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Want to know the famous locations from some of your favorite films? Here are just some of the featured articles we have about movie locations.
Where does Mary J Blige live?

Mary J Blige House: Stunning Photos of Her Jersey Mega Mansions!

Celebrity Homes, Movies, Net Worth, New York

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Where does Viola Davis live?

Viola Davis: A Tour of Her Toluca Lake Estate in Los Angeles & More!

Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles, Movies, Net Worth, TV

Where does Christina Applegate live?

Christina Applegate House: A Photo Tour of Her Longtime Los Angeles Home

Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles, Movies, Net Worth, TV

amityville horror house

Amityville House: A Look at This Real Life House of Horrors in New York

Filming Locations, Haunted Houses, Movies, New York, True Crime Locations

Where does Jane Fonda live?

Jane Fonda House: Inside Her New Mexico Ranch and Beverly Hills Mansions

Beverly Hills, Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles, Movies, Net Worth

The Cullen House

Twilight House: The Actual Location of the Cullen’s Home Revealed!

Filming Locations, Movies

Where does RDJ live?

Robert Downey Jr House: Is His Hamptons New York Home An Elaborate Mini-Golf Course?

Celebrity Homes, Los Angeles, Movies, Net Worth, New York

Iron Man House

Tony Stark House: The Truth About the Real Life Iron Man House in Malibu

Celebrity Homes, Filming Locations, Malibu, Movies

Where is the Home Alone house?

Home Alone House: Inside The Iconic Kevin McCallister House 30 Years Later!

Celebrity Homes, Filming Locations, Movies