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Where Does Olivia Rodrigo Live? | More on Olivia Rodrigo Apartment NYC!

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Where Does Olivia Rodrigo Live? More on Her L.A. Home!

Sarah Paschall
Sarah Paschall

Updated on January 18, 2024

  • Olivia Rodrigo won 3 Grammy Awards in 2022.
  • Rodrigo’s net worth currently stands at an impressive $16 mil.
  • Olivia currently lives between Greenwich Village, NY and Los Angeles, CA.
  • She is currently dating actor Louis Partridge.
Where Does Olivia Rodrigo Live? | More on Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth!
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Olivia Rodrigo is a successful singer and actress that got her start in television shows such as “Bizaardvark” and “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Her fast rise to fame as a musical artist occurred upon the release of her debut single “Drivers License” in 2021. Since then, Rodrigo has continued to WOW fans and critics alike with her music – even taking home 3 Grammy Awards in 2022! With so much success in such a short amount of time, there are a plethora of questions out there regarding this gal’s life, relationships, and living arrangements. Keep reading for the full scoop on Olivia Rodrigo and the Olivia Rodrigo home below!

Where Does Olivia Rodrigo Live?

Olivia Rodrigo reportedly has a rental in Greenwich Village, NY as well as a home in Los Angeles – though she still spends a lot of time with the fam in Murietta, California.

Olivia Rodrigo House Los Angeles

Olivia’s Los Angeles home is a bit of a mystery as far as pricing details and specs go. If she’s renting the place, this could explain why information is lacking. Either way, the singer has done an incredible job of keeping her personal life private – though she did give Vogue an inside look during the filming of her “73 Questions” video for Youtube.

Below, we see a curvy driveway with a detached garage in the backdrop.

Vogue | Youtube

The entrance gives off some seriously 1960’s vibes with tall breeze block walls closing off the space between the teal front door and the driveway.

Vogue | Youtube

Past the entrance, we find a large living room with a massive wall of glass that overlooks the lush backyard.

Vogue | Youtube

The living room consists of a minimalist design, only featuring a few pieces of colorful furnishings and a shelf that shows off Rodrigo’s awards, some albums, and her favorite books.

Vogue | Youtube

Just off the living room is Olivia’s green music space where her piano can be found sitting beside a tall window overlooking the trees.

Vogue | Youtube

The cozy dining room features its own fireplace, while the nearby kitchen offers rich wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and a large white island with bar seating.

Vogue | Youtube

Across from the kitchen is a huge wall of glass that retracts, leading to a sunny space with a lounge and bonus dining area.

Where Does Olivia Rodrigo Live? | More on Olivia Rodrigo House Los Angeles!
Vogue | Youtube

Olivia Rodrigo Apartment NYC

In addition to her L.A. digs, Olivia Rodrigo has also been renting an apartment in Greenwich Village since around 2021. Sadly, the only photo available is this shot of her sitting in front of a framed piece of art during an interview at her apartment with SiriusXM back in May 2021.

Where Does Olivia Rodrigo Live? | More on Olivia Rodrigo Apartment NYC!
SiriusXM | Youtube

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth

Olivia Rodrigo is massively successful and has a net worth to prove it! For those of you asking “How much is Olivia Rodrigo worth?” The answer is a cool $16 million!

Given that her career only just took off a few years ago, it’s incredibly impressive that she’s amassed so much in so little time!

Olivia Rodrigo Age

Olivia Rodrigo was born on February 20, 2003 – making her currently 20 years old.

Excuse me for a second while i contemplate that 2003 was 20 years ago *screams in pillow*

Olivia Rodrigo Height

Olivia Rodrigo stands at a height of 5’5″ or five-feet and five-inches.

Olivia Rodrigo Ethnicity

Olivia Rodrigo is of Filipino, Irish, and German ancestry. Her Filipino heritage comes from her father, while the Irish and German comes from her mother.

Where Is Olivia Rodrigo From?

Olivia Rodrigo was born and raised in Murrieta, California.

Was Olivia Rodrigo Home Schooled?

Yes! And according to Rodrigo, the lyrics to her song “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” were all things she experienced in her personal life.

Rodrigo isn’t the only big name in music to have been homeschooled – Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas were also both homeschooled prior to their music careers! #homeschoolgang

When Is Olivia Rodrigo Releasing New Music?

Olivia Rodrigo released the album “GUTS” on September 8, 2023. Currently, this is her most recent musical release and a further album has yet to be announced.

Given her massive success, however, it’s likely we’ll see more tracks from the young singer soon!

When Is Olivia Rodrigo Releasing New Music | Does Olivia Rodrigo Writer Her Own Songs?
Mike Coppola | Getty

Does Olivia Rodrigo Write Her Own Songs?

Olivia Rodrigo does write all her own songs, though much of her music is co-written by songwriter Dan Nigro. It’s important to keep in mind that even the most talented performers that create their own music typically work with other musicians and producers to create the perfect sound!

Did Taylor Swift Sue Olivia Rodrigo?

In truth, Swift and Rodrigo seemed to share a blossoming friendship for a time. Early in Rodrigo’s career, she often voiced her love for Swift and her music, and Taylor was ever supportive of the young singer. At one point, Swift even sent Rodrigo a hand-wrapped ring that matched one of her own.

Things seemed great between the pair…until it wasn’t.

Did Taylor Swift Sue Olivia Rodrigo? | More on Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth!
Taylor Swift | Instagram

After the release of Olivia’s debut album “Sour,” Swift fans noticed that one of the tracks titled “Deja Vu” sounded similar to Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer.”

While there has never been any confirmation as to whether Swift actually attempted to sue the young singer, her legal team did reach out to Rodrigo about the alleged plagiarism. In the end, Rodrigo gave songwriting credit to Swift for the song and ended up paying millions to Swift and other singers for the accused plagiarism.

In the past, Olivia had willingly credited Swift for tracks like “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” as it sampled Swift’s “New Year’s Day.”

Who Is Vampire About Olivia Rodrigo?

The legal drama that ensued between Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo has led many to believe that Oliva’s songs “Vampire” and “The Grudge” from her album “Guts” were about Swift. Though this has never been confirmed, the fact that both songs seem to talk about a song credit scandal does add validity to the rumor.

When asked by The Guardian whether “Vampire” was about Taylor Swift, Rodrigo whispered “How do i answer this?”

Continuing, Rodrigo states:

“I mean, I never want to say who any of my songs are about, I’ve never done that before in my career and probably won’t. I think it’s better to not pigeonhole a song to being about this one thing. I was very surprised when people thought that.”

Olivia Rodrigo Family

Olivia Rodrigo’s parents are Chris and Jennifer Rodrigo. Chris works as a family therapist, while Jennifer is a school teacher. Though neither was ever involved in music, they have been steadfast supporters of their daughter’s music career and inspired her taste in tunes.

Rodrigo is an only-child and has no siblings, blood or otherwise.

Olivia Rodrigo Family | More on Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend!
Disney Channel | Youtube

Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend

Olivia Rodrigo is currently in a relationship with 20-year-old actor Louis Partridge. Rumors of their romance first occurred in October of 2023. It wasn’t until December of the same year that their relationship was confirmed when the couple were photographed sharing some heavy PDA during an NYC outing.

Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend | More on Olivia Rodrigo Family!

Louis Partridge is best known for his roles in Netflix’s “Enola Holmes” and “Enola Holmes 2” as well as the Hulu mini-series “Pistol,” where he played Sid Vicious.



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