Kim and Kanye House: Recent Photos of the New Addition

Kim and Kanye House: Exclusive Photos!

UPDATED Saturday, November 10, 2018 – 12:20 PM with news of the SoCal wildfires: TMZ reported that the Malibu fires have reached Kim & Kanye house and that their main home is in danger of being engulfed. Soon after, Kim tweeted that the fire had been stopped and their home was safe. 

Here’s a screenshot from our friends at HollywoodPipeline’s Instagram feed:

Kim Kardashian House Malibu Fires

So, to break it down really quickly, we knew whatever house they purchased was sure to be the best of the best—and this one takes the cake. The famous couple’s $20 million dream home came with two vineyards, two swimming pools, and a 1,050 square foot entertainment pavilion. But…they had grander plans.

Interestingly, the Kim and Kanye house is located near Kim’s mother’s, Kris Jenner’s, mansion. They totally love to keep it all in the family. For the majority of our peasant population, we would love this setup because it’s sure to save a boatload on babysitting duties. But then again, we’re just peasants.

The posh house they renovated was previously owned by Lisa Marie Presley. Amidst multiple redesigns for a renovation of their dream home in Hidden Hills, the couple lived in this Bel Air home they6 bought for $9 million in 2013. The home boasts 9,000 square feet as well as 5-bedrooms and 7-bathrooms.

Notable features include an infinity-edge swimming pool & spa, and privacy hedges on both sides of the residence that protect it from nosey neighbors. They sold it for $17.8 million in November 2017 and are moving into the Hidden Hills estate.

This girl went from being known as Ray J’s side chick to living in the king of rock and roll’s daughter’s house. Talk about #thecomeup.

Kim and Kanye House

So, Kim and Kanye dropped $20 million for their dream home like it was nothing. Now, you must be asking yourself one question: Who is worth more, Kim or Kanye? To get a clear picture, let’s look at their house, then answer that pressing question!

Kim and Kanye House

The couple was set to occupy the $20 million Hidden Hills mansion in May following two remodels that cost about $10 million. They bought the house in August 2014. Unhappy with some of its features, West ordered a complete remodel of the $20 million dollar estate.

However, West was not satisfied with the outcome of the reconstruction. Therefore, in summer of 2016, the house underwent a substantial rework…again.

Where Does Kim Kardashian Live, Precisely?

Well, that’s the big story here! The couple lived in the Bel Air mansion awaiting the completion of the beautiful Hidden Hills House until November 2017. They have now reportedly moved into the Hidden Hills home.

The house has undergone massive renovation for the last two and a half years, but reports suggest the renovation will never end as Kanye has yet to be happy with a design plan. The house is built on a 5-acre piece of land. It is believed that after the renovation, the house could compete with Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson’s sprawling estate full of fun.

However, the improvements are mainly aimed to make the house modern, more accommodating for tons of visitors, and to infuse ostentatiousness and opulence into the property.

From the renovations, it kind of looks like Kim and Kanye aim to make the house an oasis that they never have to leave. #LifeGoals

8 Bedrooms  /  10 Bathrooms

The Kim and Kayne house has 8-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms, and amazingly Kim included a basketball court as Kanye’s birthday present and an ode to ex-husband Kris Humphries (kidding).

Also, it’s said that the couple is installing a large body of water, in addition to two swimming pools. The pond is being dug in the backyard, which could lead to some challenges in the gated community.


It’s also rumored that the couple installed a playroom with 2 floors. When the construction began, the couple only had one child. As of 2019, however, the couple now have 4 children, with baby #4 being born in May via a surrogate mother. With their ever-growing family, it seems Kim and Kanye need all the space they can get! Two floors for the little tykes is perfect.

Kim and Kanye House

The house also has a full-size movie theater for family movie nights. In addition to the basketball court, given as a birthday present by Kim, Kanye also had a gym built on the property.

Fully Functional Salon

More renovations are being done to make the house perfect for the whole family. Considering the family members’ needs, the house will be renovated to add more opulence, value, and comfort.

For example, Kim had a full-sized hair salon added to the house. Her job is looking good, so it makes sense. Kanye’s job is music, obviously, so he got a decked-out music studio.

Step by Step Renovation

Since the couple wants the house to be perfect, they have scheduled for a step-by-step restoration. For example, Kim hinted that the workers would finish her closet first before working on the kitchen. #Priorities

Despite the fact that the house is massive, the couple still didn’t think it was enough to suit their needs. So they went ahead and purchased a neighboring house and initiated renovations on it too. #soyoufancyhuh

As of 2020, the home is complete!

Check out the full Kim Kardashian House photo gallery here!

House in Bel Air

This is where the couple lived in Bel Air while awaiting the completion of the their Hidden Hills house.

Amidst the renovation, the couple has spoken publicly about living between this home and Kim’s mom’s, Kris Jenner’s home. The couple kept the home until their Hidden Hills dream abode was move-in ready, at which time they sold their Bel Air digs for $17.8 million, as previously mentioned.

Kim and Kanye Net Worth

So, back to the money question. Our favorite part! This is the epitome of a “power couple” and their bank accounts prove it.

How Much Is Kanye West Worth?

In 2014, Forbes listed Kanye as the 20th richest celebrity. So, what is Kanye West net worth now? Despite having an alleged $53 million debt, Kanye West is still a significant music icon worth $145 million, with his power and celebrity influence in the media growing each day.

What is Kanye West net worth?

The rapper-turned-business-mogul has accumulated his money from his many hit songs, world tours, endorsements, and never-ending personal projects.

Certainly, Kanye West is a brand in himself and has continued to invest in his most profitable business – himself. He earns a reported $22 million – $30 million a year. Some critics say that his $53 million debt claim was used as a marketing tool—they’re probably right.

It’s no secret that he publicly solicited Mark Zuckerberg’s help of up to $1 billion, but he was too busy building schools for underprivileged kids and stuff. West also made a shout out to Google’s Larry Page, but he was too busy having visions and firing people. Do you think he is marketing himself to earn more? After all, he is a total PR whore.

How Much Is Kim Kardashian Worth?

I like to equate Kim Kardashian-West to a modern-day Pam Anderson with a lot more business savvy.

What is Kim Kardashian net worth?

With about $50 million earnings each year, you must be wondering, what is Kim Kardashian new worth? Kim’s current net worth is estimated at $150 million. Notably, Kim’s mobile game has contributed about 40% of her annual income after about 45 million downloads. She earns the rest of her income from TV salary, endorsements, and other ventures, like her new KKW Beauty launch.

Recently, Kim and Kanye launched a kids clothing line—so if you feel like buying your preschool daughter a $22 choker—let us know how that works out. They are super cute, though!

How Did Kim and Kanye Meet?

Kim and Kanye met first in 2004 and quickly became friends. By then, Kim was married to producer Damon Thomas while Kanye was dating model Alexis Phifer who is arguably the most stand-up woman he’s ever laid hands on. Although I’m not going to lie for one minute, I was all for the Kanye/Amber Rose lust fest. She’s like my rich, hot mess alter ego.

After years of friendship, they met up in NYC while filming a scene for Keeping Up With the Kardashians in October 2010.

When Did Kim and Kanye Start Dating?

They must have hit it off in 2010, because, in April 2012, Kanye released “Theraflu” and rapped about falling in love with Kim K. Shortly after they made their relationship public. As time progressed it’s become clear that Kim and Kanye are meant to be. Kim and Kanye got married in May 2014.

The perfect love story, right!? So, how much was Kim Kardashian’s ring?

Engagement Ring

Before the fateful robbery of her precious engagement ring on October 3, 2015, Kanye gave Kim the 20-carat emerald cut diamond ring that is worth a whopping $4.5 million. Apparently, he *romantically* surprised her in the middle of the night with the Adidas-engraved ring!

How much was Kim Kardashian's ring?

Wait, wait, wait—did I just say Adidas?

Yes, I did. If your memory correctly suits you, you’ll know that Kanye sealed his billion-dollar potential Adidas deal right around the time they got engaged.

Apparently, he woke her up in the middle of the night and told her “Babe, I got you something from Adidas.” Kim, obviously awoke like #uhm #wtf I’ll totally just open the shoes in the morning, however, when she looked over she saw a Larry Schwartzman box beside her pillow.

The rest is history ya’ll—$20 million house with a picket fence and babies galore.


What did Kim and Kanye name their child? Correction – What did Kim name the baby? We all know she runs the show.

What did kim and kanye name their child?

The couple welcomed their first child, North West, in June 2013, then baby #2, Saint West, in December 2015, then welcomed Chicago West in January 2018, and most recently saw the birth of the 4th child, Psalm West, in May 2019 via a surrogate mother.

Are Kim and Kanye Still Together?

Once viewed to have a rock solid marriage, Kim and Kanye have recently experienced numerous tense and trying times due to Kim’s robbery and Kanye’s hospitalization.

Kanye underwent a psychiatric evaluation after erratic behavior following the horrific Paris ordeal, but he’s been known to have emotional issues, which is probably what makes him such a dope lyricist.

Kim and Kanye are still together. However, there were divorce rumors even before Kanye’s breakdown. According to different sources, Kim was not spending time with him. From the outside looking in, she seems like an incredible wife and mother…so hard to believe she would neglect him.

Kim insists there is no truth to the divorce rumors, so sadly, Amber Rose will have to wait it out a bit longer.

Ok, enough about their relationship…on to the important stuff!

Does Beyoncé Like Kim Kardashian?

Beyoncé never genuinely liked Kim, according to sources, but most people in the industry don’t genuinely like Beyonce, so I guess it all levels out. It is rumored that Beyoncé only tolerated Kim because of their husbands’ friendship.

Does Beyoncé like Kim Kardashian?

This became evident after Kanye and Jay-Z’s fall out. It has become clear that Beyoncé and Kim aren’t fond of each other because if they were, they’d be chillin’—and they totally aren’t. Sources say that the Kardashian West obsession with fame irritates Beyoncé and Jay Z, who are known to be incredibly private.

What Does Kris Humphries Say About Kim and Kanye?

Kris Humphries, who is Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, revealed that he knew Kim had cheated with Kanye after he refused to invite the rapper to their wedding, despite Kim calling West a “close family friend”. Insiders reported that Kris Humphries ‘felt played’ when Kim filed for divorce and began dating Kanye West.


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