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Must-See Celebrity Homes In Beverly Hills

Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye

Updated on March 15, 2020

What celebrities live in Beverly Hills? There are hundreds, some more impressive than others, and we’ve uncovered very best!

taylor swift celebrity home
Taylor Swift purchased this property in September 2015 for $25 million. Known as the Samuel Goldwyn Estate, this Georgian Revival has a lengthy Hollywood history beginning with movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn who used the home as collateral to fund many of his films. Since the purchase, Taylor has spent a fortune on renovations and privacy fences. Some of the amenities you can expect to find on the property include a pool cabana, a library, a gym, a card room, and a guest apartment atop the garage.

Square Footage: 10,982            Bedrooms: 7           Bathrooms: 6

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Lionel Richie dropped $6 million on this Italian Renaissance Revival Palace in 1999. The home, which was built in 1929, overlooks the Los Angeles Country Club. After significant renovations and a total redesign, Lionel says the biggest compliment one can give him is “I could stay here for awhile.” The property is now estimated to be worth nearly $25 million. Some notable features to the home include a stone pool house, a swimming pool (of course), and several limestone terraces that overlook the lush magnolia trees and cypress that surround the property.

Square Footage: 12,787            Bedrooms: 6            Bathrooms: 13

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michael jackson celebrity home

This was the last home of Michael Jackson before his death, in his bedroom here, in June 2009. Michael was renting this French Chateau-style property for a whopping $100,000/month and used it as the launch pad of what would have been his final tour, titled This Is It. After Michael’s death, the owners of the home sued a star map vendor who set up just outside the gate for turning off potential buyers. She was ultimately forced to move across the street, which is still 20 feet from the gate. The home was built in 2002 by Mohammed Hadid, father of Gigi and Bella Hadid. Tall trees stand guard at the entrance and the vines that grow along the towering white walls seem to almost form a protective barrier for the outer exterior of the first floor. Amenities include a spa, a gym, a guest house, and a theater.

Square Footage: 17,171            Bedrooms: 7            Bathrooms: 13

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Simon Cowell bought this property, located just off of Sunset Boulevard, in 2004 for $8 million before demolishing the existing home to make way for this masterpiece. Simon was involved in the design of every aspect of the home, from the 24-hour chef’s kitchen to the $1 million security system. Simon’s is quoted saying this is the place he feels most at peace and calls it his dream home. Other features to the home include a state-of-the-art theater, a gym, a tanning salon, a luxury spa complete with massage tables and sauna, a pool cabana with a retractable roof, and a solarium. Additionally, the property is surrounded by privacy hedges that are perfect for protecting anyone taking a dip in the lap pool out back or enjoying some shade under one of the many palm trees outside!

Square Footage: 9,335            Bedrooms: 6            Bathrooms: 6

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Sofia Vergara bought this Italian-style villa for $10.6 million in February 2014. It features imported Argentinian accents and a 3,000 bottle wine cellar, among many other luxuries, fit for the highest paid actress on TV. Additional features include a spa and a large swimming pool. The clay-colored walls, along with the gorgeously green landscape around the property, gives this home an aged, majestic look that only makes you want to see more. If the outside is this stunning, imagine what the inside looks like!

Square Footage: 11,400            Bedroom: 7            Bathrooms: 9

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Ryan Murphy, the creator of Nip Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story to name a few, purchased this Spanish Colonial-style home from Diane Keaton in September 2010 for $10 million. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan revealed the design inspiration for his NBC comedy The New Normal came from here – that’s how much he loves this home. Don’t let the plain exterior of the property fool you, however, because what awaits past the wooden arched doors to the home is a carefully thought-out, and beautifully decorated, dwelling that Murphy pieced together using pictures of Keaton’s unique, original design.

Square Footage: 8,434            Bedrooms: 7            Bathrooms: 9

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Jennifer Lopez picked up this massive French-style estate from actress Sela Ward in May 2016 for $28 million. The secluded property is surrounded by lush forest-inspired landscaping, the interior is decked out with imported woods, and the backyard is home to a mini golf course and amphitheater. Additionally, the home also features a 3-sided infinity pool, several small ponds, and an outdoor bar.

Square Footage: 13,923            Bedrooms: 7            Bathrooms: 13

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Ashton & Mila purchased this home, located in a super exclusive gated community, in April 2014 for $10.2 million. Before moving in, they overhauled the property to prepare for their growing family, including the addition of a safety fence around the kidney-shaped pool out back. The couple also had all the porches retiled in gray slate stone that fits perfectly with the color and style of the home. They’re in good company here with Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence, and Adele in the same neighborhood!

Square Footage: 7,351            Bedrooms: 3            Bathrooms: 4

ashton kutcher mila kunis celebrity home

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Originally listed at $63 million, Elton John purchased this massive 20-acre estate from Guess co-founder Armand Marciano for $32.6 million in October 2015. Kimora Lee Simmons, then Steve Wynn initiated purchase but backed out before it was final. The Mediterranean villa-style home features 9 fireplaces, a mosaic-tiled swimming pool, an 11 car garage, lush gardens throughout the grounds, and a tennis court.

Square Footage: 24,260            Bedrooms: 10            Bathrooms: 22

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John and Chrissy spent $14.1 million on this modern mansion in January 2016. The 3-story home was formerly Rihanna’s until she furiously sold it for a $2 million loss due to alleged leaking and poor overall construction. No word so far whether it’s leaky ways have improved, but John and Chrissy have been quoted saying it’s their dream home, so all seems to be OK. Some of the more notable features to the home include a massive sauna, two private balconies, an entertainment room, theater, and a luxurious swimming pool that can easily be accessed through several large glass sliders that face the backyard.

Square Footage: 8,520            Bedrooms: 5            Bathrooms: 8

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Christina Aguilera picked up this Mediterranean estate in April 2013 for $10 million. It sits atop the hills of Beverly Hills in arguably the most exclusive gated community in the country, Mullholland Estates. It’s reported that the home is filled with her infamously crazy furnishings, including mannequin art among many other custom hand-painted items. The home features arched glass doors, several fireplaces, 2 bars, a screening room, and a large saltwater pool.

Square Footage: 11,107            Bedrooms: 6            Bathrooms: 9

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Jason Statham and his wife, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, bought this freshly updated, designer home for $12.995 million in April 2015, around the time Rosie was seen wearing what looked like an engagement ring. TMZ reported the couple split the price 50/50. Some of the features to this cozy modern-style abode include a swimming pool, an outdoor fireplace, a waterfall, privacy hedges that protect the backyard, and a parking area that can hold up to 8 vehicles.

Square Footage: 7,119            Bedrooms: 5            Bathrooms: 8

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Fashion icon Calvin Klein dropped $25 million on this brand new modern mansion in June 2015. The home has an 8 car garage, 65-foot infinity pool, fully retractable glass walls, and a bridge to the entryway that actually sits atop a waterfall! Calvin is surrounded by other big shots, including Leonardo DiCaprio and The Winklevoss Twins of Facebook fame…or lack thereof.

Square Footage: 8,218            Bedrooms: 5            Bathrooms: 7

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Beyoncé and Jay Z have had terrible real estate trouble in Los Angeles, being outbid on multiple homes. They decided to rent and settled in this Holmby Hills mansion back in October 2015 for a reported $150,000/month. The palace was owned by ex-Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt until he sold it in 2014 for $45 million after being forced to sell The Dodgers. Some features to the home include 2 libraries, a theater, a wine cellar, arched floor-to-ceiling windows throughout various parts of the home, an art gallery, a fountain, an infinity pool, and a tennis court.

Square Footage: 20,637            Bedrooms: 5            Bathrooms: 6

beyonce jay z celebrity home

beyonce jay z celebrity home

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elvis presley celebrity home

Elvis Presley bought this French Regency-inspired home, built in 1958, for $400,000 in 1967. He, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie lived here until 1973. Elvis was famous for greeting fans at the front gate of the home to take photos and sign autographs. The home avoided demolition after Hard Rock founder Peter Morton purchased the property and received massive public outcry for wanting to build a new mansion. He eventually decided to flip the property instead. Some notable feature’s to Presley’s former home include an attached guesthouse, a large swimming pool, a spa, and glass walls and sliders that look out onto the backyard.

Square Footage: 5,367            Bedrooms: 3            Bathrooms: 5

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Renowned director Michael Bay purchased this property in October 2009 for $9.75 million, then immediately cleared the existing home to make way for this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. He used cutting-edge technology to develop digital renderings to perfect the complex design, then employed over 1,000 people to bring his vision to life. The structure at the highest point is Michael’s master suite, although he is based primarily in Miami and typically uses this home for parties. Features to Bay’s home away from home include a breathtaking louvered skylight, a home theater, a steam room, a swimming pool, a gym, and panoramic views of the canyon below as well as the city beyond. Additionally, much of the property is concealed from view due to being built into a hillside.

Square Footage: 30,000            Bedrooms: 7            Bathrooms: 7.5

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Jennifer Aniston picked up this hilltop oasis in January 2012 for $21 million. She enlisted Stephen Shadley to redesign the mid-century modern space. Jennifer is a fan of “Zen” and “Bali” styles but didn’t want a themed home, so Stephen designed the home with those inspirations. She famously used the mansion just down the cliff as a holding area for her secret wedding to Justin Theroux and completely threw off the paparazzi when it was revealed she had a huge at-home wedding here. The home features a swimming pool and nearby sitting area reminiscent of a luxury spa, glass sliders that make it easy for outdoor access, a koi pond, a swimming pool, solar panels, a wine room, a game room, a pizza oven in the kitchen, and a private garden that can only be accessed through the master suite. Ensuring that the redesign was done in the most eco-friendly way possible, Aniston only used wood from fallen trees for the additions to the home.

Square Footage: 8,500            Bedrooms: 4            Bathrooms: 6.5

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Ryan Seacrest isn’t the first superstar to own this modern-style property. He purchased it from Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi in May 2012 for $36.5 million. The compound is made up of the main house, 2 guest houses, and a three-bedroom additional house, which was originally a sperate property until Ellen bought it to add to the massive footprint of this place. Features include a covered outdoor sitting area, a swimming pool, and a large pond on the property.

Square Footage: 9,200 main house / 15,000 total            Bedroom: 9            Bathroom: 11

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Adele purchased this traditional home for $9.5 million in April 2016 from live-event producer Don Mischer, who is known for many Superbowl Halftime shows and Presidential Inaugurations. Although she spends most of her time in London, she has great neighbors waiting for her when she’s in Los Angeles – among them are Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, and Ashton Kutcher. The English cottage-inspired home features French doors, a 2-story foyer, a stone terrace, vaulted ceilings, and an adorable gazebo nearby the pool and spa out back.

Square Footage: 6, 597            Bedrooms: 4            Bathrooms: 6

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Eddie Murphy bought this massive Mediterranean-style estate in May 2000 for $5.5 million, a seemingly tiny amount for such an expansive property sitting on nearly 4 acres of prime hilltop real estate. Turns out, it was an excellent investment – it’s now worth nearly $37 million. Some features of this mega-mansion include a tennis court, a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by tropical landscape, a bowling alley, a 2-story library, and a 5,200 square-foot detached guest house. Murphy also has some pretty famous neighbors nearby, including Rod Stewart and Denzel Washington.

Square Feet: 40,000            Bedrooms: 10            Bathrooms: 17

eddie murphy celebrity home

eddie murphy celebrity home

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