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Harry Styles House in Los Angeles: Photos

Harry Styles House Photos Look Fake But It’s That Cool


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Harry's House Photos

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Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Updated on April 19, 2021

Rated one of Glamour Magazine’s 50 Sexiest Men in 2013 and my personal top sexiest man-boy of all-time — Harry Styles is kind of like the most desirable thing since Leo Dicaprio in Titanic. Harry Styles house is as sexy as he is, and with a  list of houses around the world as long as his list of top Billboard hits, this little ex-boy bander also packs a whopping sense of style sure to make even the surliest of women and men swoon.

Harry Styles House is Obnoxiously Nice

So if you’re looking to learn more about your favorite One Directioner — look no further than these next few revelations, y’all!

Harry Styles House

Having houses all over the world, this pop star is hard to trace. But you know you can count on Velvet Ropes, right? We’ve got all the dirt below!

Where does Harry Styles live now?

Although Harry Styles has a New York Apartment worth $8.7 million with 2,868 square feet of living space, it’s believed that he lives in Beverly Hills the majority of the time. But before we get to that, here are some details about his Manhattan apartment.

Where does Harry Styles live now? Manhattan Apartment

The 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom unit in the building that was recently restored to it’s 1882 architectural style is incredibly sleep. To be honest, it looks like Chip and Joanna Gaines got their hands on it. #FixerUpper

Where does Harry Styles live now? Manhattan Apartment

This is the same building where Justin Timberlake bought a $28 million penthouse. Other neighbors in the building include Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, and Rebel Wilson, among others. Oh, and Taylor Swift lives around the corner.

Where is Harry Styles’ house in Beverly Hills?

Harry has moved a couple of times within Beverly Hills, and his current Sunset Strip pad is the coolest of all.

In January 2016, Harry dropped $6.8 million on a West Hollywood home in the hills. The 3 bedroom, 6 bathroom home is nestled away on a tiny street but there is no lack of space.

Within the 4,100 square feet of living space is a sprawling kitchen, a gym, multiple balconies, and a resort-worthy pool. His neighbors? Cee-Lo Green, Halle Berry, and Diana Ross. Calvin Harris is less than a mile away, too.

We’ve got more where these came from: Harry Styles House Photos

What is Harry Styles home address in London?

Harry Styles moved to the Hampstead Heath area from North London after buying a house for 2.95 million Euros. That’s the neighborhood of $4.8 million dollars.

The 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home is 2,300 square foot and is surrounded by a brick wall, which by the way is covered with security cameras.

Ok, I know, you want his address. For privacy reasons, we can’t publish it here, but go on over to the celebrity homes map portion of Velvet Ropes – HERE – and we’ll satisfy all your address needs 🙂

What is Harry Styles home address in London?

Where does Harry Styles live in Holmes Chapel?

Harry Styles’ childhood home is situated in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire in the UK. He’s come a long way!

Where does Harry Styles live in Holmes Chapel?

Harry Styles: Personal Life

Did you know Styles grew up in the influence of Elvis Presley? Makes total sense — I know — I literally get giddy just thinking of it. Sorry. I’ll stop. He’s just like my modern-day James Dean and so in all honesty, I literally cannot help myself.

When was Harry Styles born?

Harry Styles was born on February 01, 1994 in Redditch, Worcestershire.

What are Harry Styles parents names?

Born to Desmond “Des” Styles and Anne Cox, Harry Styles grew up in Cheshire. Raised and educated in Holmes Chapel School, Styles’ parents were divorced when he was seven.

What is Harry Styles height?

Harry Styles is 6’0 — which is great — because I’m 5’9 — which means that in my fantasies when I’m walking down the red carpet with him in my Jimmy Choos we look totally perfect together. #winning.

Does Harry Styles wear contacts?

One of the most confounding questions of all time, right up there along with the origins of life —  Harry Styles has not confessed to wearing contact lenses. The question arises because the color of Harry Styles’ eyes keeps on changing. While some say it is the result of iridescent lighting, we wonder if they have a color changing habit.

Does Harry Styles wear contacts?

We have seen gorgeous pictures of Harry Styles with green, yellow and blue-ish looking eyes. Until he declares it himself, all we can do is continue to drown in that sweet, sweet abyss.

Harry Styles: Love Life

From Kendall Jenner to Taylor Swift, the boy band superstar has stolen many hearts and panties all over the world.

Why did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split?

Harry Styles was 18 when he dated the 23-year-old megastar Taylor Swift. Although paparazzi alleged the breakup was a result of the older star’s Antique hobby, it was later cleared that it was Harry’s ‘wandering eye’ that led to the split.

Taylor Swift claims she caught him cheating and had to cut short their last vacation in the British Virgin Islands for the same reason. Dayum bruh — that’s cold.

Why did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split?

Ten women Harry Styles dated:

Although it’s impossible to list Harry Styles’ entire dating history, we can surely mention the celebrity few… ::drumroll please::

  1. Taylor Swift – needs no explanation
  2. Tess Ward – a London-based food blogger
  3. Georgia Fowler – a New Zealand fashion model
  4. Kendall Jenner – you already know
  5. Sara Sampaio – a Portuguese model
  6. Paige Reifler – a young American model
  7. Kimberly Stewart – Rod Stewart’s daughter most known for her friendship with Paris Hilton
  8. Nadine Leopold – an Austrian model
  9. Kara Rose Marshall – a young American model
  10. Caroline Flack – an English television presenter

Does Harry Styles have a dog?

Harry Styles had a dog named Max as his first pet. He currently, he has a cat named Molly (also called Dusty)! #DontAsk

How did Harry Styles rise to fame?

Born in Bromsgrove, Harry Styles emerged through the TV Show X-Factor. He was a renowned singer in his school who had bagged many prizes at competitions as a band. The rules of X-Factor forced Harry Styles and four other boys to create melodies and the rest is kind of history.

How did Harry Styles rise to fame? X-Factor

After rebranding as One-Direction, the 16-year-old, along with his bandmates, were signed by Syco, Simon Cowell’s label. Known as the playboy of One Direction, Styles has had more flings than most men twice his age.

How much is Harry Styles net worth?

As of July 2017, Harry Styles’ net worth is $50 Million — wealth built through his album sales, touring, merchandise, and of course those massive ad campaigns he’s been the face of.

What car does Harry Styles drive?

Harry Styles does not stick to one car, now that he has vintage wheels in his expensive car collection.

Harry Styles Car Collection List:

  1. Ferrari California
  2. Porsche 911 Classic
  3. Jaguar E-Type Roadster
  4. Classic Mercedes Benz
  5. Ford Capri 1970
  6. Range Rover Sport
  7. Audi R8 Coupe

How much is Harry Styles autograph worth?

Hollywood Memorabilia tags Harry Styles’ autograph at $517.99, depending on the quality and size. His signed electric guitar? How about $1,500. However, you can also find Harry Styles autograph pictures and souvenirs for as little as $5. #AuthenticityNotGuaranteed

Where is Harry Styles hometown?

Harry Styles is from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK. If you ever visit, hit up W. Mandeville Bakery, that’s where he worked before making it big!

Where can I buy Harry Styles blazer?

From tuxedo jackets to floral blazers on printed scarves, Harry Styles bagged the British Fashion Award for the uniqueness in his personal style of fashion. It is easy to spot his exact styles at Gucci, Burberry, and Saint Laurent.

But more affordable options can be found Top Man, H&M, or even Nordstrom Rack.

Before you go …

Harry Styles has a fashion, style and a gorgeous mane to his name along with an enviable list of Hollywood exes and real estate. From tattoos to the signature curls and blazers, Styles is quickly setting himself up as a young fashion icon.

Are you a fan of Harry Styles? Hit us up in the comments! Oh — and don’t forget to catch him at Radio City Music Hall in New York on January 26! Don’t mind me — I’ll just be in the front row signing my divorce papers and setting my bra on fire…



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