Where Does Kevin Hart Live? Photos of His Tarzana Mansion

Where Does Kevin Hart Live: The Photos are Epic!

Having battled everything from poverty to abandonment in his childhood, Kevin Hart will never tell you his life has had the cookie-cutter aesthetic.

Not to mention, it was also just months ago that he was caught in the back of a car and suite with a woman other than his wife. There’s no doubt that this comedian’s story is surely one that will keep you engaged. Especially for those of you wondering where does Kevin Hart live? From troubled childhood to an incredible life – Kevin Hart House proves he’s here to stay.

Where Does Kevin Hart Live?

Described as an ‘unwanted birth’ in his own book, do you know what made Kevin Hart the highest paid comedian in Hollywood recently? Kevin Hart is a superstar comedian with a thriving career. If you’re a fan of this pint-sized funny guy, this post will tell you everything you need to know.

Kevin Hart House

The “Oprah of comedy”, Kevin Hart was robbed not long ago at his Tarzana, California home despite it being located in a gated community.

Where does Kevin Hart live?

Kevin Hart discreetly paid $2 million in 2012 for a gorgeous house in Tarzana, California with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Set in the Mulholland Community, this is the same house that recently made headlines with a $500K robbery.

Kevin Hart House has a very “Miami” vibe. Traditional, plush with columns and palm trees, and a gorgeous pool!

Kevin Hart House Photos
Photos: Tony Truisi with Coldwell Banker

Itching for more pics? We’ve got the hookup! Kevin Hart House Photos & Address

Kevin Hart: Personal Life

Kevin’s first entry into humor is said to be the result of his dad’s cocaine addiction. Kevin used comedy as a tool to help build his confidence and achieve his goals.

When was Kevin Hart born?

Born in Philadelphia on July 6, 1979, Kevin Darnell Hart had loads of misery to wade through in his childhood. The comedian was raised by Nancy Hart, a single mother who battled the cocaine addiction of Kevin’s father Henry Witherspoon. She courageously brought up Kevin and his older brother.

Where is Kevin Hart from?

Kevin Hart was born and raised in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.

Where is Kevin Hart from?

What high school did Kevin Hart attend?

Kevin had a hard time with his dad constantly prosecuted for his illegal activities, but he was a good student. Kevin did his schooling at George Washington High school, where he is still renowned for the basketball stunts. He was a popular kid, often referred to as the ‘people’s person’.

Where did Kevin Hart go to college?

It was after high school that Kevin started doing comedy. He went on to study at Community College of Philadelphia. Kevin went to college but dropped out within two years with dreams of life on the big screen. Kevin also attended Temple College but had to drop his education as he wanted to lessen his mother’s drudgery.

Kevin Hart: Physical Attributes

Hey — he’s a little dude — but that doesn’t stop him from pulling some seriously fine females. So if you’re interested in his stats — look no further than these next few tidbits.

What is the chest size of Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart’s chest is 44 inches. Small guy, but he spends tons of time in the gym!

How tall is comedian Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart is 5 feet 2 inches or 1.63 meters.

How tall is comedian Kevin Hart?


Kevin Hart: Family

After reaching stardom, Kevin helped his mother Nancy catch some rest, but it was in 2007 that Kevin lost his mother to cancer. How much do you really know about Lil’ Kev?

Is Kevin Hart dad alive?

Also known as Henry Hart, Kevin Hart’s dad has a bitter history in Kevin’s past. There is no record of Henry Witherspoon’s death.

Was Kevin Hart’s dad really on drugs?

Henry Witherspoon was a cocaine junkie who was arrested for rape in the same year Kevin was born. He was a junkie who stole from Kevin at the age of six. Henry was charged with stabbing a person and even sexual offenses thereafter. Although that $20 he stole was a big deal, Henry is believed to have mended his relationship with son Kevin Hart.

Was Kevin Hart's dad really on drugs?
Kevin Hart with his father, brother, and son.

When did Kevin Hart mom die?

Kevin Hart’s mom died in 2007 after a long battle with cancer. Nancy Hart was a lovely mom to Kevin and his brother by all accounts. One of the renowned anecdotes is that when Kevin had to start his comedy career, he asked mom for the rent money.

All she said was, “Read the Bible”. When he missed it again, she repeated the same phrase and upon opening the Holy Book, Kevin saw six rent checks kept in it. Dang, mom.

When did Kevin Hart mom die?

Is Kevin Hart’s mom dead?

Yes, Kevin Hart’s mom is dead as she passed away in 2007 after a battle with cancer.

Who is Kevin Hart brother?

Robert Hart is the brother of Kevin Hart. He was often the role model and father figure that Kevin missed out on. Robert also joined with Kevin to eradicate the disease of addiction from their father.

Kevin Hart: Love Life

Why did Kevin Hart leave his college sweetheart Torrei within 8 years of marriage? Did you know it was because of his current wife Eniko?

How long was Kevin Hart married?

Kevin Hart married the actress and comedian Torrei on May 22 in 2003. Torrei and Kevin were college sweethearts who met in Community College. They were married for 8 years.

How long was Kevin Hart married?

Is Kevin Hart married again?

Yes. Kevin Hart married again after his first marriage with Torrei, which dissolved in 2010. Towards the end of his first marriage, Torrei had accused Hart of seeing a model named Eniko, whom he married in 2016 after dating for five years. Kevin Hart proposed Eniko in 2014.

Is Kevin Hart married again?

How many times has Kevin Hart been married?

Kevin Hart has married twice in his life. He married Torrei in 2003 and Eniko Parrish in 2016. He was 22 at the time of his first marriage and 35 at his second.

Who is Kevin Hart married to?

Currently, Kevin Hart is married to his long-time girlfriend Eniko Parrish who is defamed by Torrei Hart as the reason for Kevin’s first divorce. Eniko Parrish is an Afro- Caribbean model.

How old are Kevin Hart’s kids?

Kevin has two kids with Torrei – Heaven and Hendrix Hart. His first child with Eniko is named Enzo.

Kevin Hart’s Kids:

  • Heaven Hart was born on March 14, 2005
  • Hendrix Hart was born on November 8, 2007
  • Kenzo Kash was born on November 21, 2017

How old are Kevin Hart's kids?

Who is Kevin Hart’s wife?  

Where does Kevin Hart live in Atlanta?

Although Kevin has spent a lot of time in Atlanta while filming his blockbuster films, he doesn’t have a home there.

How much does Kevin Hart make a show?

Renowned as the highest paid comedian of 2016, Kevin Hart made $87.5 million according to Forbes in 2016. Having over 50 million followers on Facebook, Kevin Hart is ranked 98th of the Top 100 Celebrities in 2017.

In fact, the comedian made an insane $30 million more than Seinfeld in 2016. According to Forbes, this is due to Hart’s rigorous touring schedule which included 100 shows last year raking in over $1 million each.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Not surprisingly after seeing how much he makes per year, Kevin Hart’s net worth is a whopping $120 million. He spends it well!

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart: Filmography

Kevin does more than 100 tour dates per year and as a result, the dude’s got a pretty tight schedule, but he still manages to throw in time for filming.

What movies were Kevin Hart in?

In 2017, Kevin Hart starred in Captain Underpants, The Upside, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. With ‘Night School’ set to release in 2018, Kevin Hart has made at least 40 movies and won more than a few dozen awards including ‘Top Comedy Tour’ on Billboard Touring Awards.

What was the first movie Kevin Hart was in?

Kevin Hart first acted as ‘Shawn’ in the 2002 hip-hop movie Paper Soldiers. He rose to fame with Scary Movie 3 and 4 in the role of CJ.

What was the first movie Kevin Hart was in?
Kevin Hart in the 2002 film – his first role – “Paper Soldiers”

Kevin Hart: Interesting Facts

Kevin Hart was arrested once in his life for a drunken driving incident and pledged never to do so again.

Did Kevin Hart write a book?

Yes, Kevin Hart wrote a book titled, “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons” and released it in 2017. It was INSTANT New York #1 Bestseller and is revered as the coolest autobiography of our times. Set in Philly, Kevin’s book is a hoot cover to cover!

What did Kevin Hart do before comedy?

Kevin Hart was a shoe salesman before he started doing stand-up comedy. Did any of you see him at Foot Locker!?

Is Let Me Explain on Netflix?

Yep! Kevin Hart’s comedy special Let Me Explain is on Netflix.

How to book Kevin Hart?

The best way to book Kevin Hart is by contacting his manager, Dave Becky. You can contact using the official Website of Kevin Hart HERE.

Before you go …

Kevin Hart hit the box office less than 15 years ago, yet this pint-sized comedian has quickly become the world’s highest-paid comedian and actor in Hollywood. So — there you have it! Everything you need to know about the actor in detail.

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