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Where Does Taylor Swift Live in Rhode Island?

Where Does Taylor Swift Live in Rhode Island? It’s Unreal!


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Beverly Hills Home

Taylor's House Photos

Beverly Hills Home

Taylor's House Photos

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Taylor's House Photos

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Taylor's House Photos

New York Home

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New York Home

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Danni Holland
Danni Holland

The Answer—Heaven. Taylor Swift has a real estate portfolio almost as long as her list of exes. The pop sensation owns properties down the east coast, including in a handful of other spots. From New York to Nashville, Beverly Hills to Watch Hill, RI – this leading chickadee’s hunger for real estate is almost as insatiable as her desire for #1 revenge hits. So, where does Taylor Swift Live in Rhode Island? Here are all the deets you need on Taylor Swift house Rhode Island!

Where Does Taylor Swift Live in Rhode Island?

Taylor Swift has a real estate portfolio almost as long as her list of exes. The pop sensation owns properties down the east coast, including in a handful of other spots. From New York to Nashville, Beverly Hills to Watch Hill, RI – this leading chickadee’s hunger for real estate is almost as insatiable as her desire for #1 revenge hits.

Where Does Taylor Swift Live in Rhode Island?

The 11,000 square foot estate, known as High Watch, which was originally listed for around $24 million, was purchased by Taylor Swift for $17.75 million in cold hard cash, baby.

The super-luxe, high-brow pad features 8-bedrooms, multiple fireplaces, and a pool/hot tube combo spread out about the 5.23 acres of land – with enough terraces and balconies to make your head spin. It also has a multiple car garage and the most strangely laid out driveway we’ve ever seen.

Where Does Taylor Swift Live in Rhode Island?

With incredibly high ceilings, boatloads of natural light, and a huge dining room, it’s no surprise TSwift has hosted numerous parties at this oceanside mansion. Speaking of, the parties she throws for complete strangers is kind…but what about the killer? Be careful Auntie Taylor!

History of the Home

Constructed in the 1920s, the mansion rests on the uppermost point on Watch Hill, featuring 700 feet of gorgeous Narragansett Bay coastline.

It has quite a rich history dating back to the 60s when Standard Oil heiress Rebekah West Harkness owned the property.

The heiress was also patron to the Joffrey Ballet and when she founded her own company, dancers could often be seen practicing on the lawn.

She also got into a bit of hot water with the neighbors when she decided to construct a Buckminster Fuller dome as a practice area, a decision that would lead to a lawsuit against her calling for the dome’s removal.

Recently, the Rhode Island Supreme Court decided to uphold a ruling allowing Westerly landowners to put up fencing for privacy in order to keep the general public off of their beaches.

One has to wonder if TSwift’s new residency hasn’t played a role in this. Given the lengths she goes to stay out of the tabloids…my guess is it has played a role!

Taylor has jokes!

For those of you fans looking to go to her house…expect to see this clever sign. Taylor has these around her home in Rhode Island. Gotta give it to her – that’s funny!

Taylor’s Epic 4th of July Party!

Since the pop star purchased the property in 2013, she has been seen cuddling up with her former beau Tom Hiddleston (remember the infamous I “heart” T.S. shirt?) and hosting some pretty swanky parties with her girl squad…at least according to her Instagram.

One of these included a massive 4th of July get-together where a gigantic red, white, and blue slip and slide was installed by the pool. What I’d do to have gotten an invite to that!

Guests in attendance included her on-again-off-again girl crush/girlfriend/bestie/whatever it is they are, Karlie Kloss and other fellow model chicks like Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid, Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively (aka America’s cutest couple EVER) and Orange is the New Black’s, Ruby Rose. Not a bad roster, huh?

Where Does Taylor Swift Live in Rhode Island? 4th of July Party!

Not satisfied with our description? How offensive! Check it out for yourself, here: Taylor Swift’s House Rhode Island

Where Is Watch Hill Rhode Island?

Watch Hill is a census-designated historic district—an affluent coastal village located in the town of Westerly on the most southwestern tip in all of Rhode Island.

Where Is Watch Hill Rhode Island? Taylor Swift Lives here.

The area is your typical “old-money” locale and caters to a small group of discrete, wealthy families and is known for its tennis and golf club, Misquamicut Club, the Watch Hill Yacht Club, and its grand hotels and Victorian-era cottages.

Most notable of these is perhaps the Ocean House, which is the only Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond Hotel in the entire state of Rhode Island.

Oh, and if you were thinking TSwift is the only celebrity sighting this town has had—think again, folks.

It has a history of celebrity visits with notable guests including Groucho Marx, Albert Einstein, Jean Harlow, and more recently Hugh Jackman and Regis Philbin, who both stayed at the Ocean House—together. Just kidding—they totally visited at separate times. What a pair that would be, though!

Other previous notable residents include the amazingly awesome Conan O’Brien and Henry Ford. Yes, Ford Motors Henry Ford. These are the types of peeps we’re talking about. Wonder how the old-money types feel about their famous neighbors?

How Many Houses Does Taylor Swift Have?

So, you may or may not be surprised to know that Taylor Swift is not only famous for her singing career, but she is also pretty well-known for making remarkable investments in the real estate industry—six, to be exact.

So, all in all, the singer has spent a total of $44 million purchasing real estate, as of late last year, according to Business Insider.

She has a total of six homes (including, of course, the Rhode Island one). The other five are:

Nashville, Tennessee

There’s definitely no denying TSwift’s country roots. That being said, we’re not exactly surprised by the Nashville pad. The singer’s Nashville home is in a luxury building called Adelicia which she purchased back in 2009, at the ripe old age of twenty years old. How much did she pay for this swanky place? A cool $2 million!

The spot is over 4,000 square feet and contains 3-bedrooms, 4.5-bathrooms, and floor-to-ceiling windows. What’s even more interesting is the interior décor of the unit, which almost makes the adorable unit resemble a little girl’s dream playhouse. Described as a “shabby-chic” “Alice in Wonderland,” Taylor gave a tour to the one and only Katie Couric several years back.

How Many Houses Does Taylor Swift have?

We’re not sure if she keeps it looking like that year round, or if it was outfitted as such just for the interview, but regardless, it’s definitely a gem.

We’ve got all the photos and details here: Taylor Swift’s House Nashville

Beverly Hills, California (1 of 2)

Of course, you know TSwift had to snatch up some digs in the quintessential celebrityhood. This Cape Cod-style home ran the singer just under $4 million when she purchased it back in 2011. The location is, ironically enough, smaller than her Nashville penthouse, coming in at 2,826 square feet with 4-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, 2 fireplaces, and formal living and dining rooms.

The property is also surrounded by trees, hills, and lush landscape that allows for gorgeous views from every window. It includes an epic bright fence and lush vine-covered terrace in addition to a tennis court and a small guest house.

**UPDATE, April 2018: Taylor just sold this home for $4 million to Nicolas Bijan Pakzad, the son of famed designer Bijan, the flagship Rodeo Drive store charging $1,500 just to go inside.

Beverly Hills, California (2 of 2)

It’s not surprising that Taylor has TWO homes in Beverly Hills. In 2015 she purchased the Samuel Goldwyn Estate, which was home to Mr. Goldwyn (the “G” of MGM) for many years. This is the home where she spends most of her time while in LA.

How Many Houses Does Taylor Swift have?

The home is 10,982 square feet and houses 6-bedrooms and 7-bathrooms. Also on the property is a pool, tennis court, and guest house!

Additionally, there’s a brick wall that protects the entrance to the estate, which also provides an element of privacy to Swift and any guests of the home. Lots of lush shade trees make the backyard a perfect place for lounging on warm days and taking in the scenery.

All this opulence costs Ms. Swift $25 million. See all the fanciness here: Taylor Swift’s House Beverly Hills

New York City (West Village)

Okay, now this is our kind of vibe. TSwift’s NYC pad, formally a carriage house, is totally gorgeous and rented at $40,000/month, which is pretty much half of America’s annual salaries. The apartment is pretty massive, especially considering it’s located in the middle of Manhattan.

It includes five bedrooms, a private garage, and two freaking living rooms. Why? Because one isn’t enough, y’all.

How Many Houses Does Taylor Swift have?


It has a basement—with an indoor pool—and a chandelier—because everyone needs a chandelier over their pool. Duh.

How Many Houses Does Taylor Swift have?

Should we be worried that when she’s doing her daily laps (which she probably doesn’t do), there’s a high voltage object suspended directly over her as she’s surrounded in water?

New York City (Tribeca)

The home we just mentioned was her temp NYC home while she was renovating two penthouse floors in Tribeca. Again, because one isn’t enough. We’re starting to see a bit of a pattern here.

Anyways, she purchased the pad from the Lord of the Rings director, Mr. Peter Jackson, back in 2014 for a whopping $20 million. The cost of combining the two spaces, as well as other renovations to meet Miss Swift’s needs, are estimated to have cost the singer around $500,000.

Oh, and if you thought her West Village rental was sick, you’ll be awestruck to find that this place is like a thousand times larger (okay, we made that up). No, but seriously, it’s 8,300 square feet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO NEW YORK?! Last time I checked, the apartments my friends are all living in are right around 1/10th of that—literally—and they’re shared with like two other people because no one can afford rent in NYC…unless they’re Taylor Swift. One of the most note-worthy rooms in the house is the kitchen, which features a marble island, stainless steel appliances, exposed beam ceilings, glass-front cabinets, and hardwood floors! The overall vibe to the penthouse is rustic, cozy, and totally what you’d expect Taylor Swift to inhabit.

We’ve got more photos! See them here: Taylor Swift’s House New York

So there you have it—all you need to know about TSwift’s somewhat new Rhode Island digs and all of the other disgustingly amazing, massive, gorgeous, jealousy-inducing pads she owns.


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