house. From the Swan house in Saint Helens, to the Edward Cullen house in Portland, we’re taking a look at these iconic locations and giving you the full tour along the way! Keep reading for more on your favorite vampire drama!

Where Is the Twilight House
Twilight Film | Summit Entertainment

Where Is the Twilight House?

The Twilight Cullen house, aka the Cullen’s family residence, is located in Portland, Oregon, and compared to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Today, the home boasts 4-bedrooms, 3-bathrooms, and enough lush greenery to provide optimal privacy for creatures of the night.

Jeff Kovel, the Twilight House architect, designed this home as his first solo project with his own firm, Skylab Architecture. The home was completed in 2001 after construction took 14 months. I was going to be sold to someone from New York, but they backed out after the events of 9/11 which caused Jeff Kovel to move into his own house.

Six months later the house was sold to Scott and Pam Gibson for $2.35 million. They hired Mr. Kovel to make a few changes, including the addition of a 5,000-bottle wine storage building. They listed the house in 2007 for $2.79 million.

According to a interview, Mr. Kovel says  “It was a pretty interesting experience to live in it after building it. It was just a real learning experience for me, to experience the theories day in and day out, to watch how the light changes in the house…”

The “Cullen House,” but Mr. Kovel calls it the “Hoke House” for its real-life owner, John Hoke, the director of footwear design at Nike. Mr. Hoke bought the home for $2.5 million, just a few days after it hit the market. Mr. Kovel says. The home includes a 14-foot cantilever and has three bedrooms (according to it has four bedrooms). It measures 4,896 square feet and has an open floor plan, this private property is accessible by the narrow road.

Where Was Twilight Filmed?
Skylab Architecture

Soon after moving into their new home, a film scout approached them and asked to use it in the “Twilight” movie, Mr. Kovel says.

The sharp edges and sea of glass that makes up the home’s exterior give it a deeply modern, almost mysterious feel. When looking at it from the outside, you could totally believe a family of uber-sophisticated, and wealthy, vampires would live there.

Twilight House Address

For those dying to know exactly where Edwards house Twilight is located, you’ll find it at 3333 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97210. Just Keep in mind that the place is a private residence (with normal, non-vampire people).

Twilight Swan House

Bella’s house Twilight is located in a quiet neighborhood in St Helens Oregon. According to property records, the 2-story home was built in 1925 and was last remodeled in 1970. While reportedly only 1,268 square feet, the home boasts an impressive 5-bedrooms.

Where Is Twilight House

The house actually doesn’t look much different from what you see in the film. In fact, the owners still have the same dining table featured in the Twilight movie set up in the house.

Twilight House Airbnb

If you’ve always wanted to get a closer look at Bella’s abode, it’s actually rentable as an Airbnb! For $379 a night, you can sleepover at the Swan house. The owners even have cardboard cutouts of some of the main cast in various rooms of the home. No…you cannot steal the cardboard cutouts! *wags finger*

St Helens Oregon Twilight House

Twilight House Airbnb

Remember the honeymoon villa where Edward and Bella stayed in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1? If you ever wished you could enjoy a beach getaway at the same location – you’re in luck! The place is available to rent through Vrbo.

Where Was Twilight Filmed

Located in Paraty, Brazil, between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the retreat boasts 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The home, only accessible by helicopter or boat, offers true seclusion and privacy to those looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

Twilight House Honeymoon Villa

Lots of skylights throughout the residence offer gorgeous natural lighting and views of the nearby banana trees. There’s even a private bay not far from the home where guests can enjoy a swim. Not surprisingly, a night at the Twilight house isn’t cheap. If you’re looking to book a stay there, be prepared to dish out around $3,512 per night!

Cullen House Airbnb

Okay, so while this place was never actually part of the Twilight film franchise, it is definitely still worth a mention. The Miller Tree Inn, aka Cullen house, is actually located in Forks. Additionally, it bares an uncanny resemblance to the Cullen house described in the books.

Twilight House Inspiration

In the story, Meyers describes the Cullen family home as having a deep wraparound porch, 3 stories, and rectangular in shape. She also states that the home looked around 100 years old and was painted white.

Twilight Cullen House Inspiration

The real farmhouse turned bed & breakfast, was built in 1916 and was originally owned by the Peterson family. Boasting 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, the Cullen house sits on an acre of land and is surrounded by gorgeously green landscape. Twihard fans looking to get a taste of their favorite book series IRL can rent a room at the inn for around $159 a night.

Where Does Twilight Take Place?

Both in the films and books, the story of angsty Bella Swan’s romance with Edward Cullen takes place in Forks Washington. Forks is located on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and is big with sport fishers looking to catch rainbow trout and salmon. Its small-town feel and moody, gray atmosphere made it the perfect setting for the teen vampire drama.

Forks Washington Twilight
Jamie Hale | The Oregonian

Where Was Twilight Filmed?

While some of the production did take place in southwest Washington, no scenes were ever filmed in Forks. In fact, the majority of the film was actually shot in Portland, Oregon, at least until New Moon and Eclipse. The later films were shot in Vancouver, where a complete replica of Bella’s house was constructed for filming.

Twilight Cast

The Twilight franchise has had its fair share of A-listers signing up to join the series. Some noteworthy additions to the films included Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning, and Anna Kendrick.

Twilight Cast
Lester Cohen | WireImage

In the end, however, it was Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Billy Burke that helped make the Twilight films the mega hits that they were. For those who somehow may have forgotten, Pattinson played Edward Cullen, Stewart – Bella Swan, Taylor Lautner – Jacob Black, and Billy Burke was Charlie Swan. All the original cast have gone on to have relatively successful careers following the Twilight series.


Hoke House — Skylab Architecture


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