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Wendy Williams House: New Jersey to Manhattan – She’s Single!


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Wendy's House Photos

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Danni Holland
Danni Holland

First thing’s first — How you doinnnn? This talk show queen is pretty much my life and if you haven’t already tuned into her highly addictive celebrity gossip fueled bonanza, you’re missing out on fulfillment. And if you haven’t seen Wendy Williams house, you’re seriously missing out!

Wendy Williams House

We’re here to bring you the skinny on all of your burning Wendy Williams questions. So if you’ve ever found yourselves wondering things like, Is Wendy Williams a man? — Is Wendy Williams a real woman? — or things of that nature — then BOO!

For the love of all that is holy, God forbid a woman have a solid facial bone structure and not weigh 100 lbs soaking wet dear Jesus SHE MUST BE A MAN!


I digress — so for those of you hip young cats who are already fully aware of the deliciously decadent, gossip-fueled world of celebrity hot messiness and petty that this woman brings into our lives — thank you.

This article is for you.

…and no she is not a man…

Where does Wendy Williams live in NJ?

Williams has a beautiful home in Livingston, NJ, however, she moved out in April 2019 amid her divorce from Kevin Hunter. They subsequently listed it in August 2019 for $1.895 million. The area is a small town of around 30,000 individuals with around 50% of the community being Jewish and a median household of around $129k.

What does Wendy Williams house look like?

Heaven. Pure heaven. Now, if you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know Wendy filed for divorce from her no good, cheatin’ ass husband, then we’re here to tell you, hunny, she is a free woman and living in a new condo in Manhattan. And as of July 2019, her marital home of 10 years is on the market.

The 5,398 square foot mansion is nestled behind tall shrubs in a well-to-do community. If you were expecting an over-the-top, gated palace, you’re in the wrong place.

Wendy bought the home in June of 2009 for $2.1 million, about 1 year AFTER her now-legendary talk show began. Although she was wealthy then, this was the home they could afford at the time. It’s where she raised her son, Kevin Jr., and she never felt the need to “upgrade,” even though her income sure has.

On April 20, 2019, Wendy’s estranged husband Kevin (who was at home while Wendy was completing her stint in a sober living facility) called the cops to report media vans parked out front the home. Here’s what the scene looked like…

But back to the house…perhaps the most well-known room is Wendy’s mom cave. Black walls and tons of art! Here’s a tour she gave people Magazine back in 2012:

And here’s another interview Wendy did with CBS. The interview takes place in the hallway of Wendy’s home, and it’s FABULOUS, but also more formal than expected!

Itching for even more Wendy? We’ve got Wendy Williams House Address and Photos here!

Wendy Williams Apartment New York

Wendy leased a new apartment in Manhattan’s Finacial District in April 2019, shortly before she filed for divorce. We promised we’d be the first to reveal where she had moved, and we have kept our promise!

Velvet Ropes broke the story – Wendy moved into a $15k/month 2,400+ square foot condo in a luxury highrise in Manhattan. Listing photos of the 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom unit show a crisp white aesthetic. But Wendy loves her black walls, as seen in her recent Instagram posts.

More on Wendy Williams Apartment NYC here!

Who is Wendy Willams?

Wendy Williams is best known as an American TV show personality and all-around sass queen, fash ho. I say this all with much respect.

She’s kinda Oprah if Oprah had about $2 billion less and was much more fabulous and sassy.

Did I mention I love Oprah?

Oprah’s like your mother — Wendy Williams is like the fun aunt that gets you a fake ID and takes you to the area’s dopest nightclub.

She’s been dishing out the hottest celeb gossip on The Wendy Williams Show since 2008 after a successful career as one of the hottest shock jockettes in radio, let alone NYC.

Who is Wendy Williams?

She was in your face, unapologetic and it seemed like every other week getting into some kind of public spat with a celebrity.

Did we mention she’s totally been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame?
That’s not all — she’s also a New York Times best-selling author who runs a fashion line, jewelry collection and of course — a fabulous wig line. #YASSQUEEN

When is Wendy Williams birthday?

This magical maven was born on July 18th, 1964. This means that she’s a Cancer, for all the zodiac fiends out there like me.

I know what you’re thinking — mehhh math makes me sleepy — can you just tell me how old is Wendy Williams…

The answer is 54 years young, child. Fret not. Math is the devil.

Where are Wendy Williams parents from?

Williams’ parents hail from Ocean Township aka Monmouth County in New Jersey but currently live in South Florida.

Are Wendy Williams parents black or white?

Her parents are both black. And did I mention they are the cutest 2 love birds I’ve ever laid my eyes on? #ILoveOldPeople

Wendy Williams Parents

Are Wendy Williams breast real?

Heeeeeelllllls nah.

Are Wendy Williams breast real?

Williams literally openly admits this so you can pretty much read up on it anywhere. She got her boob job back when she was about 29 years old…

Right around my age…


Papa can you hearrr meee…

Who is Wendy Williams married to?

Oh, the drama…let’s dive in!

Wendy Williams filed for divorce from husband of nearly 2 decades, Kevin Hunter, on April 12, 2019. This came after YEARS of speculation (and proof if you ask me) that Kevin had a long time side-chick whom he impregnated. The birth of that child sparked the unbelievably public downfall of their marriage. At the same time, Wendy announced she was living in a sober home after relapsing following a shoulder injury, which has been allegedly been linked to Kevin getting physical with her after she confronted him for cheating.

Hunter, in addition to being the father of her child Kevin Jr., took on the role of Williams’ manager a while back and is credited as helping build her career into what it is now — which is most likely a large factor in her apprehension to get a divorce sooner, in the face of his most recent cheating scandal.

Wendy Williams files for divorce from Kevin Hunter

It was revealed that Hunter has pretty much been leading a double life with a young massage therapist by the name of Sharina Hudson, for about a decade. They’ve been photographed on several occasions together and she even sports quite a hefty diamond ring on her wedding finger.

Even more interesting, Hunter moved her into a $750,000 home just 9 miles away from the family’s mansion in New Jersey.

Anywho – Wendy found her confidence in the sober home and served that sucker divorce papers while she was filming her show. She brought in extra security that day, too. In the days following the headlines, Wendy made SEVERAL lightly-vailed jokes about herself, including stuff like knowing she’s gotta accept the media attention given her gossip career, no longer being a baby sitter, having a double date as a newly single woman, and wondering how someone’s husband can get himself in so much debt while giving viewers the side eye…as to hint at her own situation. LOL

Single Wendy is already glowing – I can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us!!

Who is keeping track of the books LAWD?

That kinda transgression is worth at least two busted knee caps…
…per photo…

How old is Kevin Hunter?

Kevin Hunter was born September 17, 1972 in Ontario, Canada.

What does Wendy Williams husband do for a living?

Well, he basked in the gloriousness of her light for 21 years. Now that she’s kicked him to the curb, you better believe he will gun for her money and keep up his abusive (allegedly) antics with the next one. #BoyBye

What does Wendy Williams son look like?

Williams’ son, aka Kevin Hunter Jr. is pretty much the spitting image of his parents. If you notice the images, a lot of his features take after his father, but he definitely has his mother’s eyes and mouth.

For all intents and purposes, he’s a good looking kid and according to PageSix, and in spite of his struggles with drug abuse, he’ll be heading off to college this September.

What does Wendy Williams son look like?

Williams commented on how his exposure to drugs “transformed him” into someone she didn’t recognize and she was “horrified” at how he became someone she didn’t even know.

She opened up about it on her show that she and her husband went to a specialized doctor out of the US to treat her son after he had a terrifying episode with synthetic marijuana.

Williams opened up about her personal struggles once to ET, saying “I was a functioning addict though…I report to work on time, and I’d walk in and all my co-workers, including my bosses, would know, but since I would have my headphones on and walk in the studio and [they] wouldn’t fire me because I was making ratings.”

Regardless, I wish the best for both of them because at 17, this kid has his entire life ahead of him and LAWD knows children can drive you into an early grave.

How big is Wendy Williams ring?

Lawd honey child Wendy Williams’ ring is insane. In case you haven’t been exposed to its gloriousness, feast your eyes upon it.

How big is Wendy Williams ring?

What does Wendy Williams drink on the show?

The Queen of Tea Time drinks non-other than — tea, of course. Fans of the show may notice that Williams will often unwrap a packet and put it into her tea — it’s a cough drop!

How much is Wendy Williams net worth?

Williams’ pursuits in hosting, writing, comedy, acting, and entrepreneurship have totaled to the tune of $60 million.

How much money does Wendy Williams make a year?

Williams pulls in a whopping $15 million per year for her nationally syndicated show, not to mention the rest of the money she pulls in from her other various entrepreneurial pursuits.

How much does Wendy Williams make per show?

Okay, so I really wanted to break this down to exact numbers because as much as I hate math I have a not-so-mild obsession with numbers and spreadsheets.

Williams makes $15 million per year from her talk show, which airs 5 days a week, all year round, with the exception of the months of August and September.

…And if you know anything about Mrs. Williams, she rarely misses a beat.
Last year she filmed a total of 188 episodes.

I know.

…because I counted them all.

That comes out to just about $79.8k per episode.

I’m changing careers.

Just kidding. I love Aleks & Tucker.


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