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Where does Madonna live? We've got pics!

Where Does Madonna Live? Pics of her Palace + More!


Madonna's House Photos

Beverly Hills Home

Madonna's House Photos

Beverly Hills Home

Madonna's House Photos

New York Home

Madonna's House Photos

Hidden Hills Home
Danni Holland
Danni Holland
  • Madonna purchased a Hidden Hills mansion from The Weeknd in 2020 for $19.3 mil.
  • After only a year of ownership, Madonna listed her Hidden Hills estate for $25.995 mil.
  • Madonna’s property portfolio consists of homes in New York, London, California, and Portugal.
  • Madonna’s full name is Madonna Louis Ciccone.
Where does Madonna live?

With a net worth of $800 Million and quoted by Forbes as the wealthiest female Musician of all time, we decided to outline the financial, musical, and real estate success of none other than the Material Girl herself. Wondering “Where does Madonna live?” You’re in the right place!

Christened with the name Veronica by the Catholic Church according to her mother’s demands, Madonna is an Italian immigrant’s daughter with the full name of Madonna Louis Ciccone.

After giving birth to son Rocco, Madonna explored Kabbalah, the Jewish religion of mysticism, and adopted the name of Esther. She married twice and has six children, including 4 adopted Malawi kids. Although her biological kids keep a rocky relationship with the pop icon, Madonna has come a long way as a singer, children’s book writer, and a mother, since losing her own mother at the age of five.

This is the complete timeline of Madonna, from her early years to making success as arguably the biggest pop stars ever. #TeamGagaOrMadonna?

Where does Madonna live?

Madonna’s Homes

Rated extravagantly luxurious by the Architectural Digest since 1991, Madonna has countless houses all across the world. We compiled her most controversial and extravagant houses that truly raises the brows!

Madonna’s House in Lisbon, Portugal

Madonna’s House in London

Madonna’s House in Hollywood (Former)

Madonna’s House in New York

Madonna House Hidden Hills (Former)

Where Does Madonna Live?

Depending on her tour dates and commitments, she moves from one house to another. According to the blogs, Madonna lives in Lisbon, Portugal currently.

Madonna’s House in Lisbon, Portugal

The pop icon relocated to Lisbon to uplift the football career of her adopted son David Banda. She purchased the historic Quinta do Relógio estate located in Sintra, Portugal, about 20 miles outside of Lisbon.

Where does madonna live? It's a palace!

The massive 16,146 square foot Moorish revival home was built in the 18th century and has 4-bedrooms and 7-bathrooms. She paid a hefty price – $8,927,470 – but much less than what she would pay in the states for a lot less.

The home also features a lake and is surrounded by lush vegetation that includes magnolias, camellias, fuchsias, and rare species of pine trees, palm trees, and ceders. There’s even a guesthouse/caretaker’s cottage on the property that’s perfect for visiting family and friends.

Where does madonna live? It's a palace!

Madonna’s House in London

This rowdy mama garnered complaints by the neighbors for being too loud at this residence, a Georgian Townhouse, which is reportedly her sixth property in London. The property, which she and ex Guy Richie bought while married, has a total of ten bedrooms and is located in the poshest area of London of course, Marylebone.

Where does Madonna live?

The classy, 6-story brick house has a built-in studio and an adjacent Staff’s bungalow for a modest $8 million. Looking at its simple brown and white brick exterior, you wouldn’t imagine the queen of the pop lives here. One thing is for sure, she really loves the place, even revealing that she wants to buy the whole street!

Madonna’s House in Hollywood (Former)

Located at 9425 Sunset Boulevard, Madonna’s former home is actually in Beverly Hills. She purchased the home in 2003 for $12 million from actress Sela Ward.

Where does Madonna live?

Madonna’s Beverly Hills house is an extravaganza sitting on 1.17 acres with 9-bedrooms, 15-bathrooms, swimming pools, tennis court, and even a fully equipped private gym. The place even has TWO guesthouses.

The perks of Madonna’s Beverly House mansion includes resort size pools, lush tropical landscapes, two staff offices, and a full-size screening room. She sold it soon after her breakup with Guy Ritchie for $19.5 Million. The buyer flipped it a year later, after a full renovation, for $27.995 million.

Where does Madonna live?

More pics of Madonna’s Former Beverly Hills Home!

Madonna’s House in New York

The famed Manhattan Apartment of Madonna is located at 152 East 81 Street in Manhattan. Madonna’s New York townhouse is also renowned as the widest house among the properties on the Upper East Side, notorious for tall and skinny properties. After purchasing the first home, the singer grabbed up the two neighboring houses and had all three combined to make the ultimate New York abode for herself and her children.

Where does Madonna live?

The New York townhouse is valued at $40 million and has 13-bedrooms. Notable features include a king size library and a 3000 sq. ft. garden! She bought it in 2009 and immediately began renovating. Neighbors say there is no hoopla and it’s barely noticeable that she lives there besides the occasional black SUV that picks her up.

Where does Madonna live?

More pics of Madonna’s Manhattan Townhouse! 

Madonna House Hidden Hills (Former)

In 2020, Madonna decided her already extensive real estate portfolio could use another addition, so she dished out $19.3 million to buy a sprawling Hidden Hills estate formally owned by fellow singer, The Weeknd.

Madonna House Hidden Hills

Boasting 12,500 square feet as well as 9-bedrooms and 11-bathrooms (7 of which have ensuites), this incredible home is located in a guard gated community in Hidden Hills and offers ample privacy and 3 acres of land.

Madonna House Hidden Hills

Interior amenities include a music lounge, a large wine storage, home theater, and a brand new barn addition with a pilates and dance studio (this is Madonna we’re talking about, after all).

Madonna House Hidden Hills

Outside, the grounds feature gorgeous red woods and olive trees, a full-sized basketball court, outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, an infinity saltwater pool, and a hot tub that can seat 10!

Madonna House Hidden Hills

For reasons unknown, Madonna decided to list her new digs only a year after the purchase, this time with a slightly higher price tag of $25.995 million.

Madonna Growing Up

From being born to strict, orthodox, Italian immigrants to losing her mother at age five, Madonna dealt with a diverse set of obstacles throughout her childhood.

Madonna growing up

Madonna learned the struggles of a growing artist early on as a teenager and many may be surprised to hear that despite the singer gaining attention in the public eye at a young age, she was closing in on thirty before her first number one single in the US, “Like a Virgin”, demolished the Billboard charts.

Where Was Madonna Born?

Madonna was born on August 16, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan, USA to Silvio “Tony” Ciccone and Madonna Fortin. Madonna’s parents were of Italian and Canadian ancestry, as well as the first in the family to study at a university level.

Where was Madonna born?

An engineer by profession, Tony married Madonna’s mother in 1955, who was a gorgeous dancer and an X-ray technician. Talk about random but hey, dancing’s not gonna pay the bills!…Unless you’re Madonna.

What Happened to Madonna’s Mother?

Recalled as the deepest influence on Madonna’s childhood, her mother Madonna Fortin, was a pious lady. A Catholic church-goer at heart, Madonna describes her too strict in the matters of God.

At the age of five, her mother passed away after battling breast cancer at the age of 30. Her treatments were delayed due to Madonna’s youngest sister growing in the womb.

What happened to Madonna’s mother?
Madonna and her brith mother.

Madonna emphasizes that the lack of motherly supervision empowered her to question all the rules and regulations around while growing up. Moreover, the superstar describes childhood as a time she fought the ill-tempers of her stepmother, much like the tales of Cinderella.

How Old Was Madonna When She Started Her Career?

It was in school that Madonna found her joy and happiness. She vented her frustrations by being an amazing student, often earning high marks such as straight A’s while showing excellence in extracurricular activities, like cheering and dancing.

Madonna received a full scholarship and joined the Michigan University School of Music, Theatre and Dance in 1976 at the age of 18. Although she dropped out after two years to pursue her dreams and move to New York, Madonna worked hard to achieve what she wanted in life.

How old was Madonna when she started her Career?
Madonna in 1976, at age 18.

En route, she had to battle through nude modeling to waitressing in the Russian Tea Room, but she rose above the hurdles and found recluse in performance-oriented pieces via dancing and singing in Paris.

By 1980, Madonna returned to the US and was ready to apply her industrial expertise from Paris. She started with the Gilroy’s Band and went on to create much more, such as The Millionaires, Emmy, and Madonna & The Sky.  Within one year, at the age of 22, she plunged solo into the music industry of New York and released her first Billboard hit “Everybody”.

How old was Madonna when she started her Career?

How Many Kids Does Madonna Have?

Madonna has 6 children. Wait!? Huh? Madonna has how many kids? Yep, six. The Rebel superstar has two biological children from two different husbands and four adopted children from Malawi.

How many kids does Madonna have?

Who Is Madonna’s First Husband?

First off — ever wondered who has Madonna been married to?

Today we will take you on a little journey to unveil Madonna’s first husband — Sean Penn – for those of you who may not already know. The star-studded couple was married in 1985, the same year they met.

The hasty hot love did not last long as Madonna filed for divorce in 1987 due to the alleged relentless domestic violence by the Hollywood hot mess, Sean Penn.

Who is Madonna’s first husband?

Even though she withdrew the papers when Sean promised to go to rehab and be a father, Madonna refiled and claimed divorce after two years. It was rumored that he attacked the singer with a baseball bat and committed many other gruesome acts of violence.

Then he went on to marry Robin Wright, which leaves us to wonder how the heck he’s bagging all these super dope ladies who deserve way better than him. I mean seriously girls…

Yet, despite all of this, at the recent raise for Madonna’s Malawi charity, both Madonna and Sean revealed their fascination towards each other as ongoing.

Who is Madonna’s first husband?

How Many Times Has Madonna Been Married?

Madonna married twice in her life; first Sean Penn and then Guy Ritchie. Both the marriages ended in divorce and the first marriage dissolved within 4 years, while the second hung on a thread for 8 years.

After divorcing Sean in 1989, Madonna met Guy Ritchie ten years later through mutual friends Trudy and Sting. Defined as a rocky relationship by many, Madge met the director of the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels after it cracked the box office ratings. It was also the same year Ray of Light was released by Madonna.

How many times has Madonna been married?

Madonna married Guy Ritchie in Scotland, December 2000. The couple’s first son Rocco was born, who was at the center of a custody battle in 2016 when he refused to leave his father’s in London to go back to his mom. That seems to be worked out now, though.

Madonna claims that their marriage began smothering her and eventually she made the decision to cut her losses.

Madonna’s Most Famous Boyfriends

  1. John F. Kennedy Jr. (only to find life was just a series of downgrades from this point on…)
  2. Tupac Shakur (say whaaaa!? We’re all about the swirl!)
  3. Michael Jackson (swirl on girl, swirl on!)
  4. Jesus Luz (because who doesn’t love a good cradle robbing from time to time?)
  5. Timor Steffens (because once wasn’t enough.)
  6. Dan Gilroy (all I can say is the man must be packin’…)
  7. Alex Rodriguez (this was a fun time!)
  8. Carlos Leon (Lourdes’ papa bear.)
  9. Warren Beatty (because at one point he was the ish.)
  10. Vanilla Ice (why, dear Lord baby Jesus, why…)
  11. I could go on, but insert hot model here and you’re probably right!

Who is the father of Madonna’s children?

Madonna’s first daughter was born to Carlos Leon in 1996 and is named Lourdes, or Lola. She is currently studying Music, Theatre, and Drama at the University of Michigan. So cute! That’s where her momma went!

Who is the father of Madonna’s children?

Lourdes is the lovechild of Madonna and her fitness trainer Carlos Leon’s love affair. She is a vibrant young girl who is health conscious like her dad and artistically inclined like her mother.

Who is the father of Madonna’s children?
Carlos and Lourdes walking around Soho, NY.

Madonna’s only biological son, Rocco Richie, was born during her marriage with Guy Ritchie that lasted until 2008. Rocco has had a tumultuous past with his pop icon mother, as sources say.

He was apparently finding the singer superstar too controlling during her past year tour and left for London to find peace. Rocco emphasizes that he dislikes the paparazzi and finds London peaceful. Well, let’s face it. No one is chasing down Guy Richie, so I’m sure it’s more peaceful for Rocco with Dad.

Who is the father of Madonna’s children?

How Many Kids Has Madonna Adopted?

Madonna has adopted four kids, one boy and three girls from Malawi.

David Banda

Adopted after a lengthy battle with the Malawi government for two years, David Banda was adopted by Madonna with Guy Ritchie, who split up soon after.

Madonna is committed to David’s happiness as she currently shifted from U.S to Portugal after her son’s admission to Benfica Youth Academy. He was adopted in 2006 from Home of Hope when he was ill with pneumonia.

How many kids has Madonna adopted?

Mercy James Ciccone Ritchie

Madonna fought over three years with the highest government in Malawi for the custody of Mercy James. Mercy suffered from Malaria when Madonna adopted her at the tender age of 4.

How many kids has Madonna adopted?

Esther & Stella

The new additions to Madonna’s hood, Estere and Stella are two cute lil songstresses. Madonna adopted the twin sisters from Home of Hope, same as her earlier adoptions.

How many kids has Madonna adopted?

What Are Madonna’s Children’s Names?

Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

Madonna’s first child was fathered by Carlos Leon, which reminds me way too much of “Kings of Leon”.

She was born to the lovers on October 14, 1996, who split up 7 months after her birth because let’s be real, Madonna just wanted a baby. An up-and-coming model, Lourdes is currently a student of the University of Michigan. She is known by Lola and is a student of the same department her mother studied 20 years ago which is sickeningly adorable.

What are the Madonna’s children’s names?

Rocco Ritchie

Born on August 11, 2000, Rocco is a U.S citizen too. Madonna has claimed that it was after Rocco’s birth that she began an acquaintance with Kabbalah. Having spent most of his time in London, Rocco made the headlines a year ago when he rejected to visit his mother. #Awkward.

What are the Madonna’s children’s names?

Madonna also has adopted children by the name of David Banda, Mercy James, and twin sisters by the name of Esther & Stella.

What Is Madonna’s Son Rocco Age?

Rocco was born in 2000 and is currently 22 years old. A week after the melodramatic Rocco custody battle I mentioned before, he was arrested in London while in possession of marijuana. #LiveandLearn

Madonna is praised by millions for her daring life and musical talents. But for those of you who aren’t already aware, the pop sensation does more than her fair share of giving back to charities and events galore. So, those of you who are uncomfortable with such wealth…just know that she does great things with it!

Where does Madonna live?

Are you a fan of Madonna? Have more questions? Ask us right away in the comments below!


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