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Beverly Hills is the epicenter of celebrity homes, luxury shopping, and fine dining in Los Angeles, and it's lush streets are home to the uber-rich and famous.
Where does John Legend live?

John Legend House: Inside John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s Homes in Los Angeles & New York

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles, Net Worth, New York

Where does Reba McEntire live?

Reba McEntire House: Inside her Nashville & Beverly Hills Mansions

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Candles, Nashville, Net Worth

Where does Dakota Johnson live?

Dakota Johnson House (Chris Martin House): A Look at Their New Love Nest!

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, Malibu, New York

Where is the Playboy Mansion

Playboy Mansion: The Rise, Fall, & Rebirth of Hugh Hefner’s Mansion

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, Filming Locations, Net Worth, Things to do in LA

Celebrity Candles That Snell Like Cities

City Candles: Buy These Celebrity Candles That Smell Like Cities

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Candles, Celebrity Homes, City Candles, Los Angeles, Malibu, Nashville

Where does The Weeknd live?

The Weeknd House: Inside his $50M+ Real Estate Empire from Los Angeles to Manhattan & Toronto

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles, New York

Where does Travis Scott live?

Travis Scott House: Go Inside His 23.5M Yacht-Inspired Los Angeles Palace

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles, Net Worth

Where does Al Pacino live?

Al Pacino House: His Bi-Coastal Real Estate Portfolio in Photos – New York to Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, New York

Where does Meghan Markle live?

Harry and Meghan House: Photos of Their LA Pad Owned by Tyler Perry & Details of Their House Hunt

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles