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Where does Von Miller live?

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Von Miller House: Inside His Denver Digs + His Chicken Farm in Dallas


Von's House Photos

Foxfield Home
Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall
  • In 2012, Von purchased a 10,595 sqft mansion in Denver, CO for $925k.
  • Von Miller became the Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl 50 back in 2015.
  • Miller was traded by the Denver Broncos to the Los Angeles Rams in 2021.
  • Von Miller owns a large poultry farm in DeSoto, Texas.
Von Miller House and Net Worth
Gregory Payan | AP

Von B’Vsean Miller Jr. is an American football player for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. In his college years, Miller played football at Texas A&M and earned All-American honors as well as a Butkus Award for his performance on the field. He was selected by the Denver Broncos in the second overall for the 2011 NFL Draft and went on to become the Super Bowl MVP of Super Bowl 50 in 2015. Miller continued to play for the Broncos until 2021 when he was traded to the Rams.

Where Does Von Miller Live?

Von Miller owns a stunning 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom home in Foxfield, Colorado. The athlete purchased the residence in 2012 for $925k while playing for the Broncos.

Now that he’s playing for the LA Rams, though, we have to believe he’s spending more time out West. As soon as we have photos of the Von Miller Los Angeles house, we’ll update you!

More on Von Miller’s Denver mansion below.

Von Miller House Denver

According to property records, Von Miller purchased this gorgeous Foxfield, CO home for $925k back in 2012. While there aren’t many photos of Miller’s home in its entirety, he has hosted small tours of his residence through various media outlets that give us a glimpse of his Denver digs.

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As you can see, he has been hard at work renovating the in recent years. It’s far from the 4,000 square foot home it used to be! The photos below are pre-renovation.

Where Does Von Miller Live?

Built in 2002, this ranch-style residence now boasts 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and 10,595 square feet of living space sitting on 4.32 acres of rural property.

Where Does Von Miller Live?

One of the spots in his home that he loves to show off the most, rightly so, is his incredible basement, which has been made into a super-luxe sports bar!

No, really – he has a REAL sports bar in his basement! And we’re not just talking about a dusty old bar with a few drinks in the back and a sofa. This place has a pool table, multiple tables, benches, and a professional bar with lighted shelving for bottles.

Where Does Von Miller Live?

The media room offers some of the coziest seating you can imagine along with a massive television, state-of-the-art speakers, and warm recessed lighting.

Where Does Von Miller Live?

Upstairs, Miller’s master suite features a small office space and fireplace along with built-in cabinets that can also double as a bench.

Where Does Von Miller Live?

Question: is it really even just a “walk-in closet” anymore when it measures 2,000 square feet, or more like a private clothing store? Whatever the answer, Miller’s “walk-in” closet is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Here, custom shelving with built-in lighting plays host to Von Miller’s staggering collection of over 800 pairs of designer shoes, 150+ sunglasses, and his extensive wardrobe! He gave GQ Sports a tour – it’s cool!

Von Miller House Dallas

Von Miller doesn’t actually have a home in Dallas, at least not one he’s made public, but he does own a property in the area! It’s actually a farm (a chicken farm, to be more specific).

Von Miller House and Cars
The Player’s Tribune | Youtube

Von Miller operates a pretty large chicken farm in DeSoto, Texas. After majoring in poultry science at Texas A&M, Miller had always dreamed of raising chickens.

Von Miller House Dallas and Net Worth
The Player’s Tribune | Youtube

Von Miller Net Worth

Between his career with the NFL and his endorsements from brands like Adidas and Best Buy, Von Miller has amassed a sizable net worth of $40 million as of 2021!

Von Miller Contract

In 2016, Von Miller signed a six-year contract with the Denver Broncos worth a whopping $114.5 million, which made Miller the highest-paid defensive player in the history of the NFL.

Von Miller Signing Bonus
Isaiah J. Downing | USA TODAY Sports

Following his trade to the Rams for the 2021 season, Miller still has $9.7 million remaining on his Broncos contract. The Denver Broncos picked up his remaining salary after the trade, so the Los Angeles Rams will pay Von under $1 million for the remainder of 2021.

Von Miller Signing Bonus

Von Miller’s 6-year contract with the Denver Broncos included a $17 million signing bonus, with $70 million guaranteed.

Von Miller Salary

Von Miller is set to receive a base salary of $17.5 million in 2021 with a prorated bonus that pays $4.125 million as well as a workout bonus of $500k.

Von Miller Position

Von Miller is a linebacker, which is part of the defensive team in football and stands approximately 3-5 yards behind the line of scrimmage as well as the defensive linemen.

Von Miller Sacks

As of 2021, outside linebacker Von Miller has the most career sacks of any active player in the NFL and the most career sacks in Broncos history at 110.5.

Von Miller Sacks
Joe Mahoney | AP

A “Sack” in football terms describes when a quarterback is tackled from behind the scrimmage line before they can throw a forward pass.

Von Miller Family

Von Miller parents are Von Miller Sr. and Gloria Miller, both of which were involved in athletics during their school years. After getting married, however, the Millers went on to start a power supply business together.

Von Miller Parents

The couple would later divorce, leaving Von to be raised by his father. Von had originally planned to become a businessman like his father but was encouraged to pursue a pro football career.

Von Miller Wife

Von Miller was formally engaged to Instagram model, Megan Denise, whom he had been dating since 2018. After a falling out with his bride-to-be, however, the pair called their engagement (and relationship) quits in 2020.

The breakup spurred Denise to release some seriously harsh text messages, allegedly from Miller, regarding her pregnancy with their child at the time.

Von Miller Family

She would later release a statement saying her posts were “misconstrued” and that “Von and I are excited to be welcoming our baby into the world.”

As of 2021, Miller has apparently moved on from the breakup – or at least his social media shots vacationing in Cabo with a new woman would indicate such.

Von Miller Children

Von Miller has one child, son Valor B’Vsean Miller, with ex-fiancé Megan Denise. Denise gave birth to their child in August of 2021.

Following the birth, Von said “it was a great, great labor, great delivery. I was super impressed by Meg, you know the job she did.”

Von Miller Cars

Von Miller drives a sleek, black Chevy Camaro SS as well as a $145k black BMW i8. The linebacker has posted shots posing alongside his luxury cars on social media in the past and showed off his wheels during video tours.

Von Miller Cars

While both cars are equally impressive, it seems Miller is particularly fond of his Camaro since it shares the same engine type as the one in the Batmobile from the films.

Additionally, Von had the interior and parts of the exterior of the Camaro customized with Batman symbols.

Von Miller Commercial

Von Miller has appeared in several commercials for the NFL as well as Adidas and most recently has been involved in advertisements for the men’s grooming brand Old Spice.

Von Miller Net Worth
Von Miller | Twitter
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