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Drake House: The Pics Are Pretty Epic

Drake’s House & More Weird Stuff You Never Knew About Him


Drake's House Photos

Malibu Home

Drake's House Photos

Hidden Hills Home

Drake's House Photos

Toronto Home

Drake's House Photos

Beverly Hills Home
Danni Holland
Danni Holland

Updated on November 20, 2023

From his day on Degrassi, Drake has come quite a long way. But even as an A-list chart-topper, Drake is still a bit of a mystery, right? Well, wait till you see this insane Drake house, cars, lady friends, and so much more. We’ve uncovered it all just for you.

Drake House

Where Does Drake Live?

The singer has spent the last few years sells off much of his real estate in the United States and is reportedly living in his mega mansion in Toronto, Canada!

Drake House Toronto (Current)

Drake House in Los Angeles | Hidden Hills (Former)

Drake House Toronto (Current)

So, where does Drake live now? After years of building, Drake’s insane Toronto mansion is complete. It made its music video debut in ‘Toosie Slide.’ The property is in Bridle Path, one of the city’s most well-to-do neighborhoods and reportedly cost the star $6.7 million. And that was for the existing home, not the building costs. 

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At 35,000 square feet, the home was designed and built exactly to Drake’s requests by Ferris Rafauli Design. Drakes house includes a spa, screening theatre, massage room, gorgeous grand piano, gym, basketball court, basement pool, and a hot tub on the roof.  

There’s a 35-meter-wide cul-de-sac at the front, a 2,000 square foot garage to fit 10 cars, a room just for all his awards, and an NBA regulation size basketball court. The massive master bedroom suite is to die for. I mean, made for a magazine! And the chef’s kitchen with a marble waterfall island and matching backsplash isn’t too shabby either!


When asked what he’ll do if the neighbors complain about his huge home and the potential noise that comes along with Drake living next door, he says he’ll buy their damn house! And he’s not joking. He’s already done it in Hidden Hills after neighbors complained about his pool parties.

Here you can find the full photo gallery and address of Drake’s Toronto Home! and below is a neat video from the construction phase of the home.

Drake’s House in Los Angeles | Hidden Hills (Former)

The City of Angels, folks, the City of Angels. The $8 million ($7.7 million to be exact) insanity in Hidden Hills is complete with a grotto, tennis court, library, a cavernous wine cellar, a screening room and a gym — all Drake’s. The property sits on 3-acres of land, plenty of space for his epic pool parties.

Drake House: Where does Drake Live?

Drake House: Where does Drake Live?

The 12,500 square foot home, named The YOLO Estate, was snagged by Drake in 2012, and it hasn’t gone without controversy. First, he put a sign out front to officially name the estate – #YOLO. Neighbors didn’t like it and the sign disappeared a couple times.

In 2018, Drake threw down a little over $300k for additions that included an expansion of his already massive 1,695 square foot bedroom (adding an extra 98 feet), an addition to the maid’s room, and a kitchen upgrade.


In June 2022, Drake decided it was time for a change and ended up actually selling his infamous YOLO estate for $12 million.


What Is Drake’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Drake has reportedly amassed a staggering net worth of $260 million! 

Drake Cars | What Cars Does Drake Drive?

Drake has amassed quite the collection of luxury wheels over the years, some of the rides he’s been spotted cruising in include:

  • Mercedes Maybach Pullman
  • Bentley Continental
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Rolls Royce Dawn
  • McLaren 675 LT
  • Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir

We’re pretty sure it’s safe to say he can definitely go from 0-100 #realquick. Okay, that was corny. Sorry.

Is Drake Considered a Rapper?

Yes — we said “rapper”.  From what we understand there’s been a lot of debate on this ex-Degrassi star’s street cred —  and with origins from a show like Degrassi and a nationality that is Canadian, it’s not too hard to understand why (haha we kid — Canadians are awesome).

For all intents and purposes we are going to end this epic petty battle right now and say that, yes,  he is considered a rapper.  


Here’s why: a rapper is literally just a singer/songwriter in the genre specified as rap. No more, no less. That is all you have to be to qualify as a rapper — take it from Tyga…or the dude from Bizaardvark.

Now whether or not you are a good rapper is another thing.

So, while Drake is more along the lines of  Hip Hop / R&B / Pop —  there’s definitely no denying he’s got rhymes. Let’s be real, Wayne isn’t exactly the charitable type and it’s highly unlikely that he would sign Drake if his mixtapes weren’t sick (they were).

Whether he writes his own rhymes now —  well, that’s neither here nor there because everybody in the industry knows that lots of artists stop writing their own music once they get “put on” because they’ve already proved themselves and lots of times they simply just don’t have the time.

When Did Drake Start Singing?

Well, ironically enough after he started acting, which he started in high school. On the television show Degrassi, he played a rapper and in 2006 he released his first mixtape Room for Improvement.

Who Is Rapper Drake Dating?

Love Life: #Nonexistent

The rest is history and this guy is pretty much the hottest dude in the game right now. Which makes so many wonder, where exactly is his leading lady?

Well, when he’s not busy fending off the various gay rumors he is usually preoccupied with a bevy of strippers and/or rapper groupie chicks.

Who is rapper Drake dating?

Several years back, he was rumored to be on a date with a woman by the name of Bria Vinaite. She was in her 20s at the time and isn’t just any old gal. In fact, the rapper and the actress were dining at the restaurant Sotto Sotto after the debut screening of what one website called a “highly-acclaimed movie” by the name of ‘The Florida Project’ at the Toronto International Film Festival.

To be fair, the Toronto International Film Festival is totally a big deal. While people questioned the authenticity of the romance, one thing is for certain and that’s the rapper’s love of the film, directed by Sean Baker.

Who is rapper Drake dating?

In an Instagram post @champaignpapi threw up a promo image of Vinaite with the caption “The Florida Project is the best movie you will see this year” with a heart-eyed emoji and a blue heart. The post got 307.6k likes and 1.6k comments which is pretty much like free press for the chica. Memo me to “run into” Drake for my debut film.

Well, truth be told is that if Vinaite was truly dating the actor turned rapper she was living quite the Cinderella lifestyle. According to the same article, Vinaite was discovered on Instagram by the filmmaker Sean Baker where she was selling marijuana-themed clothes.

Apparently, she literally auditioned via DM (it goes down in the DM)  and he gave her the row without any prior acting experience. Nice. Not gonna lie — we’re kinda totes jelly. Not because of Drake but for the acting gig.

So back to Drake and his non-existent love life. I mean,  he pretty much hasn’t dated anyone ever since he’s been in the spotlight, ironically enough.  Although there was that one time when he and Tyra Banks went to Disneyland and the rest of the world was like #WTFTyra  #seriously? Did you fall down and bump your pretty little supermodel-turned-business-mogul head tho?

It was also rumored that he hooked up with Teyana Taylor (aka my soul sister Sagittarius queen). There were social media pics of them all smooshed up together making kissy faces and it looked pretty legit. Ironic considering she was besties with Chris Brown for quite some time. #awk.

Other than her and TyBaby pretty much everyone else under the sun that he was rumored to have been linked with publicly friend-zoned immediately.

Seriously — that list is pretty long too. We’re talking everyone from Rihanna, Rita Ora, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Rose, J.Lo, Nicki Minaj, Zoe Kravitz, Millie Bobby Brown, and one of Taylor Swift’s cats — who when asked about her history with the rapper said: “ He’s an awesome guy — really talented — a good friend”.

Never in the history of celebrity has anyone’s love life been so uninteresting.

What Is the Ethnicity of Drake?

For those of you wondering, ‘Is Drake of Dominican descent?’ — the answer is NO. But here’s why those rumors may persist…

He’s a beautiful biracial Canadian angel. That’s right — his father is African-American and his mother is white and of Jewish ancestry. 

What is the ethnicity of Drake?

Whew. We just went in all kinds of opposite directions. From Drake’s houses to his girlfriend, then ethnicity. Y’all have some crazy questions! I just hope we answered them all. If not, as away and we’ll answer!

Drake House

There’s no denying this rapper has more money than he knows what to do with. Despite what many people may think, there is no crib in Roswell, GA, South Plainfield, NJ or Landrum, SC. The DH in Roswell, GA is an organization that provides assistance for the homeless, the DH in Landrum, SC is a restaurant, and their Museum in South Plainfield, NJ is not rapper Drake’s house.

As of right now at least, Drake seems to be focused on staying in his hometown of Toronto, Canada.


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