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Photo: Robert Ector (via Instagram – @WendyShow)

Wendy Williams Lands $15,000 Per Month Bachelorette Pad (Exclusive)


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Wendy's House Photos

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Updated on April 19, 2021

Our newly-single hot topic queen Wendy Williams has been living the most epic Hot Girl Summer of all time during her scheduled summer hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show. After 22 years of marriage and a rather quiet social life during that time, the new Wendy is living her best life and rubbing elbows with the who’s who of pop culture. The Kardashians, Blac Chyna, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish, Nene Leakes…the list goes on.

Wendy Williams House

In recent weeks, Wendy has often referenced her lavish bachelorette pad in the city where she has frequent guests, but details have been slow to come out. Until now!

Wendy Willams House / Apartment in Manhattan

Following months of speculation and teases from the gossip queen, Velvet Ropes can confirm the location of Wendy Williams’s new bachelorette pad in Manhattan.

Our sources reveal Wendy’s new apartment is located on a mid-level floor of the luxurious 64-floor 50 West in Manhattan’s Financial District. Coming in at exactly 2,403 square feet, the spread was most recently listed for $15,000 per month. The two-story unit has three bedrooms, one on the main level and two on the upper level where Wendy’s master bedroom has views of the Hudson River.


Listing photos highlight the incredible 20-foot ceilings in the living/dining rooms, with a fairly modest kitchen facing a massive wall of windows. Also on the first floor is the first bedroom with an attached bathroom.

Stairs between the foyer and the kitchen lead to the impressive upper level where a glass railing lines the top of the stairs for a view of the lower level. The second bedroom is at the top of the stairs and also has an attached bathroom.

A small hallway houses the laundry room on the left, and at the end of the hall is the master suite – the master bath is gorgeous! It has a double-sink vanity below a wall of mirrors next to the extra-large tub, and next to that is the separate walk-in shower.

Between the master bath and the master bedroom is a smaller-than-expected walk-in closet with what looks like 2 rows of hangar space. Safe to say Wendy is using ALL those closets – you know Mother has a popping wardrobe! Then, into the master bedroom where a king bed easily fits and floor-to-ceiling windows once again offer up views of the Hudson River.


While listing photos show a crisp white unit with contemporary art and furnishings, anyone who nows Wendy is well-aware of her love of black walls. As proven in her recent Instagram posts that have given a slight glimpse into her new pad, Wendy hasn’t given up her love of dark walls and eccentric decor.


Wendy Williams House in New Jersey (Former)

As for the home she shared with Kevin, they listed it on August 1, 2019, for $1.895 million – over $200k less than the couple paid for the home back in June of 2009. The listing photos show a fairly normal home, but Wendy revealed in a recent interview that her real estate agent convinced her to repaint before listing it. You guessed it – the walls were black when Wendy lived there and the agent refused to list it that way.

More on this home, including photos, here: Wendy’s New Jersey Home

Wendy’s New Life

Wendy has taken to this new life like it’s no big deal – or at least she’s good as making it seem that way. It was only a few short months ago in April 2019 that Wendy filed for divorce from her husband of 22 years.

After years of rumors and in-depth investigations by several outlets, Wendy’s estranged husband Kevin Hunter’s longtime affair with a massage therapist was outed, once again, and it gained major media attention. Although Kevin and his mistress were often photographed together, he never seemed worried about hiding it. Not only had he allegedly bought her a home and lavish gifts – including a Ferarri that Wendy eventually had towed! – Kevin also fathered a child with her.

Kevin had previously cheated while Wendy was pregnant and she spoke openly then that she had no shame in giving him a second chance. However, she said her deal-breaker would be a love child…and she wasn’t kidding.

And even more interesting, in recent interviews, Wendy revealed she never had the relapse that many believed she did after she announced she was living in a sober home. Instead, she says she knew the mess Kevin had created and needed a place to go where she could be with herself and get things in order. This revelation sheds light on Wendy’s supposed-support of Kevin amid the rumors. It seems as though her on-air support of him was only to throw him off her trail, perhaps. Because only a few weeks later she pulled a true boss-b***h move by hiring her own security, filing for divorce at 6:30 am, and banning Kevin from her studio. The rest is history.

Wendy always said when her son was out of the house and she was free, she’d moved back to the city. She may not have expected it to happen this way, but she damn sure is reclaiming her empire. Get it, Ms. Wendy – we don’t know who you’ve become, but we like her!

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