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Los Angeles Home

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Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have proven to be a powerful force in the home design and remodel space. You might be wondering, “where do the Property Brothers live?” …and we’re here to tell you! Keep reading to get all the details, plus Drew Scott house photos and Jonathan Scott house photos, but first, a bit about this duo.

With a string of popular reality shows that chronicle their seamless ability to find and fix homes into utter perfection, Drew and Jonathan have become instant fixtures on HGTV and beyond. There really is no project too daunting for this dynamic duo. Drew works his magic as a real estate whiz to locate and purchase homes in need of repair while Jonathan, a skilled licensed contractor, expertly renovates the properties. Together, these Property Brothers transform simple spaces into highly sought-after homes. And while Drew and Jonathan earn a nice living creating dream homes for other people, their proficiency also applies to their own collection of luxury properties.

Drew Scott House & Jonathan Scott House
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Where Do The Property Brothers Live?

Originally from Canada, Drew and Jonathan Scott also own pristine properties in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Drew And Jonathan Scott Las Vegas House

The Property Brothers once shared a sensational 5,500 square foot dream home in Sin City. The guys purchased the Mediterranean style bachelor pad in 2011 for only $400,500 and memorably spruced it up for one of their many shows, Property Brothers At Home. Constructed in 2008, Jonathan and Drew scouted the property due to its prime location. They made some major adjustments to the home to make it their own, including tearing down the back wall and replacing it with a 22-foot tall window to allow natural light to illuminate the space.

Where do the Property Brothers live?

Jonathan inhabited the main master bedroom that featured perks like a walkout balcony, while Drew’s room had a much smaller closet but access to a private courtyard. The interior boasted a masculine feel, with deep cherry wood accents and a game room where the HGTV Property Brothers undoubtedly spent a good chunk of time playing pool. But it’s the backyard that holds the most desirable amenities as far as we’re concerned. A half basketball court, hot tub, a tremendous pool with a swim-up bar, a commercial-grade water slide, and a spacious guest house make this Las Vegas house a real stunner. This estate was considered ‘home base’ for the Scott brothers until they decided to permanently migrate to LA.


In August 2020, the home was listed for $2,293,000. About six weeks later, they knocked $198,000 of the asking price. Only 6 days after the reduction the home was under contract and it officially closed on November 2, 2020, for $2.095M.

Drew Scott House

Where does Drew Scott live now? Well, shortly before Drew Scott tied the knot in 2018 he purchased a major fixer-upper just a few miles west of downtown Los Angles. For $2.3 million, the couple got a house that needed a complete overhaul from top to bottom. Luckily, Drew and Jonathan were up for the challenge and the renovation was documented on Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. The Scott brothers certainly had their work cut out for them, as the home was built in 1921 and still had original moldings and vintage shag carpeting. Originally featuring 4,409 square feet, five bedrooms and four baths on a quarter of an acre of land, the brothers eagerly gave the property an extreme makeover before Drew and his wife Linda Phan moved in.

Where does Drew Scott live?

These days, Drew’s honeymoon house has been masterfully modernized. The Tudor-style abode oozes sophistication and elegance. The exterior of the home boasts a stylish black and white finish with striking brick steps surrounded by greenery that lead up to the gated property. A mix of classic charm and modern designs add to the splendor of the interior, with a noticeable use of accents sprinkled throughout. An open floor plan makes for an inviting kitchen, dining, and living room space. Bold, deep color choices exquisitely offset calming cream tones that create a regal and refined environment. Airy accent walls that feature fun wallpaper designs can be spotted in the craft room and various bathrooms while brazen geometric floor patterns appear in the laundry room. Warm wood floors and a spacious black bathtub can be found in the master suite, while the expansive guest suite features bright whites and even has its own kitchen! The home even has a swanky outdoor dining terrace that leads out to a pool and backyard entertainment area. As if that weren’t enough to make this remodel almost too good to be true, the rooftop terrace will leave a lasting impression with its incredible aerial views of LA.

Where do the Property Brothers live?
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Jonathan Scott House

Since Drew moved out of the home he once shared with his twin brother, where does Jonathan Scott live currently? The Scott brothers took their closeness to a whole new level when Jonathan purchased the house right next to Drew’s immaculate honeymoon house. That’s right, not only are Jonathan and Drew Scott twins and business partners…they’re also neighbors. Jonathan eagerly acquired the Mediterranean-style abode after shelling out $200,000 more than the original asking price. For $2.4 million, Jonathan got four bedrooms and three bathrooms placed throughout 3,136 square feet of living space.

Where does Jonathan Scott live?
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At first glance, the interior appears to be in shambles. With peeling wallpaper, stained ceilings, and out-of-date appliances, this house is going to need a lot more than just a paint job to look livable. But let’s not neglect to mention the house’s many upsides. There are spacious living and dining rooms, a decent sized backyard and it sits in a prime location. The home does feature its original floor plan, crown moldings, and hardwood floors, and there are ample opportunities for creative renovations to take place. And, based on public records and building permits issued, Jonathan has been busy! In September 2019 he was granted permits to renovate the 2-story home as well as convert the detached garage into a guest house. He estimated the improvements at $600,000. Who knows, we might even see it on a future episode of their tv show in the near future!

Where does Jonathan Scott live?
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Property Brothers Net Worth

Drew and Jonathan Scott have done an impressive job of creating and expanding upon their careers. In addition to their successful Property Brothers tv show, they’ve also spawned an endless onslaught of spinoffs including Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, and Brothers Take New Orleans. The boys have also had several shows documenting the renovation process of their own personal fixer-upper projects. Property Brothers: At Home, Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch, Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House, and Property Brothers: Forever Home are some of the many shows headlined by Drew and Jonathan. They even had a wedding special that chronicled Drew’s trip down the altar called, Drew and Linda Say I Do. On top of that, the fellas starred in A Very Brady Renovation, a show that documented the acquisition and remodel of the original house used on the classic Brady Bunch series.

But the brothers have wisely expanded their empire far beyond reality television and buying and selling real estate. Drew and Jonathan have lent their talents to an array of projects, including a furniture line called Scott Living that scored partnerships with QVC and stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond. By 2016, the brand managed to rake in over $100 million in revenue. Between radio shows, speaking engagements, guest appearances, and being New York Times Best Selling authors, is there anything that Drew and Jonathan Scott can’t do? We think not.

That said, Drew Scott net worth is said to be $100 million. Jonathan Scott net worth is also at the $100 million mark. In comparison to Chip and Joanna Gaines, who also skyrocketed into stratospheric popularity on HGTV, the Scott brothers are about five times richer, proving to be the most powerful pair on television.

Where Did The Property Brothers Grow Up?

Drew and Jonathan Scott were born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and spent the majority of their early years in Canada. As children, the Scott family moved to Maple Ridge, BC. As a teenager, Jonathan and his father temporarily moved to Alberta, before eventually moving back to Maple Ridge to finish high school. The twins then moved to Calgary for college, with Drew eventually relocating to Vancouver to embark on his career in real estate.

scott brothers childhood
Drew & Jonathan Scott

How Old Are The Property Brothers?

If you want to know the Property Brothers age, they are currently 42 years old (as of Feb 2021). Andrew Alfred Scott, also known as Drew Scott, and John Ian Scott, better known as Jonathan Silver Scott, were born on April 28, 1978. Jonathan made his debut four minutes before his twin brother.

How Tall Are The Property Brothers?

Though they are identical twins, the Property Brothers height slightly varies. Drew Scott is 6’4 while Jonathan is an inch taller at 6’5.

Property Brothers Family

Curious about Drew and Jonathan’s family tree? The Property Brothers parents are Jim and Joanne Scott. The arrival of twin boys was a shock to the couple, who were actually expecting a single child right up until Drew’s surprise arrival moments after Jonathan was born. Property Brothers brother JD Scott is the eldest in the family by two years. JD has appeared alongside his brothers on various HGTV projects. Drew Scott wife is named Linda Phan. The couple tied the knot in 2018 and moved in together in Las Vegas. Jonathan Scott wife was longtime girlfriend Kelsy Ully. They got married in 2007, only to divorce by 2010. Jonathan has been dating New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel since 2019.

Property Brothers Family
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