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Where Does Jennifer Aniston Live? The photos are amazing!

Where Does Jennifer Aniston Live? The photos are…OMG!


Jennifer's House Photos

Los Angeles Home

Jennifer's House Photos

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Emma Farrow
Emma Farrow

After decades in the spotlight, gracing the cover of ever screen and magazine known to man, Jennifer Aniston has figured out how to stay under the radar. Hardly ever seen out and about when she doesn’t want you to see her, Jen spends a ton of time at home. When you see what it looks like you’ll know why. So, where does Jennifer Aniston live?

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

So, with all that wealth behind her, Jennifer Aniston house in Bel Air, CA has got to be pretty mega, right? Jen currently resides in a 1970’s style mansion situated in the Bel Air hillside. The stunning home is complete with an impressive 14-foot front door, which leads into an airy entrance hall with a sparkling chandelier and a koi pond. Yes, you read it right, a pond in her hallway.

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

The koi pond is covered by a beautiful wooden bridge and leads into more open space. The entire property encompasses a zen-like feel mixed with Bali vibes. Jen’s favorite thing about the house? The fact that it’s the perfect place to hold gatherings and parties to entertain family and friends.

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

Guests usually gather in the large game room, where they will have a glorious view of Jen’s vintage pool overlooking Los Angeles. But Jen’s most loved room in the house? The kitchen! Fit with a pizza oven as well as a wine room (where you’d find me!!), Jen says the kitchen is where she spends the majority of her time in the house.

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

The master bedroom is reached after a stroll down a long hallway, which is accompanied by frames of Mark Shaw photography, of which Jen describes as perfect images for her home. Her beautiful master suite features a large platform bed with a motorized TV at the end, and it even opens up onto a private terrace garden with outdoor tables and chairs as well as a built-in sofa where you can sit and take in the stunning hillside scenery.

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

The bedroom exudes 1970’s design and beauty and includes a wool and silk carpet, an en-suite bathroom with a beautiful bathtub, and a spa bath with a soaking tub. Does this sounds like the most luxurious and relaxing bedroom or what?! I’d take it!

Jen is overwhelming proud of her work on the magnificent home and says, “It’s like a big hug. People can get so distracted by static, I love the silence here.”

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

In February 2018, Jen revealed she had updated her home a bit in a new Architectural Digest spread. Here’s a sneak peek, but check out all the exclusive Jennifer Aniston House Photos here!

Where does Jennifer Aniston live?

What year was Jennifer Aniston born?

The stunningly beautiful Jennifer Aniston was born on the 11th of February 1969. I mean she looks absolutely fantastic for a woman who is nearly 50 right?! The A-Lister was born in Sherman Oaks, California to parents John and Nancy, who were also both actors and encouraged Jennifer to follow the same path.

Having expressed a keen interest and talent for acting at a young age, she decided to explore the industry further into her teenage years and attended LaGuardia Music & Arts and Performing Arts High School.


Who played Rachel in Friends?

Yep, it was your girl Jennifer Aniston who played Rachel in the exceptionally popular sitcom of the 90s and 00’s, Friends. Beginning in 1994, the comedy ran for an impressive 10 seasons, ending in 2004 with some very upset fans who were devastated to see their favorite show go.

How old was Jennifer Aniston on Friends?

When the show first began filming in 1994, Jennifer Aniston was 25 years old. Jen had filmed several small roles before landing her part as Rachel Green in the show, and quickly became America’s sweetheart.

How old was Jennifer Aniston on Friends?

Aniston truly hit the big time with this major role, as Friends was an absolutely overwhelming success. During the last three seasons, Jen bagged an incredible $1 million PER E.P.I.S.O.D.E. Let’s save ourselves the heartache and not work out how much dough that makes in total, shall we?

What are all the movies Jennifer Aniston has been in?

During her 10 years of playing Rachel on Friends, Jennifer was also able to squeeze in time to film several movies in between shooting. Such titles include:

  1. She’s The One (1996)
  2. Picture Perfect (1997)
  3. Office Space (1999)
  4. The Good Girl (2002)
  5. Bruce Almighty (2003)
  6. Along Came Polly (2004)

Following the end of Friends in 2004, Jen’s career in the movie industry skyrocketed and went from so/so to SO GOOD. Already known as an A-Lister, and a wealthy one at that, Jen’s career didn’t plummet when Friends did. Nope, in fact, she went on to star in some of the BIGGEST titles in the last 15 years.

These include massive blockbuster hits including:

  1. Rumor Has It (2005)
  2. The Break-Up (2006)
  3. Friends With Money (2006)
  4. Marley and Me (2008)
  5. Management (2008)
  6. He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)
  7. The Rembrandts (2009)
  8. Love Happens (2009)
  9. The Bounty Hunter (2010)
  10. The Switch (2010)
  11. Just Go With It (2011)
  12. Horrible Bosses (2011)
  13. We’re The Millers (2013)
  14. Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)
  15. Cake (2014)
  16. Mother’s Day (2016)
  17. Office Christmas Party (2016)
  18. The Yellow Birds (2017)

Phew, what a list! And that’s just some of them! You’re certainly a busy girl, Jen. Keep your eyes peeled for a film called Dumplin’ and an unnamed TV series with Reese Witherspoon. They are due to be released in 2018.

How much is Jennifer Aniston net worth?

After earning $1 million per episode of Friends, plus the impressively long list of movies above, exactly how rich is Jennifer Aniston? Well, combine all her work with her title as Brand Ambassador or spokeswoman for a number of brands, plus the seemingly never-ending reruns of Friends, Jennifer Aniston is certainly enjoying a successful career that many actresses can only dream of.

How much is Jennifer Aniston net worth?

Jennifer Aniston’s net worth is a massive $200 million. That puts the babe at number 77 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list of the top 100 wealthiest entertainers of 2017. Not a bad place to rank if you ask me!

What Friends star married and divorced Brad Pitt?

Yup, you guessed it, Jennifer Aniston married and then divorced the one and only Brad Pitt. So what happened with one of Hollywood’s most famous couples? The pair got together and formed their superstar partnership in 1999 and were originally set up for a blind date by their agents. After 2 years of dating, Brad proposed to Jen and the pair eagerly began planning their wedding, which was anticipated to be one of the most glamorous celebrity weddings at the time.


Brad and Jen were named ‘Hollywood’s Golden Couple’ by fans and the media as they attended many movie premieres, red carpet events, and Hollywood happenings night after night. Then, on July 29th, 2000, the couple were married at a luxurious million dollar ceremony hosted at a Malibu mansion. The star-studded event welcomed a whopping 200 guests, a gospel choir, 50,000 flowers and a fireworks display. Where was our invite?!

Shortly after the wedding, the baby rumors began to circulate in the media whilst the pair moved into a $1.7 million mansion in Beverly Hills. It seemed that America’s sweetheart couple had everything and more going for them as newlyweds. #NotSoFast

When did Brad and Jennifer break up?

From their marriage in 2000, up until the summer of 2004, everything was fine and dandy for the hot couple. However, with both of them working on separate movies, and with both careers in full swing, complications began to arise for the pair.

Whilst Jen was off working on Along Came Polly and dealing with the end of an era with Friends coming to a finish, Brad began filming the blockbuster hit Mr. and Mrs. Smith. During this project, Brad met his future ex-wife-to-be Angelina Jolie where he claims he fell in love with the actress.

When did Brad and Jennifer break up?

Although the rumor mill was well and truly churning for several months, their official separation wasn’t confirmed by the pair until January of 2005, when they said their split was due to their hectic work schedules and their opposing views on having children. Their separation shocked and disappointed fans all over the world. Boo!!

What did Angelina Jolie do to Jennifer Aniston?

Well, to put it simply, Angelina Jolie stole Jen’s husband!


Who has Jennifer Aniston been married to?

Jen is definitely one of those women that the media just LOVES to focus on with regards to who she is dating. There has been many of rumors that she was dating Vince Vaughn, Matthew Perry, Paul Rudd, John Mayer, Paul Sculfor and Gerard Butler over the years. However, she has only been married twice, her first husband, Brad Pitt, and her second, Justin Theroux. Jennifer and Justin married in 2015 but announced their separation in February 2018. 

Who is Jennifer Aniston married too?

The actress is technically still married to Justin Theroux, but sadly, they announced their separation on February 15, 2018. 

Who is Jennifer Aniston married too?

The couple met back in 2007 but romance blossomed when they co-starred together in the 2010 hit movie Wanderlust. After getting engaged in 2012, shortly after the start of their relationship, the pair married 3 years later at a super-secret but amazing ceremony. 

Justin must have won A LOT of husband points for when he jumped to Jen’s defense over rumors of her and Pitt (that seem to be never-ending) saying, “She has lived through a lot of bullshit. Many people would have crumbled under some of the stresses that have been put on her. I’m very proud of her for that, for the way she handles herself.” AWWWW!

As well as being a superstar actor, Justin also has a knack for writing movies and says the pair have often toyed with the idea of working together again. He says, “We were talking about an idea I had that we might start to develop together. If the right thing came around, I would definitely [write] it. We toss around ideas occasionally, but it’s got to be something I want to write and something she wants to act in, which is harder than you might think”. We’re waiting!


Where does Jennifer Aniston vacation in Cabo?

Jen has been seen several times at Las Ventanas al Paraiso which is situated in between the Mexican cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. The English translation simply means ‘Window to Paradise’ and that certainly couldn’t be a better description of the resort, part of the famed Rosewood Resort family. It is a beautifully picturesque location fit for celebrities and extravagant honeymooners alike.

Where does Jennifer Aniston buy her clothes?

Jen has always been a fashion icon and sports beautiful gowns and fabulous looks at red carpet events…but her go-to outfit? “Jeans, tank top and wedges,” she says, and she describes her style as “classic, casual and chic”. As simple as that! As far as her favorite designers go, she has shown love for Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Rick Owens, James Perse and Olivier Theyskens. #RichGirlTaste

What brand of jeans does Jennifer Aniston wear?

Jen has been spotted wearing great jeans hundreds of times over the years, from running daily errands, all the way to the red carpet, she sure knows how to rock a pair of denim. Some of her most ‘famous’ pairs include a Generra stretch bootcut jean in a dark wash which she wore throughout the movie The Break-up. Unfortunately, these exact pairs have been discontinued but Jen also loves AllSaints Jeans, as well as AG Jeans.

What brand of jeans does Jennifer Aniston wear?

What handbag does Jennifer Aniston carry?

Most recently, Jen has been spotted carrying a Mark Cross’ Grace Small Box Bag as well as the eye-catching beauty of the Chloe Faye Backpack. The bag can also be carried on her shoulder with its additional strap and has a suede and leather finish. It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Jen pairs the bag with her signature go-to look of course – jeans, a tee and a pair of casual sneakers.


Where can I buy Jennifer Aniston’s handbag?

You can get the backpack on Chloe’s official website or purchase it via several retailers for around $1,700. The Mark Cross Grace bag is available on his website for around $2,000 depending on the one you choose. Check out Barney’s too!


What makeup does Jennifer Aniston wear?

Jen says, “I love my Hauschka lip balm and little Chanel compact that is an all in one.” She also told New York Magazine, “I always have a Fig lip liner by Estée Lauder; I’ve been using that pencil forever. I really like this concealer pencil by La Femme, which is double ended, one side is a concealer and the other is a highlighter.”

And her favorite beauty hack? “Put Vaseline on your eyes at night—all over. It helps condition your lashes.” Well, it’s worth a try if I wake up looking like you, Jen.

What does Jennifer Aniston’s tattoo say?

Jen got her very first tattoo back in 2011 in honor of her dog who passed away in May of that year. The tattoo is on the inside of her right foot and reads Norman, the name of her Welsh Corgi-Terrier mix. So cute!

What does Jennifer Aniston's tattoo say?

Where can I buy Jennifer Aniston perfume?

You can buy Jennifer Aniston’s self-titled perfumes from a variety of places including online at Amazon, The Fragrance Shop, and Target. They will run you between $30-$60. 

How does Aniston stay in shape?

I am sure you will all agree, Jen looks AH-MAY-ZING, but how exactly does she stay in such good shape despite her crazy-busy work schedule? The actress says she works out around five to six times per week.

She incorporates around 40 minutes of cardio into her routine which varies from the elliptical to running or spinning. And the star doesn’t let her life on the road stop her. She told InStyle, “I take eight-pound weights with me whenever I’m staying in a hotel. It’s always good to do arm exercises when you’re watching television or talking on the phone. I also love to stretch before I go to bed, and usually throw in a couple of sit-ups.”

How much does Jennifer Aniston weigh?

She is 5′ 3” and fluctuates between 110 to 113 pounds. #WhyDoWeKnowThis

How much does Jennifer Aniston weigh?

Does Jennifer Aniston use Botox?

Jen has never been one to really admit whether she’s had Botox or not but she has said that she loves the non-invasive treatments of lasers and ultrasound therapy, which can be described as a non-surgical facelift which brightens and tightens the skin in just a few weeks.

Does Jennifer Aniston smoke pot?

When asked to elaborate of her cannabis consumption after rumors were flying about her so-called addiction to the drug, Jen said, “I mean, I enjoy it once in a while,” she continued. “There’s nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation…I wouldn’t call myself a pothead.”


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